Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).

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Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).
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Post by audiofool » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:51 pm

The clocks are winding down
I can't find my keys
I see your face everywhere
come and go, as you please

I've typed your name
a thousand times
on billboards
in boardrooms
across the open sky

the change I feared
is now upon us
my only option
in one hand
calling to say goodbye

If you're honest
you'll realize
I can own the world
only in your eyes

what do we do now?
shake hands and smile
avoid shared spaces
the old haunts
never crossing paths

something brings me back
I don't know why
the when and where
is all too clear
still figuring the maths

the clocks are winding down
the key's in the ignition
the radio betrays
the sad supposition

I know we'll be ok
the twisted knots
will straighten
food will give pleasure
sleep descend like rain

you're the stranger
and I'm outside
we're better apart
still the knowledge
can't erase the pain

if I'm being honest
well, that's an indication
my head's doing busywork
my heart needs a vacation.

(For Rebekah)

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