Poem(s) of the Week: 20 Nov 2005

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Poem(s) of the Week: 20 Nov 2005

Post by heinzs » Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:07 pm

Two winners this week:

Winner: Poem of the Week: November 20, 2005

Initiation Dance (While We Laughed at Diamonds)
by Cinnamon Peeler

Fog presses close,
Droplets cling to our hair
And warm bundled clothes
In the summer
Mosquitoes singing
The fire dwindles,
Driftwood’s gone.
He tells me
Put seaweed on the fire;
The boys say this makes the flames turn green
I have never seen it happen.
Pines, granite, dark cold water
I’m last to step inside the cottage
Last to feel the lonely pull
Of this desperate coastline.
We share
Someone’s left over birthday cake
Music from the radio
Yellow light instead of grey
Dusk outside
The colour of his beard
Flecked with white
And nicotine stained.
He smiles
Takes two spoons from the drawer
Teaches me to make music with them
A Maritime initiation.

We always laughed at diamonds,
Because they’re cliché.

Your first time at my house
I even cleaned my room for you;
You had written a haiku
And gave it to me in the car.
Outdoor screen
Lying cold on damp grass
What happened to April
We remembered little of the film
But you put your arm around me that night.
‘City of God.’

Red awnings and fluorescent lights
Everyone went clubbing on Friday nights;
Even me and Marie
On Mohammed Sultan
Ladies got in free
And they didn’t check IDs,
So the fake one
Made from a school library card
Only threatened to give me away.
That first time we went,
Shy and out of place
It rained
So we took her mom’s big umbrella
Hid it behind the rubbish bins.
She and I edged in nervous
Went to the bathroom
To talk things over
And make sure we belonged here
But we couldn’t resist the music
That drew us onto the dance floor
While those less coy
Brought umbrellas and danced with them open.
We knew true nightlife
Caught our taxis home exulted
A Singapore initiation.

We always laughed at diamonds,
Because of their phoney rarity.

Stolen evening
On the cliff over the lake and saguaros
Water reflects the moon
We saw fourteen vultures at once
Looming ominous
Like the year to come
In the dark they screamed like babies;
I’ll love you forever
Even though you want to name our child
Marcus Catalina Aurelius Casaplanca Smillie-Inkpen

Parked under the frail shade of a Palo Verde
The car gets so hot you can’t touch the wheel,
But you do anyway
A small price to pay
To own the movement
That keeps this city bearable.
Windows down on desert nights
Listening to ‘Fast Car’
Desperately West on Carefree Highway
Hands out in an ardent wind
With too many cares for that disrupted summer.
Waited all day at the MVD
But it’s better, at least
Than hot day-long queues at INS
In the past with the other immigrants
When I left with a Green Card
That was actually pink
And meant nothing to a kid.
I’m no longer a child,
Here I’ll leave with a license:
I parallel parked on the second try
Steering the station wagon clear of the cones;
After so many torturous months
Practicing with mom and dad,
I passed the five minute drive with ease
Left carrying a plastic piece of freedom
In my pocket
An Arizona initiation.

We always laughed at diamonds,
But not because they’re forever.

One night spent together
She was sixteen,
Her parents couldn’t handle it.
Her bedroom eyes
Your uncle teased;
Nothing was ever the same after that
Romantic initiation.


Winner: Poem of the Week: November 20, 2005

lots of things
by zero

my mind is clouded
like a autumn day
winds whispering chiming trees
hungry animals and birds
soaring through the aftermath
of a summer dream

i feel it's all done too many clothes
every thing's going to be ok
please take my hand
we can go into virgin forest land
freedom comes when there's no longer death
come with me
let's live more and more every day

we'll make a perfect circle
cross over it's boundaries
it's not life and death
energies will always exist
let's grow bigger
after we are one
a perfect circle
we are in tune with nature
with nothing in our way
if i leave here before you
all see you outside the circle

let's spill out on paper
staining tomorrow together
writing into the future
let's forget the bad things of the past
rules are the only perversion
there's only nature
sitting around here never knowing
is unnatural

i want to strip away my clothes
sink into quicksand
grow sandy gills
swim through the secrets of time
before mankind had words
i want to feel against my skin
sun-warmed wet sands
conveying words
to my bones

i slip back to the surface
rainbow and clear wings form
flying in ancient winds
basking in the source
solar source
child of the moon and sun

night falls
i grow nocturnal eyes
my path directed on cosmic magnetic lines
free of thought
full of feeling
we just know
before sunrise
i fall beneath the grass
grow into a fleshly spirit vine
growing towards my kind
curl around
we can feel
we know

when growth halts
we morph
there's trillions of things
we've never even imagined to touch
burdened by precognition

or not
An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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