Instructions for Building an Archive, Revised

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Instructions for Building an Archive, Revised

Post by heinzs » Wed May 31, 2017 10:16 pm

So, the previous method of creating archives no longer works with phpBB3 as they do not recognize html language in the body of the post. It does recognize links, so an archive could be built on a list of links to your poems.

The usual way members have been creating these archives is to open a new topic with their name. As a first post I'd suggest a short introductory paragraph about yourself. Then begin to add your poems as "replies" to your post. You can group multiple poems in a single reply, thereby utilizing less database bandwidth. I've seen as many as 30 poems in a single reply list.

These archives are not meant to be heavily replied to, but simply as a repository of materials. Do not count on this archive as a "safe" place to store your poetry in perpetuity... there are no safe places on the internet and this site could crash at any time (in fact we were down for almost 6 months just recently).

I reserve the right to edit or modify your archives at will without notice or explanation. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

If I have started an archive for you, you can still add to it by adding poems via the "reply" method above. You won't be able to modify the first post, but you will be in control of all the posts you add.

Pops :hearts:
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Re: Instructions for Building an Archive, Revised

Post by nekot » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:41 pm

Thanks Heinz!
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