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The Angels Of Madness

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Mon May 19, 2003 2:38 am


<a name="top">Table of Contents</a>

General Poetry

<a href="#one"> ---The Angels Of Madness--- </a>
<a href="#three"> My Dad </a>
<a href="#five"> hopelessly </a>
<a href="#six"> the change </a>
<a href="#seven"> Sellout leads to elegant disgrace- Film at 11 </a>
<a href="#ten"> Untitled </a>
<a href="#twelve"> Porcelain </a>
<a href="#fourteen"> Forever Young </a>
<a href="#fifteen"> prayers to the sandman </a>
<a href=" ... ixteen">[b] First Kiss [/b]</a>
<a href=" ... enteen">[b] Cycle [/b]</a>
<a href=" ... ghteen">[b] Trapped... [/b]</a>
<a href=" ... twenty">[b] clean [/b]</a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty one"> going on </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty two"> thirteen days </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty five"> obsessed </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty seven"> Calidity </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty eight"> Pray for rain </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty nine"> Temptation ... (re-write) </a>
<a href=" ... thirty">[b] Lost[/b]</a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty one"> Evolution </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty two"> Break-up </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty three"> Moonlit Kisses </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty four"> The Insomniac's Cafe </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty five"> The Day that Elvis Died </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty six"> Undefinable </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty seven"> Incomplete </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty eight"> Is This What Forever Feels Like? </a>
<a href=" ... =15#thirty nine"> Pity? </a>
<a href=" ... #forty">[b] Why? [/b]</a>

Seeking the Spirtual

<a href="#two"> Redemption </a>

Love and Romance

<a href="#four"> Shoes </a>
<a href="#thirteen"> Vanilla </a>
<a href=" ... neteen">[b] jump [/b]</a>

Poetry from the Dark Side

<a href="#eight"> nightcrawlers </a>
<a href="#nine"> tragedy revisited </a>
<a href="#eleven"> Bitter </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty three"> the gift of hate </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty four"> Frozen </a>
<a href=" ... =15#twenty six"> ...a day </a>
<a href=" ... t=15#forty one"> consider yourself warned </a>
<a href=" ... t=15#forty two"> Looking Glass </a>
<a href=" ... t=15#forty three"> Haunted </a>
<a href=" ... t=15#forty four"> Saving </a>
<a href=" ... t=15#forty five"> Is It Worthy It? </a>

This was written a while back, after a conversation with a friend of mine who is bipolar. She reffered to her disease as "visits from the angels of madness". SO, this got me thinking. I may have posted this 7 months ago, when i was on as Amazing Slinky, but i have since rewritten it. So, Please read, and any advice would be appreciated.

<a name="#one"> ---The Angels Of Madness--- </a>

The Angels of madness wail,
as they do on certain nights,
echoing their frantic cries,
that are so familiar to me now.

I struggle to remember,
or maybe to forget,
the first day that they visited,
and made the vow to stay.

My motions seem maniacal,
and my actions quite absurd,
all the while my mind is racing,
and my world seems apt to fall.

I could scream a plea for help,
if anyone would answer,
but once again my cries are drowned,
by the blissfull agony of heaven.

I heard the angels of madness,
their cries growing more faint,
as i took the magic purple pills,
that make everything make sense.

So tomorrow i will wake,
and sweet silence will greet me,
at least until the inevitable day,
when the angels call me again.

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Wed May 28, 2003 3:46 pm

<a name="#two"> Redemption </a>

Wrap your arms around me, kiss me 'til i'm whole.
hold me, ever gently, giving back the life they stole.

Heal me with your touch, your never-ending glory.
Just when it feels too much, you urge me not to worry.

Embrace my heart in yours, ease the many aches.
The love you have in store, will be all that it takes.

Make me forget tomorrow, and learn to trust today.
Take away my sorrow, your dreams will light my way.

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My Dad

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Wed Jun 11, 2003 7:24 pm

<a name="#three"> My Dad </a>

***I wanted to write something for my dad, to let him know what he means to me. I have never been good at stuff like this though, so here is what i came up with...***

I am three years old,
Or maybe it was four
Sitting in the backseat,
Feet can’t touch the floor

Going to the state building
To look at the colored lights
Playing in the lighted fountain
On an endless summer night

Back in the car
Headed towards the house
Pretending to be fast asleep
Acting quiet as a mouse

Daddy tries to wake me
But I still try to use my childish charms
I want him to carry me
To just feel safe in his arms

A few years later
I think that I was ten
Sitting in a rowboat on the lake
Dad is taking me fishing again

He wants to get me to conversate
Just to get me to have something to say
I pretend to be bored out of my mind
Even though I am cherishing the day

More time has passed
And I am in my late teens
At that wonderful age
When I know everything

We are packing the car
On a chilly spring night
I act excited about leaving home
Even though I am clouded in fright

Hugging my father at the airport
Trying to make it seem awkward
I head down the path to the plane
Tear-filled eyes not looking backwards

Ten years later now
In the garage with my dad
Working on his motorbike
I’m sure he thinks I’m mad

He never asks for much
Just some company, maybe a friend
But I seem to let pride get in the way
Which in my life, is always the trend

I can never seem to find the words
To tell him how I feel
How I wish that I could be more like him
And have his nerves of steel

He is the man that I always look up to
The one that has feelings nobody can see
And It makes me so proud to be able to say
That I see a little of him in me

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Sun Jun 15, 2003 10:53 pm

<a name="#four"> Shoes </a>

he pulled me aside
the other rainy night
and said you were perfect
without any shame

he thought you were
the sun in the dark
the end to his trial
his other half

should i spoil his delusions?
broadcast the truth?
tell him to tell you
i wanted my shoes back?

or do i let the young guy
continue on his way
ambling blindly in "love"
until you show your true nature?

You are satan in designer guise
the bad place we all hear about
hell i would even say
you are the darkside of love

but i smiled innocently
and let him talk
about how he saw forever in you
and didn't mention anything

I saw him again today
sitting in a park
gazing into the sky
with tear-filled eyes

i almost felt pity
then the feeling faded
and all i could think about
was if he knew where my shoes were

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Tue Jun 17, 2003 7:55 pm

<a name="#five"> hopelessly </a>

remember when
you never needed anyone
you sought no friends
and look what you've done

I look at you
as you hurt so much
what should i do
to let you feel my touch

i pull you close
trying to heal you
give you a daily dose
cause that's what friends do

you hear my voice
and you start to tremble
you said you'd made a choice
i seem to remember

but now you seem to doubt
and be unsure of yourself
the things you did without
could be of some help

silently i start to cry
absorbing your emotions
taking away the pain you hide
being your devotion

take my hand
and let the hurt fall away
like wind moves the sand
in the peaceful light of day

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the change

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Sun Jun 22, 2003 6:17 pm

<a name="#six"> the change </a>

this is the first piece that i ever read alod, at one of those open mic poetry nights...

break me
make me so
that i am no longer an innocent
shape me
readjust my psyche
until i am just a shadow
of the fool that once existed

is that the plan?
Why not just
share my love?
not just in a kiss
but in a mind-blowing
earth-quaking future

Can you see that far?
because I can
I can see you, me
the white picket fence
i see it all

your free spirit
lack of that inner-child
threatens to shatter you
let me help you stay stable
as you break my shell

Forget transgressions
they are toys of the past
that have long been discarded
from the toybox of memories

You can have peace
if you want it bad enough
if your soul and body yearns for it
let your spirits soar

Ride with me
into the depths of destiny
leaving despair at long last
forget your baggage
I have all we need
in my gentle kiss
lies your new eternity

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Sellout leads to elegant disgrace- Film at 11

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Sun Jun 29, 2003 5:31 pm

<a name="#seven"> Sellout leads to elegant disgrace- Film at 11 </a>

She inhales the sweet poison
as the tears trail down her face
She tries to figure out how she got
to this state of elegant disgrace

Not 5 years ago was euphoric,
almost like another lifetime
Breathing was part of normalcy
even if she was penniless

Glamour guaranteed by her every style,
brought a whole new myriad of hope
Yet it also brought a world of pain,
because everything in life has a price.

Now she sits alone in a deserted cafe
with all the money she could ever hold
She is seductive, destructive, counter-productive,
and most of all...alone

She sits and smokes that sweet poison
wonders where life is going
and every moment asks herself...
was it worth it?

Money may not be able to buy happiness
but it can sure give you a lot of things.
The clothes, The cars, The houses,
The friends that hate you,
the loves destroyed
but hey, you're rich, so your life is great...
Or is it?

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Sun Jun 29, 2003 5:43 pm

<a name="#eight"> nightcrawlers </a>

Haunted souls whisper
and their songs carry
into the night
tearing at the crystalline peace

Tortured tattered vagabonds
nothing in their pockets
oblivion in their shoes
pain around their necks

Creatures of the deep
Leftovers of the past
Without a soul it seems
and apparently without a dream

The goddess smiles on them
hears their tainted voices
remembers the angels
gives them peace

she crumbles to dust
from the agony
and the everlasting sorrow
that they wear constantly

Make it or Break it
there was a choice once
or so they were told
but was it really a choice?

Mysteries never solved
riddles without answers
dreams of the nightcrawlers
who even in daylight
see everything
yet nothing at all

Whisper the words
tear at the hearts
of the prosperous
just... REMEMBER

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tragedy revisited

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Tue Jul 01, 2003 7:07 pm

<a name="#nine"> tragedy revisited </a>

Bones broken
earth shaken
glass shattered
faith lost
forever was a joke
a cruel temptation of the fates
A soul waits
looming in the distance
glancing at the lost world
fearing the unkown
And we cry
not for the person gone
but for our own trauma
It's always about us
even when i say it isn't
Selfish Mourning
The clouds open
and the world is cleansed
the tears of heaven
drowning out the sorrow
smothering the fears
until all that is left
is peace
and harmony
and self-worth

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Tue Jul 01, 2003 7:42 pm

<a name="#ten"> Untitled </a>

razors on my soul
releasing emotion
threatening devotion

sky crashes
wounds slashing
fears realized
dreams undone

Death is the end
somebody said
or the beginning
says the man on tv

If i had it all again
the chance to make it right
would i do it?

if heartache was erased
and destiny sold
for a nickel
would it be right?

Somebody once said
that to love somebody
truly love them
is to not want
to bring them back

which is true?
cause my stylized soul
needs the answer

Days like today
i see the stars
but the cloud
has no silver lining

and it could all change
in the beat of a whisper
with the tear of a wind

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Thu Jul 03, 2003 4:34 pm

<a name="#eleven"> Bitter </a>

Weaving in the night
Falling without escape
or hope of redemption

what is that???
some child's plaything
with no chance
of ever achieving it

DESTINY turned
at the drop of that hat
and mocked me
yet i laughed

Why you ask?
Why not?
like life
was going to cease
if I was not tragically wounded?

Kiss me then leave
mock my so called fate
hang your soul out to dry
you asked for it!

Note: Something that I wrote a great while ago, and recently revised. It is a little derivitive, but i still like it for some odd reason.

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Thu Jul 03, 2003 4:38 pm

<a name="#twelve"> Porcelain </a>

Somebody once said
yet Tragic

Destined to be
well, just destined
i guess

Funny, I don't feel
Empty? yes
Lost? most definitely
Cute? Maybe

But Beautiful?
What is that?
a dream unfulfilled
An ideal of the masses

A lifetime spent
A fortune lost
on potions, creams
lotions, powders

all to achieve
some goal that
is simply

What's the use?
Who is important to please
The world
or yourself?

Think about it
is it really worth it?
Don't hate her because
she is beautiful
but maybe
just maybe
it is ok
to feel sorry for her

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Post by ChaoticWhisper » Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:44 pm

<a name="#thirteen"> Vanilla </a>

pure and innocent
yet so utterly complex
in it's simplicity
some might even say naive

Like a summers day
when it drips down your chin
as you try to savor each delicate morsel
and not drop the cone

sticky yet comforting
Without frills
devoid of all extravegance
for the decadence of this
lies in it's perfection

Free as a bird
no worries
nothing to hold it down
have you ever had a love
that tasted like vanilla?

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Forever Young

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Thu Jul 03, 2003 7:28 pm

<a name="#fourteen"> Forever Young </a>

melt on your tounge
the sweetness swallows
every despair

ignorance is bliss
but this is heaven
freedom incarnate
dreams realized

look at me
see the tears go
witness the transformation

raise the roof of sadness
kick it away
watch it crumble

too short they say
so why waste it
savor it

Taste the sweet
deal with the salt
relish in uniqueness
be who you are

Tomorrow it may rain
forecast seems definite
but today is sunny
skies are clear

Children of the sun
dancing in the rain
washing the pain away
like a ring pop
that shimmers on my finger
and makes me whole

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prayers to the sandman

Post by ChaoticWhisper » Mon Jul 07, 2003 3:52 am

<a name="#fifteen"> prayers to the sandman </a>

Take me away
to the land of stars
where today's troubles
are easily forgotten

weave your sweet magic
lift this insomnia
until i wake refreshed
and ready for the world

stop the music!
stop the world!
really...i want to jump off
at least for tonight

Gifted with boundless energy
a gift at certain times
but at 5:54 am,
is more of a curse

lullaby and goodnight
all i really ask for
is my full 8 hours
but 3 would suit me fine

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