Chirping Cock: Airborne

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Chirping Cock: Airborne

Post by Laverne Pacquire » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:55 am

She must have, by words and echoes, took from him the best things
She lust -
A huge blank, a peak of black, and “dumbstruck”

Between still and striking
She sees a force still the sun
Unbecomes surfing red flames printless

In the private heat, the sun yields its final touch
Steam offers every cry and every tear
Sweeps between two unlike things:

The giant sky and the air
The unbearing skip of oncoming hearts, the devices attached to their hands
She never hungered for the strangeness of his eyes or his gorgeous yell

A growing magnitude like a vine
He never inspired angels
She just knew how to kill barking ducks and chirping cocks with her words.

You're Beautiful..Don't You Know It!

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