Community Favorite: September 15, 2005 "Your Song"

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Community Favorite: September 15, 2005 "Your Song"

Post by heinzs » Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:04 pm

Winner: Community Favorite Award: September 15, 2005

Your Song
by catchalook

Write a song for me you said, gazing through the screen to nowhere.
Write one just for me, so I know you really care.
“A song?” I laughed and gazed back into the nothingness,
Imagining you there, your soulful eyes trying to pierce the darkness.
“Why do you laugh?” you exclaimed. “You are the writer, the poet. I have seen!”
How can I try to explain the magic of you, I stare blankly at the screen.

You drum your fingers along the table, watching for the words to appear,
I sit quietly absorbing the essence of you and wishing you were near.
Do you know how you fill me with awe, anger, compassion? How you make me feel!
You try to be tough, to laugh it all off, make me think you have a heart of steel.
“I’ll play you some music; get your creative juices flowing!” You grin.
I feel the warmth of your smile, listen to the music and rest my hand on my chin.

“I’m sleepy” You yawn and walk away to rest, a shadow in my mind.
I stay with you, still looking for the words I can’t find.
While you sleep I watch over you, through the valleys of time and space,
Guarding your darkened form stretched haphazardly in another place.
You whimper quietly as you dream the troubled dreams in your head,
I begin to type, words start to appear. I wish I was there instead.

"Hi you, how's my song?" You're awake. You stretch and stroll lazily to the machine,
Your dark eyes run over the words on the screen.
I wait, staring, entrapped waiting to read your reply.
In my head the song plays, a melody of you and I.
You laugh, type two words, then smile your smile, “Me too”
The greatest song I’ll ever write is yours, it's true.
It has just three words, the only ones I could find. I love you.

Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 12/17/2003
Nominated for Community Favorite on 8/27/05
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