Too much wail

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Too much wail

Post by Yatib » Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:39 am

A bottle of stale ale
With hoarse-voiced nightingale
Like together wail

They wail that they fail
They wail for ungranted bail
And for distant gale

They wail they can't hail
And also for rusty nail
They wail for lost mail

They wail for holed pail
And also for being male
Without a female

They wail they are pale
And also for shameful sale
They wail for killed snail

They wail for torn sail
And also for crooked rail
They wail for cut tail

They wail for dead whale
For being hoarse-voiced and stale
They wail for lost tale

Who will drink that ale
And chase off that nightingale
To end their ill wail ?
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