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Sands Of Memories

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:39 pm
by carndo
it's funny
at times
the way we look at things
we examine
sometimes with clear thought
other times
we jump
before thinking it through
where consequences
bite us in the butt
but isn't that part of life?
where choices are there
for all to take advantage of
and one deals with
whatever happens
then moves on
as time consumes us
moment by moment
in the sands
of memories

Soul Ships

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:40 pm
by carndo
soul ships
that ride those constellations
along the comets
within this universe
stars shine brightly
where the old gods
still smile
deep in the undertone
that reaches
in the cosmos
that passage
into the next star system
within that partial eclipse

Those Labyrinths

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:41 pm
by carndo
those labyrinths
of time
where passions are met
one stroke after another
beyond the morning
where secrets were told
last evening
and yet
answers were never found
but somehow
they never are
only converged
beyond the sunset

Being Simply Who I Am

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:42 pm
by carndo
let me
open my heart
to my surroundings
find what life means
abounding within that mystery
yet having my feet
on the ground
discovering what I can
filling my head
with knowledge
in its truest form
walking those trails
yet to be discovered
finding that pleasure
in all I find
celebrating that need
that I somehow crave
and being simply
who I am

Those Heroes

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:43 pm
by carndo
those heroes
that some take
for granted
sometimes are right in front of you
people that one
sees every day
yet never looks for glory
only does
what needs to be done
regardless for the cost
it matters not
the time spent
only that it needs
to be done

That Truth

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:44 pm
by carndo
that truth
held so dear
yet something wasn't clear
an ambiguity
that changed everything
exactly what it was
stayed somehow in the shadows
all though reason
never was brought to mind
a certain sanctity
shattered into the past
never revealed
only wavered
past that innocence

Red Moon

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:47 am
by carndo
red moon
hailed within the stars
where constellations reach
bound comets find
those restless moments
inclinations search
those horizons
in longitudes
whispered beyond imagination
moon rises
found in the distance
glistening where some
have not yet looked

That Simple Serenade

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:51 am
by carndo
that simple serenade

whistling through the wind

where if you listen to your inner voice

truth finds its own way

that harmony risen

in a moment of time

freedom celebrated

moment by moment

within its own understanding

where in the warmth

a memory is found

My Solitude

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:20 pm
by carndo
my solitude
within the whispering winds
where somehow I find my peace
some understand this
some don't
yet to me it matters not
only that I find some comfort
within recesses of my mind
yes I hear whispers
but I pay no attention
to that certain gossip
and I find my strength
within the laughter
in the distance
somewhere I gather
what I need

Whispering Rhythms

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:21 pm
by carndo
whispering rhythms
held within the corners of my mind
within the ebb and flow
of that imagination
by the passion
in diction
only pervasive
in that tone
wavering innocence
in the serenade
within the harmony


Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:41 pm
by carndo
that cold winter wind blows
sending a chill to your bones
telling you that maybe
this is a day to stay inside
somehow cabin fever
and tells you no
so which do you decide?
do you risk your health?
or do you risk your sanity?
where do you go from here?

Recent Memories

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:42 pm
by carndo
recent memories
touch that which isn't meant to
yet still I remember
sometimes I laugh
sometime I cringe
but somehow they
make me who I am
those revolving doors
that remind one
of those pages of the past
that soul
within the heart

Dreams Of The Past

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:43 pm
by carndo
those dreams of the past
revolve within the echoes
dark within those shadows
reflected a moment at a time
soothen responses
within the month
something doesn't fit
exactly what
one can't tell
but then life
sometimes simply laughs at you
and you go on

That Which Can Not Be Touched

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:45 pm
by carndo
reaching within
to touch that
which can not be touched
echoes found somehow
within the silence
and that rage
fits between the void
that is never completed
the blankness
those that can not
and will not see
it roars
like a lion
and daring one
to approach
within the universe

But The Echo...Remains

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:47 pm
by carndo
to tough thy word
can't you see?
it needs all of us
to be its keeper
to find a heart
within the empathy
and the world in return
will take care of us

it makes no sense
to think we own this world
we don't

we are temporary
when we are dust
from whence we came from

but the echo

and yet we have a choice
to show that common sense
we all have

and make choices
that help
those in the future

let's take our responsibility
to take care of
what's before us