Neither Remembered

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Neither Remembered

Post by bags123 » Fri May 17, 2013 8:22 am

Neither Remembered

Two peasants went out poaching
on their feudal Lord's estate
One looking rather fetching,
if he'd lose some extra weight
The other tall, and gangly,
like a tree that's grown too fast,
and neither knew their hunt tonight
might be their very last

So boldly went the men into
their sovereign's vast domain
Where few had gone, and fewer still
had chosen to remain
Deep in the woods where nobody
could guess the time of day
Night falls, like woolen blankets tossed
to hide the light away.

There something lost is better left
for someone else to find
Bereft is always best expressed
if things are left behind
But deeper went the hunters
into this forbidden land
Misgivings all forsaken
Forward moving in their plans

As the moon cast slivered shadows
across the path they trod
Between the trees a feral breeze
announced the Forest God.
He towered well above their heads
His body green, and brown
With cloven hooves upon his feet
Great antlers for a crown.

His eyes were shining embers
Placed in burning Rowan wood,
and neither man remembered
why they came where now they stood
Their fear was clearly evident
Cold sweat dripped down their backs
Their features showed acknowledgment,
expecting an attack

“Who are you two that trespass here
within my sacred realm?
Two humans on this sacred path
beneath my oak, and elm....
Perchance you've wandered off the roads
that people build, and use,
then entered in, both stout, and thin
to do here as you choose?”

“But I will warn you only once
to turn around and go
Your presence taints the atmosphere,
and interrupts its flow”
His voice was gnarled, as ancient bark
that scratched upon their skin
It curled their lips, and chilled their hips
Then sent their minds to spin

When they returned from where they went
they'd often tell the tale
of Forest Gods in natures realms
over a pint of ale.
“His eyes were shining embers
Placed in burning Rowan wood",
but neither man remembers
how they went, or where they stood.
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