Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).

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Love poems and poems of romantic interest (not erotica).
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Post by GoddessErika » Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:48 am

Perched at the foot of my bed
One foot planted firmly on the floor
To steady the vertigo

I feel my heart race wildly
My chest growing tighter with each breath

Thoughts of you escape my mind
Intoxicating every cell within

A flood of mismatched emotions
Spills from every corner of my soul
Puddling on the bare cold tile below

Everything within me
Fighting outward

Everything so surreal
That I stop to ask myself
If maybe I am dying

Or perhaps this is what it feels like
To finally be alive.
© Anarcha Erika Basta
Behind this pretty smile is a story you'll never understand.

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