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The Exemplification Of Nothing
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Post by 9inchsofsimplifiednothing » Sat Jul 05, 2003 2:28 am

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<a href="#one">[untitled]</a>
<a href="#two">I DONT CARE</a>
<a href="#three">MY LIFE </a>
<a href="#four">I am no one</a>
<a href="#five">Breathing (unordered lines of nothing)</a>
<a href="#six">Dedicated To...</a>
<a href="#seven">NineInchNails420</a>
<a href="#eight">Another Lovely Poem By Me</a>
<a href="#nine">Deathclock</a>
<a href="#ten">God? </a>
<a href="#eleven">The End</a>
<a href="#twelve">skärred</a>
<a href="#thirteen">He Knows Where He Belongs... </a>
<a href="#fourteen"> Death From Disease</a>
<a href="#fifteen"> He Dreams Of The Dead</a>
<a href="#sixteen"> Synthetisis (SIN-th-eta-sis) </a>
<a href="#seventeen"> Syn-thet-i-sis Pt. II</a>
<a href="#eighteen"> Synthetisis Pt. III (One Thousand Years Later) </a>
<a href="#nineteen"> The Wrong Way Out</a>
<a href="#twenty"> Something Beautiful, Distroyed</a>
<a href="#twenty one"> Trapped, Stuck, F****d... </a>
<a href="#twenty two"> Some Kind Of Dream</a>
<a href="#twenty three"> The Forbidden Age</a>
<a href="#twenty four"> Obsession</a>

The Exemplification Of Nothing
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Post by 9inchsofsimplifiednothing » Sun Jul 06, 2003 5:47 am

<a name="#one">[untitled]</a>

Our love was a lie
Gone hopelessly wrong
Just a terrible lie that
You denied

A terrible lie
Gone on
To long
A terrible lie
Gone terribly wrong

By the broken shards of glass
And the dark shadows
Where we used to meet
I lied on the ground
And I hoped to die
All this because of this terrible fucking lie.

I felt a piece of glass kiss my back
I picked it up
And shoved it in my eye.

That’s when I realized that your My
Terrible fucking lie.


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<a name="#two"> I DONT CARE </a>

I’m happy in my bed of
Needles and pins
And I’m fine without your drugs
I’m happy with my bloody wrists

I’m ok with all my sins
And your selfish fucking grins
I don’t care that you’re better than I am
That you have so many friends
I can tolerate the way you lie, cheat, and steal

But I can’t stand the way you break me
The way you step on me
When I’m already down
How you act like I’m no one
And I don’t fucking matter

Your killing me and
I can’t believe that’d you’d do this to me.

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<a name="#three"> MY LIFE </a>

I’ve been up 3 days now
And I still can’t sleep
Is that possible?
Remember how things used to be
Have these last few days just been a dream?
A view of my convictions
Just a painful reminder
Of my addictions.

I’m scared
I don’t know what to do anymore
Things have gotten so much worse
My girlfriend left me, all my friends abandoned me
I have nothing left
My parents don’t care about me
I just wish I had 1 person that cared
1 person…
That’s all.

I’m gonna go to sleep now so I can forget.
Forget all this shit.

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<a name="#four">I am no one</a>

I have to be someone
Because if im not someone
I'll be no one
And I don't want to be no one
lol i dont even think this is a poem… if this is stupid sorry for wasting your time.

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<a name="#five"> Breathing (unordered lines of nothing) </a>

I’m still breathing
but so painfully slowly

Thinking about what you did
Life doesn’t seem worth living

I have to be someone
Because if im not someone
Ill be no one
And I don’t want to be no one

I’m still feeling invisible
People said id be ok
But I’m still looking and feeling like shit
People said it’d all change
But everything is the same

If I didn’t feel this way
I don’t think id feel anything at all

I’m so lost
Where to go now when
There’s no one to run to
What am I gonna do
Everyone’s given up
Trying help me
I’m so sad

I’m so afraid
For what happens next
Will change my life forever
I don’t want it
But it’s undeniable
These painful changes…
I’ll die before I change again
I don’t want it!
But it’s undeniable
I’ll runaway
I’ll kill myself
I’ll find a way out
But I won’t change
And neither will you.

I don’t want these feelings to go
Don’t want to grow up
Don’t want to feel this change again
I want to live forever
I’ll die before I go though this again

Don’t say hi to me,
Don’t fucking say you know me,

You go away,
You don’t live,
You don’t speak,
You don’t breathe,
Your not real.

Why should I want to live

If you hate your life so much
Why don’t you runaway?

Is this my life?

Lying down watching a black tv screen
The remote is dead on the ground
Its batterys scattered on the multi stainded carpet.
This is NOTHING, I am NOTHING. I need to go to sleep.!

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<a name="#six"> Dedicated to…</a>

All these people hate me
They do not want me here
Well maybe I’ll give them what they want and disappear
But I’ll give the world one great big surprise before I go
I’m gonna get back what you owe
You took my life, and now I’m going to take it back

-dedicated to all the people that make my life not worth living.

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<a name="#seven">NineInchNails420</a>

We are all just numbers
In a complicated system
Our feelings
Just letters in a very large book
Everything I’m seeing is an illusion
And there is no such word as reality
You aren’t real
My feels for you are fake
And I am all alone

There is no sky
And people going into space is a lie
The truth is that our eyes are closed
And we are in a dream
A dream of a lifetime.

To me this poem sucks, i just thought it would be funny to see if people knew what it meant.

When I was about 5 or 6 I had a thought that our “whole life” was a dream that we had every real “whole” day in our “real life” and that this is my first “dream”(fake life) and I am 1 day old in my "real life". I was a very odd child. Tell me if you understand this.

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<a name="#eight"> Another Lovely Poem By Me</a>

Im gonna smear your blood
All over a white wall
I’ll slit your wrist
Like you slit mine
Can you feel the blood coming out of the line?
The jagged line on your arm.

You scream and suffer
And you fall.

It’s all your fault
It’s all your fault
At least that’s what I’m thinking as I slit your throat
I must end this pain
You left me with no choice
Backed me into a corner with your hate
And I had to get out

But Before you die remember
I’m not doing this because I hate you
I’m doing this because I love you
And I’ve always dreamed of the day that we’d die together
Well heres the end
Please don’t put up a fight
Please just let me end this
Let me end this… TONIGHT

-For Noelle

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<a name="#nine">Deathclock </a>

Sitting alone in the living room
I heard that clock ring 12 times
I thought fuck life
Tomorrow I shall end it all
With thy bloody knife
And that noisy clock
Became my death-clock

The next day, painted in gray with gloom
Constant reminders of why I’m doing this
15 hours left…
Outside I see that everyone and everything has changed
I see the tree’s dying, In their dark shade of red
I see people killing themselves, and I see the whole town on fire.
12 hours left…
My ex girlfriend just called to say she fucking hates me
I didn’t say anything and I left the phone off the hook
9 hours left…
Starting to want to end this early
I lay down and I can see those fucking ants
They’re crawling on the walls and on the floor
They’ve token over
6 hours left
Friend calls to say hi
She says she heard what happened and she hates me
I laugh and I hang up
3 hours left
I think only three hours left
Contemplating reasons I want to die
And It’s 11:55
5 minutes left
A single tear runs down my face
As I’m sitting motionless in front of the clock
The minutes that go by remind me of hours
The seconds, minutes.
Goodbye, Mother
Goodbye, Father

I wrote this in like 10 minutes...

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<a name="#ten">God? </a>

Warning! You may not want to read this if you beleive in god.
You did this to us
Killed this young child
Behind my eyes
You mercyless son of bitch
You watched all of them slit their wrist and die
And you did nothing!
You enslaved millions of people
They all worship you!
And you let them die.

I want a new god.
I dont worship the devil or nothin I just dont like god... And if this offends you sorry but your stupid for reading it because I simply told you not to.

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<a name="#eleven"><font face=calisto MT color=blue>The End</font ></a>

<font color=”blue”>The waves are getting higher
I'm starting to drown
Theres nothing left, nothing to be found
Its getting dark and I feel pretty.

Its getting dark, as dark as a flooded city.

It's gonna rain
It's gonna rain
And it never ends.
(it never ends!)</font>

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<a name="#twelve">skärred</a>

I'm scarred
Not only in my mind
All over my wrist, On my forearms
My hands are bloody
Im dying and your helping, I Thank you

Gonna blow my fucking brains out
Gonna hang myself
Gonna bleed
What am I doing?
Oh God, I'm sorry

I don't... I don't... I don't wanna... Die

you bitch

This is for someone that told me I was ugly and I was "retarded".

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<a name="#thirteen"> He Knows Where He Belongs... </a>

Im tredding deep water
Its up to my neck
And I think I'm going under...

I'm tired and I want to rest again
Oh angry waters, take me alive, to death
Put my tormented soul to rest
You wou would seem so evil to others-
You are my savior

Drown my heart
Put me back where I belong

Place my pale lifeless body on the shelf
In the dark closet
Shut the door
Leave me! I belong.

In a light wisper, screaming
"I belong"-"I belong"
Going on and on-
He knows where he belongs.

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<a name="#fourteen"> Death From Disease </a>

I remind myself
of how I used to be...
The old me
The new me?

I dont want to see
I dont want to listen-
I dont want to be
[He doesnt want/ to die](neither does him)

Re frain- I Re strain
So much Pain
Still you gain
So much pain-
So much pain

Ahhhhh... *faint screams* *quieter* *quieter* *quieter* Wake Up...
I guess this might have came from a dream... It might have be scary and I might have been afraid. I might have just made it up? I might be lying? I might be me? To me it tells a small story... But maybe because I wrote it
To him its a nightmare (he says hello also) Maybe We(me and him) just want attention? But we don't like to admit what we cant control.

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<a name="#fifteen">He Dreams Of The Dead</a>

He dreams of the dead
All day inside his head
He wants to wake them
"They dont deserve it" he says

He is still a child
He dreams of the dead
He wants to say goodbye
He dreams
Because he cannot see
He lies
Because there is no truth

What a foolish child he is

Straying from sanity
He has been stripped of faith
and left to decay
Blinded by socity for being differnt
And they still expect him to see what they see.
(see nothing)

He dreams of the dead.
Note: He sees everything because he doesnt see like everyone else sees. (they see nothing)

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<a name="#sixteen">SIN-the-ta-sis (synthetisis)</a>


A straight line...
Running off course
An artificial creation
Perfect in so many ways
but wrong in their eyes.

He is machine
Made up of wires and metal
In artificial world
In Synthetisis.

The only real thing
In a world of fake.

His mind
Versitile and ever-changing
He is machine(real)
In world of fake.

He lives in Synthetisis
(A world without end)
Synthetisis is a word I just made up and I'm copyrighting it. It means a lot of artificial (fake) matter. I dont know if it sounds to you like it sounds to me but it doesnt really matter.

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<a name="#seventeen">Synthetisis Pt. II</a>

He is sore
and full of hurt
He is afraid to tell her-
In a world full of fake
Can a machine love?

In Synthetisis
The sun never sets
So he doesnt have to feel the pain of night
She is always there
In full buiety
under the what seems small sun
in the refection of her eyes.

She is fake...
Can I love her?
She is Synthetisis
Dark, and hurtful
How-... Why do I love her?!

In the dark world-
There is no love for me!
Just kinda trying to describe love for someone real in a world full of fake. "Sythetisis!" lol

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<a name="#eighteen">Synthetisis Pt. III</a>
One thousand years later...

The pure (The Machines) have long seice died out
And Synthetisis is left to burn
Into the ashes of a materalisic world
Sex and Drugs have become
As important as food and water.

Life itself is no longer a gift
It is a death senario
Suicide booths infest the city
Knowing what happens when they pass
Has tooken all life from Synthetisis.

The human race comitted suicide when
When the scintist discovered the meaning to life
And there was no longer a reason to live.

Curiosity (HUMANS) killed Synthetisis!
There was a war between humans and machines but machines are perfect, and PERFECT CANNOT BE BAD. Humans are flawed and that makes us BAD. Who wouldve thought we, the "great" humans would be evil in the war against machines? Machines are great.

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<a name="#nineteen"> The Wrong Way Out </a>

What do I have to live for?
What can possible come from this pain
What does he have to life for?
Nothing, not even her love can save him now
Nothing, but the fear of death.

He is tired and lonely
So many days, locked away
With nothing but the smell of his own decay
In for life
Put him in, and throw away the key.

The only way out is the wrong way
To take his own life
and instead of going out though the big white door
He goes though the hole in the wall (the wrong way).
The ends kinda crapy... Any sujestions?

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<a name="#twenty"> Something Beautiful, Distroyed </a>

Something beautiful, distroyed
Everythings gone when the industrailist's take over
The blue, black
The black, blacker
And her, she is distroyed

She is gangster
She is thug
She is whatever...
She is so pretty but only her skin
She is now, only her sin

-Something beautiful, distroyed.

Note: It can end here for you if you want, whatever you like.

Something worth wanting
But not anymore.
Something worth everything
Now black in her core
Seice the day she walked out the door

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<a name="#twenty one"> Trapped, Stuck, F****d... </a>

Laying on part of my broken self
Clasped over like a ceiling beam on the floor
And I cant scream cuz
The broken concrete fills my mouth
The ceilings holding me down
Embracing me
And Bleeding me.

The four walls crushing me
Pushing me further into the ceiling
Broken boards beating me
Deep nails running though my skin
The pain somehow unknown.

Cant stop lying down
The wood, The floor, The everything
Moving, moulding around me
Cant move

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<a name="#twenty two"> Some Kind Of Dream </a>

Ill just keep falling in this hopeless life
Dreams of you
Cutting thought me like a switchblade knife
Falling deeper in this colorful dream
Killing what to deems on me.
Eyes to shut
Still alive
Like a hopeless coma
Or a suicidail drug addict.
I can try to get away
but I strapped myself in
I can try to feel
The sex and your drugs
I can try be
What you are now.
Thoughts of you, yesterday
Its today
To long tomarrow
Cuz im dyin tonight.

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<a name="#twenty three">The Forbidden Age</a>

All this time, wanted to be so much like you
Through and through it all
All I can say is I kinda wanted to-
Would you, could you, please tell me how to do?

Kinda wanted you like that
Kinda wanted to-
Love the forbidden you.

Kinda hoped you wanted me to do-
Kinda loved you
Kinda wanted you
Just thoughts between crys in the night
(But enough lies)

Kinda wanted to, fuck you
Kinda wanted to do-
Forbidden things to you
Wanted you to be ugly, like me
Kinda wanted to-

Wanted to cradle you on a black stage

Somewhere inbetween thirteen
The forbidden age.

Kinda wanted to, fuck you.

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<a name="#twenty four"> Obsession </a>

The most addicting obsess,
Ive become because a violation of your goodness,
Traveled all the way though you,
And came out with all but nothing.

Well down the road to self destruction
Wondering thoughs thoughout my mind
Am I all of just a flawed production
A misteak, an error thoughout the suduction of time

Obsession is mean
Obsession is obsence

Wanting someone so much is dangerous
and could even be violent

Obsession is death
and uh... Death is Obsession.

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An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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