There were wolves in Wales

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There were wolves in Wales

Post by burdick » Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:08 am

When giants roamed, walked and ruled this land,
snow sparkled under a clear blue sky.
The magic world was an adventure!
When the window cleared of frost paintings,
Slush dams and cold water ran for us.
Bright yellow crocus and pussy willows,
robins hide their nests for us to find…
blue eggs like jewels in a mud dish!
Unknown and mysterious live things,
an endless spring with ponds of tadpoles.
An endless car trip in the back seat
with summer at the lake as reward.
The field in back, became a jungle
of goldenrod, grass and sticky weeds.
Songs , buzzes sought, became grasshoppers.
Jack Frost and Halloween candy came
followed by a birthday cake and milk.
Leaves turned to a gold and red snowstorm,
were raked into soft piles to play in.
The robins left us with milkweed down.
There was.

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