Bad luck for anorak

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Bad luck for anorak

Post by Yatib » Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:36 am

A worn anorak
Discovered that his ancient truck
Got a serious crack

He is really struck
By such a batch of bad luck
For his rusty truck

In utter despair
He tries some available repair
With nothing to spare

With a band-aid
Obtained from his loving maid
He tries some first aid

It is understood
That despite his nasty mood
It cannot be good

A sadistic brack
Offers him some other truck
If he goes to rack

But no anorak
Would go to a torture rack
For the sake of truck

He accepts this wrack
Scraps for good his old truck
And escapes to crack
(you can visit
for more insane stuff
for more translations ...)

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