Story of 12th Party In Room Number 2120

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Story of 12th Party In Room Number 2120

Post by Dema » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:48 pm

"Sun" or "our" "dog" got drunk on blood-red-wine like old-man and a life-sucker!
As rubber-duckies fell from the skies with asylum-words of archaic Elbib-quacking
And all water in the world turn into raspberry vodka. Dog also sent hallucinatory-drugs for us!
We were all drunk on this splendid water of (He)-aven that's name of the dog (too cool ha?)

Our vision became blurry and suddenly we "began" to hallucinate alternative-universes...
It was December 21 2012 (12-21-2012) although those numbers didn't mean anything to us,
because we were in apoSTATE of euphoria, trance and illness, thus
We were so smashed and drugged up! We even felt the hollowness of ourselves
Our eyes instantly saw man with dog's head or even elephant head, you name it, any-kind animal, insect head and vice-versa.
We also had many arms and wings and all other parts nature!

And children were also so intoxicated and stoned too. They too had "dreams" of dogs-theons
Inside of our "empty" bodies were those numbers dressed as soul-spirit-bombs dancing, parting,
Party-ball was hung and it was spreading rainbow-lights.
Numbers were singing "It's the end of the world as we know it we feel fine" sang by REM
Fairies, Dwarfs, hobbits, dragons, fell from sky that transformed into 12-21-2012
We didn't care and we didn't even "believe" in "numbers," "months," "years, " "centuries..."
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Re: 12th Party In Room Number 2120 (Can You Believe It?)

Post by Moushka » Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:54 pm

Interesting... :hello:
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