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Feel That Rage

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:24 am
by carndo
Feel That Rage

Don't worry
Be happy
feel that rage
flowing through like a river
hear your spirit scream
as life continues
awaken every morning with a smile
forget those old arguments
that sometimes get you down
forgive those who trespass
as well as yourself

forgive yourself and move on
you cannot dish out to others
what you do not possess within

Think about it...
if you turn into the next Mike Tyson
Your teeth and tattoos will be your sad,
cruel legacy
No reason to view that as the path to bliss,
my son
Let Holyfield keep his ear,
play tennis with Andre Agassi

But then you wake from shattered slumber
Giving thanks
Thank Christ for the second amendment
If there is a difference
Between that prick next door
And a clay pigeon
I can’t see it
Good God, he just waved
Hi! Wonderful day...

to stand there and talk to me like you are my friend
and then got behind my back and talk about me
to make me feel like crap and want to cry
to make me bleed to make want to die
to make feel like I was living a lie
You are the one that should die

inside I'd hide and waste away
to fade to black by break of day

to want to scream
to want to shout
to want to take you out

To efface your trace,
To revel in the crimson
that shall stain your face.

I once banged a glass of crimson
against my favorite asshat,
and bespackled its fervent glow.

There was no inherent connection,
in the penetration,
The blood in the rig,
the rig in my skin,
Fuck them, I thought.
Right up their stupid asses.
I want to do this.

But back to the rage-
oh rage, who art thou
but my head shrouded in a cloud
trying to see through the mists
of our barren landscape

To feel the rage,
the pain and sorrow
Makes the good feelings so much stronger
So don't worry,
be happy we have both
All the pain and happiness
only makes us stronger

The rage is a river
that river is life,
feel it coursing through you.
Soar higher than ever,
enjoy what life offers,
that rage is a river
that river is life.

Turn your rage so it helps you
and it will no longer be against you
Let the hurt flow
Adrenalin through your veins
And no more you will bear that pain

For to bear the pain
brings only grief
that tears away at your heart and soul
so turn it into a positive belief
then once again
you'll begin to feel whole.

That is...
Until the next stupid fuck comes along
His soul purpose to piss you off
Just keep smiling and nodding your head
and let some others explosive rage tear their head off
Optimism is our religion baby.

Ringing out in misery
All that has befallen you
Gives those who test your stamina
Enough rope to swing you from their tree

Some Touch

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:41 am
by carndo
Some Touch

Everytime I see you,
I know then that my dreams are coming true,
For when you share that special smile
my heart knows no where to go,
For love has bound us together,
And nothing can replace your style,

Inside the depths of my soul
I can feel your touch,
Hear your voice,
And I am frozen,

Logic plays no part of how I feel,
Just the way you look at me
when you smile,
The way your eyes light up
reveals more than what can be said,

And when I feel the touch of your soft hands
on the side of my face,
I shiver and melt with the thought of your love,
And thank the Lord from up above
for sending me you,

Some only remember
a love varied in the promise of a past,
But we touch,
We hear,
We share,
We complete each other,
And in the beauty of it all
a raindrop stands alone
holding what we keep
in the promise of a rainbow.

June 6, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Lee Ann Reissfelder

Once Sought

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:44 am
by carndo
Once Sought

Held in those time
where clouds and angels
whisper to a wind
gentled in yesterdays,

Clinging to an ideal notion
pausing to reflect on a dream
viewing the silvery depths
imagination like water flowing,

Could it be more than an invitation
touched on a horizon ?
Climb to reach past those sandcastles
found only in a child's eyes,
For they find everything
and hold a heart opened wide,

Would it be a mummer
crouching in the distant wind
holding and beckoning toward this instant
waiting only to become
this moment of truth
sadly unforgiving ?

And in those inclinations forever met
dreams become reality
for a heart is more than a sheltered promise
and we hold forever
only in our hands.

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Malcolm Johnstone


Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:46 am
by carndo

Isn't it enough that we have each other ?
Doesn't the moment that we have
count for anything ?
Here we are in the night with a beautiful moon,
And the love we have is very special,
Don't spoil it,
think before you say anything,

Isn't enough that we gave up everything ?
Can we forget the loved ones we lost ?
Standing here
with the stars above,
Illuminating our joy,
Don't question it,
Feel the love we share,

Whisper through those joys
touching in completeness,
nourish those needs
forever met,
And if you meet my eyes,
I will meet yours,

Hearts reaching out,
Seeking other,
Blending desires, hopes and dreams,
Nectar once tasted,
Sustains us,
If your hand reaches out
I will grasp yours,

So in this we intertwine,
Meeting hand in hand,
Holding on to tomorrow,
Celebrating the completness that we have,
And in the beginning
the question is this,
Where do we go from here ?

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Kerri Stoetzel

Lamented Childhood

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:47 am
by carndo
Lamented Childhood

Those tattered halls
which rage in pain
only vagueness,
Tears flow and wince,
I thought of you
time which
pain was all I was,
And times where the
only enjoyment I knew was an
insatiable lust for blood to
come from my body as well as my soul,
Mirrored from a past
which rages and howls,
To touch the animal
that creeps in the night,
Please do not fear,
Look around
finding a pleasing vision I hope,
I can give
of deep in the ocean,
Of jellyfish at dawn and the glow at night,
To remind you that courage of vikings flow within you,
The sound of battle
which rage in our hearts,
The adrenalin that flows in our veins,
Coursing in energy,
And yet...
in the cosmos
the ying meets the yang
varied in the night,
Brought on by blood lust,
Then you'll realize
the monster only exists in your heart.

Nov. 10, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Allan Perry

Forever Held In The Eyes Of The Net Weaver

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:50 am
by carndo
Forever Held In The Eyes Of The Net Weaver

Spiders that touch and hold a soul
forever meeting chaos,
truth never known,
Could it be...
in that warm embrace
the euphoric moment
between known life
and unknown death,
We look into the eyes
of the net weaver,
At this time ask yourself,
is this a mirage?
Is this my illusion?
Or more?
Answer one way or another
to determine when you became you
and when you started to take life for granted,
What makes your existence
unique and untainted,
And as you walk through those doors
in those choices made,
You might find a neverending circle,
Touched only in time.

July 9, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Allan Perry


Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:53 am
by carndo

The day so peaceful with your presence,
Glowing and shimmering in the rays,
Your touch to soothe the heat,
I want to warm in your embrace,
Feel a heart touching within,
Flaming until a rage is met,
And if you look carefully,
You might see just beyond the shadow,
The shadow that my heart hides behind,
Wanting to scream with love,
Love my soul has never gained,
Love my soul has never lost!
Wherein a vision is touched only
in a horizon,
Could it be more than what some look for?
But the question is never asked,
A hidden answer,
Let out,
So complex in emotion,
Look again,
Am I really there?
So just beyond those reaches
fulfillment is met,
Forever lost,
Forever kept.

Sept. 24, 1999

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Adrennia Cooper

Paper Bag

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:54 am
by carndo
Paper Bag

Looking on this windy day
I see a paper bag floating,
Beautiful in the sky,
Trying to be free
from this confinment,
Innocence now gone,
Deprived of its use,
Crumpled and wasted,
And why ?
Those reasons mush forgotten,
Only met in sadness,
Where it was once was needed,
But now rejected,
And to never give up,
Fighting to stay,
Having a purpose,
Waiting to be wanted,
To be filled
once more,
But how ?
At the moment of being discarded,
One picks it up,
Recycles it,
And now it starts a new life.

Aug. 1, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Ardennia Cooper

A Sleight Of Word

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:56 am
by carndo
A Sleight Of Word

sleight of word
charmed to those who touch
An unburdened fire
within the soul
forever yearning to reach
those emotions,
Can you teach those unanswered questions ?
Can you rise my passions
forever met in my heart ?

Charmed sleight words touch deep
writhing the souls of those;
Forever yearning in the chasm of emotions
forever reaching...
toward those unanswered questions,
Can you...
teach me ?
Can you reach into my heart ?
Will you meet me there,
Where our passions will forever rise ?

And in the time
forever met
we'll celebrate chasms
of those emotions forgotten,
Only to remember
what some have yet to learn,
Do you hear those whispers
that touch only
what some yearn to feel ?

March 8, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Valerie Jochum

Now You Are One

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:58 am
by carndo
Now You Are One

To touch the shadow in the dreams,
An understanding with the heart,
Thou meets the scape within the mind,
Reach beyond the talking self
and touch thy child,
See beyond the blindness,
Hear within the silence,
Complete the heart and touch through the veil,
The soul meets the teacher
completing the circle
verifying life,
Though separate you were,
Now you are one,
The link of unison has now begun,
Feel the heartbeat of the web
sympathetic in its magic,
What needs to be changed,
And accepting what can't be changed,
Feeling within....
a harmony.

Oreo Cookie

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:00 pm
by carndo
Oreo Cookie

Life is like an 'Oreo' cookie,
Rough on the outside,
Yet soft and fulfilling
on the inside,
Some days the exterior
is all that is needed,
Yet some days one must devour
the whole 'Oreo' for it
to be truly enjoyed,
they're those times
when a glass of milk
with an 'Oreo' cookie
creates the perfect desert,
Touched within the celebrations
the magic climbs through those emotions
when eating an 'Oreo'
alone or with others.

June 2, 1999

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Christina M. Schultz

Echoes Within Thy Heart

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:02 pm
by carndo
Echoes Within Thy Heart

You like the sun
warm my soil to the bones
with mist on the petal of a rose,
So sweet is your kiss
that the gods that sit on their throne
on high
envy me for the way I get lost in your eyes,
Your touch is like fire tracing lines across my body
only lovers know,
I fall into your eyes deep,
soft and kind,
Could I learn to trust?
To believe,
I want to yet something holds me back...
In the sweetness of the night
you held my body tight,
Muscle dripping sweat,
We glisten in the moonlight,
Pamper me with kisses,
I feel alive with you like no other,
So let's touch with the heart,
Breathless in a midsummer moon,
Varied in the completeness,
Pampered to the dreams
that we all keep,
Yet rage in those thoughts
fresh in a memory,
Keep thy whispers
met by a single rose,
To signify what we mean to each other,
And in an echo
thy memory is forever kept.

May 28, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn, Cheyanne Smith, Allan Perry & Janette Phillips

Prophecy Of Ten

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:24 pm
by carndo
Prophecy Of Ten

Touching the dreams of old
bearing a prophecy,
Those of ten will come together,
Reclaiming honor where it is needed,
Struggles met to stop a sorcerer
in his bid for world dominancy,
Strangers are they,
But not for long,
For fate has made its plan,
A magistracy of mystery
and a domain or reality
for thy sorcerer is challenged,
For strength, for imagery, for precedence,
Follow thy worldly domain
for fate has made its plan,
All the comfort inside,
All the problems beside,
In the eyes of a lazy hawk I see,
Threw gloom to true imagery,
To be the wolf creeping,
Along I listen
to the forests mournful song,
Waiting for the chance to right a wrong,
To believe in now and see truth,
Trust in myself for no others will do,
This peace I must grasp and keep,
Near to me
in my shadows.

July 1, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn, Christina M. Schultz, Adrennia Cooper, Allan Perry & Bill Swan

A Place Behind The Facade

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:26 pm
by carndo
A Place Behind The Facade

Varied within my mind
are those sheltered moments in time,
Touched in the night
where a moon is shining bright,
A place behind the facade
If you could see,
You would run in terror,
Given an idea,
A chance to be free,
Just run away in terror
from your mind,
And in the arcane
those waking dreams,
Nightmares to some,
Hold dark secrets
never meant to be told,
to dimensions of those neitherworlds,
Complete confusion,
When blessed with a thought,
You are someone who you are not,
Search for the answers that will ease your pain,
You fool !
These comforts are not here,
But in your brain !
And if you touch that understanding
buried within a thought,
Blind to some
who forget to see
the light before their own minds,
Wake up !
It's time,
Don't rage about events you can't help,
If you don't like the things in your life,
Then change them !
Can't you see it ?
It's as simple as can be,
All you have to do is be willing to be free !

July 12, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn & Mike Vrtatko

Enduring Emotions

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:28 pm
by carndo
Enduring Emotions

I love without knowin',
I hate without reason,
We are above the change of time,
Throughout my life
I dig with flame,
To find their word,
Hope they're true,
Without my heart to maim,
With your soul in my mind,
I hurt to know that you're in pain,
To heal you with my embrace,
Create a simulated world
of peace and hope,
Hold on to this....
my dream,
Shelter my heart
forever lost without reason,
Clever memories
rage into thy soul,
And shadow meets
to touch your eyes,
I want to forever hold.

June 30, 2000

By: B.E. Whitehorn, Adrennia Cooper, Allan Perry & William Randol