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Post by soular » Sat May 20, 2017 8:07 pm

Sky's so vast
But not as the heart
Watch yourself

Endless Quest

First and last of all
One's own peace and love
Then there'll be heaven on Earth


As you seek a meaning of life
You may face meaninglessness

But if you see further more
You'll see it in everything

Everything is perfect
without a thought it's not

Live and let live

It just seems to me that
To possess is to be possesed
To know is to know the unknowable

Every day is a good day
No better, no worse
Simply beyond

Special Someone

Everyone's unique
There's no need to be someone else

Everyone's special
Then there'll be no special someone

Don't you be fooled
Stay awake and live your dream

Bon Voyage

With curiosity kept as pure
Everything continuously unfolds
And provides all that is just necessary


Everyone wants to be understood
but we forget "everyone"

Everyone wants to be happy
but again we forget "everyone"

Everyone wants to be loved
but again and again we forget "everyone"

Forgetting the foundation
of unconditional love from Nature

Reason to be

There are moments like lights shining
through all the layers mind, heart,
and body create to the core
that I know not what it is
I'd just call it life
if I had to


The time we carry life is limited
and there's no exception

It is the hardest thing to face
but the only way to know infinity


Not to catch
Not to be caught
Heart without boundary

No contest

If I have to play a game
the only game I want to play is
the one without winning or losing life
or love

At will of Nature

The more "you" are gone
The more "you" appear

Who is it seeing and feeling
Stay calm and let it be

Play no riddle

To know is to know
the unknowable

To think is to think
the unthinkable


All alone in the mountains
I am gone

All alone in town
I am gone

In touch with everything, free from all
I am just as I am

Ephemeral eternity

If life is a gift, death also
and neither can be known
while nature takes its course

In sync

There's nothing to hold on to
Let go

No one can stop the wind


Even in the heart of chaos, cosmos is found
That you can only see for yourself
No one else but two as one


Your ego finds no place
when you are alone
and when as one
with the whole


Let everything go, stay free
and stay who it is seeing
all that come and go


No limit above, no limit below
See that desires are unlimited

Stay awake and see it through
See what stays and stay true

Two as one

Who is it seeing, this is and that is not
Does that mean that both are within
Without whom there's nothing but
Everything too obvious to see

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