Screams of Guilt, silence of rage

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Screams of Guilt, silence of rage

Post by The Original EV » Sun Dec 06, 2020 10:57 pm

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I was alone, all alone, as the storm raged down upon me from Goddess.
I remember how fitting THAT felt, Her rage, as my brother was lowered into the wet stinking earth.....I heard Her whisper.....your fault your fault your fault....over and over and over.......
And She knew that I knew it, She KNEW that I felt it in my NOTHING imaginable.....not the loss of our mother, or of our father, or my small precious tiny boy.
No words!
No words!
Only screams!
Only screams!

Dennis, brother, plz, stay here tonight, I have THAT bad feeling.....please please don't go tonight!
Only screams!
Only screams!
Please, I'll make your favorite dinner, you can beat me at quarters, stay and read Max to sleep, I BEG YOU!

20 minutes after leaving my home a drug addict shot him twice in the chest......mistaken identity they said.....mistaken identity!!!!

Goddess whispers every day that I did not try hard enough......
THAT is when the screams end......
And my silence begins.......

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Re: Screams of Guilt, silence of rage

Post by heinzs » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:44 am

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