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To The World

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:52 am
by carndo
to the world around you
find those stories
that you can pass on
to those that will listen
howl with the coyotes
find your own path
walk those shores
within the distance of your heart
find those open spaces
that one needs
find your own roar
to let things out
never bottle them up
it tears too much inside
soar with the eagles
and touch with the wind

Finding The Call

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:56 am
by carndo
finding the call of the wild
where echoes
find their place
within the chaos of this world
that waters that run clear
wind that sings
old songs
from the past
legends of ancestors
that once lived
whispers heard
from eons
that voice which speaks
in the heart
and tells you
let's stay

Call Of The Wild

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:04 am
by carndo
my own call of the wild
after living in southwest Colorado
for 25 yrs
I settled in east Texas
although it took years to get comfortable
with this area
I spent too many years
hearing the call of the mountains
fishing the streams, rivers and lakes
so I was used to being in the west
not hearing trains
and living in the plains of Texas
that and I was used to the seasons
instead of dealing with the rain
for 5 months
so it was a complete change for me
still I dealt with it
but then over time I change and adapt
But I guess that's life for ya

Harmonies Spoken

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:35 am
by carndo
harmonies spoken in the wind
finding that simple tune
those echoes repeated
within that simple wisdom
one learning to roar
and yet understanding
that maybe a whisper
is only needed
so that rhythm is continued
within a smile

Rivers Running

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:40 am
by carndo
rivers running through the land
eventually finding the ocean
and to be honest
it isn't the destination
that matters
only the journey
that current
which flows
from a distant past
that call of the wild
heard in the echo
of this simple world

Ripples Within

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:43 am
by carndo
ripples within the clouds
those spirits rising in the sun
to those horizons
reaching from the past
giving those secrets
heard in echoes
of whispers
that tone heard
in a chorus
a pitch
within a simple exploration
of language

Trails Explored

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:49 am
by carndo
trails explored
where one hears a whisper
those cries who once was here before
ancestors of the distance past
who speak of wisdom
through those deeds
they've seen
memories seen in the past
so they speak
to those who will listen
shards within that walk
echoes of simpler times

Waves Echoed

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:53 am
by carndo
waves echoed on the shore
washing the white sand
occasionally washes up a seashell
finding refuge from the sea
that sparkle seen in the sun
ghosts from a distant past
remains of the ancient
who one roamed
in history
now only memories

Winds Rising

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:56 am
by carndo
winds rising
within the echoes
trying to tell
that wisdom
spoken in whispers
to a single word
those faint calls
that some refuse
to listen to
and doing so
repeat those same mistakes
and one simply asks

Reaching For The Stars

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:00 am
by carndo
reaching for the stars
finding your space within the universe
soaring with the comets
constellations rising
planets colliding
knowing your path
even when you can't see it
yet somehow you know it
that coarse within the horizon
stargates within
revealing a certain wisdom
seen within the dark of the moon

In The Twilight

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:55 pm
by carndo
sagebrush blowing in the wind

where in the distance

a coyote howls

glistening shadows off the sandstone

silhouettes transformed

in the twilight

horizons drift into evening

and a shooting star flies across the sky

mother moon finds her smile

as life continues

through the seasons

and mother nature whispers

her tune

within time itself

Desert Hilltops

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:56 pm
by carndo
desert hilltops

with scattered cactus

and sagebrush dotting the landscape

sandstone arches

with wind and water

shaping eons of time

sculpted by an unknown hand

maybe a dune or two

to help with the scenery

giving life in the southwest

with a little bit of color

in mother nature

Across The Sky

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:58 pm
by carndo
streaks across the sky

where clouds look like feathers

drawn against the blue

and a faint silhouette

of the moon

that certain time of the year

a refection of the sun

on an opposite direction

something one doesn't

generally see

perspectives under a different light

Those Soft Smiles

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:59 pm
by carndo
those soft smiles

that radiate across the room

I see those eyes

that warm a heart

and a sweet laughter

which fills a smile

memories cherished

one moment at a time

interludes found

in a sigh

gentle within one's heart

Through That Past

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:21 pm
by carndo
reaching through that past

where the blue of the sky

reveals something hidden

exactly what

who can tell?

it doesn't really matter

those perceptions

that leave one

blowing in the wind

where decisions should be made

yet never are

but sometimes

that's just life for ya