Poem of the Week: May 13, 2007

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Poem of the Week: May 13, 2007

Post by heinzs » Sun May 13, 2007 1:03 pm

Winner: Poem of the Week: May 13, 2007

by Spazway

They are everywhere:
A food commercial on TV
A screensaver on the computer
Magnets on the fridge
Toys on the floor
A message on the answering machine
Announcing the arrival of a newborn.
Of a little girl’s dream
That will never see the light of day
Every reminder cuts like a knife
The pain so deep, so powerful
It steals my breath away
Knowing I will never feel the flutter
Of a new life within
Never experience late-night feedings
Or sleepless colicky nights
Never be called “Mommy”
Or “Nana” later on.
Fill me with guilt
For feeling the way I do:
Jealous and inadequate
Feelings of guilt consume me
Because I don’t appear to appreciate
The small ones that I do have in my life
Of three little angels
Whom I love with all my heart
And who light up my life.
And yet they remind me
Of the child of my own
That I want one day
But will never have.

I really don't know what other forum this belongs in. This piece is 100% autobiographical and was more of a therapeutic write than anything else but I felt the need to share it so here it is. Feedback is always welcome. :grin:

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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