Crazy town

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Crazy town

Post by kuperian4ever » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:08 am

Crazy town

I went by way of crazy town
My mind felt quite at home
I called my friends in that crazy place
On my artificial phone
They came to play and play they did
We all had quite a ball
Dancing on the tables
Running in the hall
Walking through the front door
While strolling out the back
We were staring out the windows
Counting all the cracks
Sitting on the corners
Hanging off the floor
Walking on the ceiling
It was really quite a chore
But when it all was over
And my mind had settled down
I packed my things and saddled up
And left old crazy town
As I topped the hill I popped the pill
The nurse gave me to take
One glance back to see my friends
Headed for the tank
To sleep it off and wait again
Till I come back around
There ain’t no place on Gods green Earth
As fun as crazy town
I wish you well you worldly men
Who walk around and frown
But as for me I’ll live it up
Right here in crazy town

The blue pill please

By Stephen P Kuper
Bric-a Brac

Death will be your final victory over life
Rejoice, for victory comes even as you live
Spread your arms and embrace the future

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