Poem of the Week: December 23, 2007

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Poem of the Week: December 23, 2007

Post by heinzs » Mon Dec 24, 2007 12:39 am

Winner: Poem of the Week: December 23, 2007

Survive the Darkness Inside
by Black Wolf's Blood

i long for a touch;
an embrace that can sooth
the loneliness that hurts so much.
my heart aches;
it burns and dies.
what kind of lies
have i told to hide the pain
that lays deep within
my forever wounded heart?
why must i keep myself apart
from the ones that only
want to help
sooth the aches and the pains
of being told i'm nothing at all?
what makes me think
i am worthy of such a person?
what gives me the right
to want to put up a fight
to keep what is mine?
my sub and my dom...
my two halves of my dark soul,
help me heal;
help me get through the pain
and suffer no more of my
darkened mind.
let me laugh bitterly as i think
upon it;
as i ponder upon it.
i am nothing special to be held
and treasured.
i am just something broken
to be tossed aside...
and yet you tell me i am
important and special.
what shall become of me if
i come to believe you
and take the words to my heart?
i think i am beginning to believe
that there is someone for me
to help heal the darkness
and anger subside and die
deep with in the dark corners
of my mind.
what would you think of me
if i told you that at one
point i wanted to die?
until i saw the pain that has
taken residence in my mother's eyes?
i thank you for your patience
with me.
your understanding and
gentleness when it comes
to the darkness inside
that has begun to reside
deep with in my mind.
i can feel it slowly
begin to recede and i
am terrified.
what will happen to
me when i have no
pain to lean back on and
no anger to help me release
all my frustration?
until i get better...
or shall i get worse?
slowly creeping closer to the heart of my being.
i dread the heat seeping
into my heart,
making it beat and flutter
when i hear you utter
but one word to be
muttered through the
phone line to my ear.
will you help me survive?
will you take my
hesitant hand and
help guide me into the light?
will you help me?
i have the sudden desire
to survive the
darkness inside.
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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