In the spherical air

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In the spherical air

Post by soular » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:59 am

Naturally, most definitely,
better than nothing.

Beyond just OK,
with gratitude.

Life, to explore.

Everything keeps unfolding
Always on the way

By chance or fate, never known
Just revealing naturally


To be nothing is to be everything
To be empty is to be full
Be who it is to be
If there is


Everything is always more
Nothing is always less

We're always in-between
in the heart of infinity


See as if nothing was hidden
and the opposite

It seems impossible to do
at the same time

But aren't we all doing so
so wonderfully

Stay in sync

Stay right here
Everything is cool

No war, no peace, no, nothing,
just everything

For us all just to be
Stay in sync


Seeing is believing.
Nothing is what it seems.

What we really want

When you're naked like a newborn baby
There is no will at all to fight

Then what would you do
Love, not war

If you're a question, everything is an answer.

How many scales must fall from my eyes
before I really see

When one door’s open, there comes another
Search seems endless

If that's the way it goes, all so welcome
I'll savor all the discoveries

Only Love - Lyrics

I search and search
till there's nothing to be found

I search and search
till there's nothing but love

Demo uploaded @ ... ace-soular


When the chase gets cyclic
Time to let it be

Just be ready to be amazed
by whatever unfolds

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