Dirty Hands

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Dirty Hands

Post by audiofool » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:11 pm

It's been known
on occasion
to lead to blindness
and frustration
the decline of
sex is a four-letter word

it's a social disorder
a genetic predisposition
all creatures of habit
it's the human condition

It's the cause
and I'm the effect
got an itch
a primal defect

It's the trigger
I've got a gun
war of wars
has just begun

and unnecessary
out of the ordinary
word of caution
to the unwary
sex is a four-letter word

I confess
my mind's preoccupied
pleasure and pain
actions auto-justified

I see you posing
on the video screen
I know where your
dirty hands have been

the gnashing of teeth
heaven above
and hell beneath

condemning others
for no fault at all
who invited these
killjoys to the ball?

It's deviant
and a sacrilege
the pastime
of the privileged
me, I batting
well below average
sex is a four-letter word.

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