The Throwbacks

Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).

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Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).
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The Throwbacks

Post by audiofool » Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:44 pm

He's stuck
in the seventies
she's struck
by the memories

of an alter ego
guitar superhero
fiddling with the flame
like a nineties Nero

their eyes capsize
beneath the mirror ball
the morning after
under the wonderwall

they hit it off
the next thing you know
the millenials start
stealing the show

never heard of Prairie Prince
or the Spiders From Mars
the mp3 generation
blinded by the stars

instant celebrity
is just a tweet away
mom and dad don't understand
mature is the new gay

he's a throwback
hopelessly out of style
a flashback
forces her to smile

an era of discovery
of bending every rule
blending never-ending
a cornucopia of cool

the kids want in
on the broken hipster parade
before any exchange
some dues gotta be paid

the folks are alright
they seem a little weird
when it comes together
it's worse than we feared

to find who's right
out in the street
we'll spin black gold
to a heady steady beat

in a music conflagration
what's the sense in strife?
without alienation
what's the point to life?

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