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Post by Debbie » Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:10 pm

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:book: <a href="#t013">Through A Mothers Eyes

:<center><a name="#t001">Heinz </a>

Last night I found myself in much dismay,
I was searching with no avail my poem to display.
I clicked and closed,
entered my password over and over again,
Went to the chat room
to find a helpful friend.

I found myself alone
no one in there but me,
Didn’t know how to get out,
but how can this be?

I signed in and log out
I don’t know how many times,
Searching and searching,
I felt I was losing my mind.

I was like a deer in the bush going for a run,
Only, I wasn't dashing through trees,
but different kinds of forums.

My computer began acting crazy
a virus tried to come in,
So of course a scan was done
and I rebooted once again.

I can’t begin to explain
after four hours what I went through,
The tears filled my eyes,
I wanted to pull my hair from frustration too.

My friend who has been in
the poetry pages for a while,
Couldn’t figure out who I was,
ignored my pms, thats when I lost my smile.

Now I’ve lost my dear no new ones to make,
and my poems can’t be displayed,
And yet I is see so many others having fun in here,
is it any wonder why I am dismayed?

Then out of the blue
I see a name I’ve come to recognize,
It's everywhere a unique name
and a friendly one much to my surprise.

When I clicked on his name,
I saw the initial's pm,
I knew what that meant,
so I said here I go again.

Of course I sent a message to him in urgency,
And in no time at all he got back to me.

The messages went back and forth like a relay,
But in no time at all, my poem was on display.

For those who know how this room works
it may seem easy to you,
But for a newbie like me,
holding back the tears is all I could do.

Now if there is someone out there
and you are new like me,
Stop what you’re doing
before you start searching frantically.

Take a deep breath
and go to one of the moderators,
They take care of this place,
and understand it better.

To the friendly kind person who helped me last night,
this poem to you I dedicate,
And of course it is you HEINZ
for all you've done I think you're great.
My dilemma is over now,
I slept peacefully last night,
Now this is my way of saying thank you
for making everything all right.

Thanks again friend. From Debbie

Just when you're ready to give up,
God sends a friend to rescue you, and it was our Pops..dear Heinz...

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Post by Debbie » Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:17 pm


<center><a name="#t002">Serving To Protect The Animal Kingdom</a>

To All Those Diligent Conservation Officers
This Poem Is Dedicated

Deep in the forests so lush and green,
Are hidden tragedies unforeseen.
A mother deer and her baby fawn,
Nibbling on grass as they tarry along.

A sip of water from a cool running stream,
The perfect view from a photographers dream.
Then a thundering sound echoes through the air,
The sound of birds in flight is heard everywhere.

Now wounded and helpless mother doe lies,
Scarcely breathing
takes one last look at baby and slowly dies.
While her helpless baby in dismay looks on,
Now left to fend for itself a frail baby fawn.

Shot and left to die without sense or reason,
The predator has hunted out of season.
Poachers and fishermen,
going over the limit,
Better beware of someone,
ready to stop them in a minute.

We have special people,
the wildlife count on each day,
Working deep in the woods,
keeping animals out of harms way.
They fight mosquitoes and flies heat and rain,
Policing the forest so this doesn’t happen again.

Countless days and nights,
they spend out there alone.
Sleeping underneath the sky l
eaving their comforts of home.

They meet up with
an old pesky bear during the day,
He doesn’t frighten
the conservation officer in any way.

Feathered creatures,
four legged animals big and small,
The friends of the animals,
keeps a watchful eye on them all.

All of these fine officers
are caring and dedicated too,
And watch over God’s beautiful creatures
He has created for me and for you.

These woodland creatures
are helpless like a new baby,
And die senselessly with pouching and fires,
because of humanity..
This poem is dedicated to
the Conservation Officers who do all they can,
To protect Gods beautiful creations,
from His most destructive and greatest creation man.


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Post by Debbie » Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:23 pm


<center><a name="#t004">A Masterpiece </a>

If someone were to ask me,
to take time and compose,
Something that resembles you,
I’d paint a beautiful rose.

Your green leaves are lifting up
towards a blue colored sky,
Praising God the creator
as a gentle breeze blows by.

Dewdrops fall from your soft petals,
those are silent tears,
Trying to hide from others,
disappointments over the years.

This rose has many colors,
a beauty beyond compare,
White represents a heart so pure,
and pink for cheeks so fare.

Red is for the love you pass
unto others along the way.
Yellow is for the way
you brighten up our days.

When I take my painters brush,
and blend together each color,
I will have composed a portrait
of our dear loving Mother.

In our hearts
she’s a hybrid rose of great distinction,
And my portrait of Maman is
A Masterpiece in its completion.

You are the most beautiful masterpiece
in my eyes maman

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Post by Debbie » Thu Aug 18, 2005 4:27 pm


<a name="#t005">Something for Haroo</a>

Wishes & Schemes
Desires & Dreams

Deep in your heart are wishes and schemes,
Desires and dreams.
Dreams shattered, wishes faded today,
Schemes given up, desires hidden away.

They have taken flight
yet you see them so clear,
And seem far away
but yet you feel them near.

Each one you've captivated
in an embrace,
But for now they are
wandering through space.

Hope rises in furry
to fearlessly muffle your pain,
Hopes desire, to give you courage
to ascend once again.

Schemes for new dreams,
desires and wishes Hope has for you,
A new desire for love
to one day pursue.

Soon new dreams and wishes
will blend with memories of old,
The new path you take will be filled
with memorable stories told.

Wishes, desires and dreams
I have a few,
I wish for your heart to find
strength and peace Haroo.

I desire of the Lord
for you the best He can give,
And love embraces your heart again
and lasts for as long as you live.

The wishes and dreams from the past,
you think of now and then,
I pray they'll come to life,
as you start over again.

If your desires and wishes,
and dreams one day do come true,
Tis’ when I know that my prayers sent to God
have gone through.

I pray God blesses you with
what you need the most in your life.

Godspoetess D.
January 20,2005

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Reach Out And Love Someone
Slow Down And Look around
You Will Find Someone Who Needs You.....

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Post by Debbie » Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:05 pm

<a name="#t006">Grandmother Sits Alone </a>

A grandmother sits in her rocking chair,
as the world pass her by,
Her long scrawny arthritic finger
reaches up to catch a tear falling from her eye.

Lips are trembling; etched lines on her weary brow
have become prominent,
As she glances at some pictures, and wonders,
where all her time was spent.

Minding my own business most of my life,
never did nobody any harm,
Lived in the country and worked
everyday on the farm.

Feedin chicken's, milkin them cows,
and tendin to my gardening,
In the middle of the day shellin peas
while sittin on my old porch swing.

I’ve stuffed many a big turkey,
come holidays and such,
I baked many a loaf of bread
my kin loved so much.

Knitted a number of sweaters and mittens
for those cold blustry winters days,
Tryin to keep my youngin's warm,
their school was miles away.

Cooked and baked for my husband,
treated him like a king,
And all done with a joyful heart,
why if ya listened you’d hear me sing.

I enjoyed those old church hymn’s
from when I was a little girl,
When growing up was filled with
exploring a whole new beautiful world.

Picking wild butter cups and daisies,
down by the old millstream,
Why I'd go there many times,
just to sit and dream.

Now here I sit today,
in this darn old rickety rocking chair,
My velvet skin is wrinkled,
and the color gray replaced my raven hair.

Hubby up and died,
the children are gone because they’ve grown,
All busy now
raising a few youngin’s of their own.

Did I forget to do something,
that’s caused me today to be alone?
Tucked away in this old age place,
where some call it home.

Yes, a grandmother sits in her rocking chair;
she gives a great big sigh,
Lifts her long scrawny arthritic finger,
catches a tear falling from her eye.
© A Rose Garden Collection March 29, 2002

How many sit in a rocking chair in an old age home,
where they’ve been left with only memories
and the question Why, as they wipe a tear from their eye


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Reach Out And Love Someone
Slow Down And Look around
You Will Find Someone Who Needs You.....

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Post by Debbie » Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:09 pm


<a name="#t007">Another poem for the 2000 strike..from the miners poet.. </a>

How Dare They

How dare they think by holding back,
they stand so much taller,
When the longer they delay,

they go on getting smaller.

How dare they think they can get away
with such terrible behavior?
Giving our miners work away,
by allowing in scab labor.

How dare they think they are mighty enough
to run the workers lives?
By robbing them of their rights,
and taking food from children and wives.

How dare they think they built their so called empire,
which is prosperous today?
It started long before they were born,
with men of valor who paved the way.

How dare they think,
they can take away our men’s dignity,
Who with sweat and muscle pull out the ore,
creating a wealthy company.

How dare they think they can forget the men
who gave their lives in the mine?
To now become so wealthy,
theirs heart have become cold with time.

How dare they think that for a moment,
they have the winning hand?
When people are pulling together,
now that the news has crossed the land.

How dare they think, because of their money,
they are going to win this fight,
When it’s because of their love for money,
they are doing what isn’t right.

How dare they go to bed at night,
and peacefully sleep in their satin sheets,
While soldiers on the picket lines,
march to an unearthly beat.

Each day our miners
are fervently marching to a distant drum,
Desiring a better work place today,
and in the future to come.

They want what’s best for themselves,
and also for their fellow man,
Who work in other mines, a
round the world in different lands.

We have God going before us,
who says men are worthy of their pay,
So ooooooo ……..How Dare They!!!
September 25, 2000

This poem is dedicated to my husband
and all of our miners on strike, and our Union.
I pray the example these men are displaying,
by standing up for what’s right,
will be written down in history as,” true soldiers”
who helped better the mining industry for everyone.”

God bless all of you.

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<a name="#t008">My Friend Budda Head
Welcome Back

He’s back! He’s back!
God heard my prayers,
Thank you lord
for keeping him in your care.
And I’m sure
anyone who knows me can easily tell,
My smile is back as well.

I prayed and prayed,
for I sensed some how,
He was hurting,
I could picture his fretting brow.
I went to the poetry pages looking for a trace,
Of my friend
to see His smiling face.

Just when I was at my worst,
sick as sick could be,
I visited my computer anyhow
to take a look and see.
Low, to my surprise
a private message sprung up like a light,
And when I checked my mail box
it was my dear friend Mike.

Sick or not,
my heart was jumping with glee,
My heavenly Father
sent him back home to me.
God answered my many
heartfelt prayers I sent his way,
And because I believed, Michael,
my Budda Head is back today.

Welcome home I missed you..
And even though I sensed something wrong,
I never quit praying for my dear friend
God gave to me last year, in the poetry lounge..

Love Debbie

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<a name="#t009">Tsunami </a>

The tolerant wrippled waters,
gently clap along the shore
Seabirds scream and eagles soars

Red crimson sky reflecting upon the sea,
Blended with mirror images of
mountains and tropical trees.

Gentle breeze carries a whiff of salt
through the morning air
The jagged rocks are beckoning Danger..

Sails to the wind, weather beaten fishing vessels
venture out to the bounteous sea,
Seeking a catch of fish, scrupulously.

Villagers alike prepare various wares today,
Anticipating sales to those passing their way.

Over-involved with their cares,
they sense no atmospheric change,
But today their industrious surroundings
are about to rearrange,

In the quiet of the morning
A warm crimson sun completely awake,
Has been greeted by angry waves,
from a sudden quake.

Now a mundane day,
collapses with death and destruction
As a Mighty Tsunami sequesters
its credulous victims.

Curiosity claims the on lookers
as waves swallow everything in its path,
Mankind and structures, and foliage
are demolished by its wrath.

Loss mingled with echoing screams and cries
are memories never to die,
In the hearts and minds of those
left alone to cry.

Troubled waters calm now,
crimson red sun, reflects upon the sea,
But no mirror images of mountains and tropical trees,
only bodies and floating debris.

Disillusioned souls comb beaches in desperation,
Hoping the sea will release loved ones
into waiting arms again.

Oh Mighty Tsunami, your destructive waves,
Destroyed both the weak and the brave.

What you didn’t pilfer from those left alive,
Was their hope and the will to survive.

Life will be held more precious than ever now,
and no matter come what may,
They’ll not forget what can happen so quickly,
on a somewhat mundane day.

For those who lived and have the will to survive
and start over again,
Hope has come from all over the world through mankind..
with aid in many different ways.
I only wish that it wasn’t only disasters
that brought people together.
I deeply wish the world would assist others
no matter what creed or race..



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This is a poem I wrote for a young man who approched me to help him.. he was a victim.. He asked me if I could tell his story.. and here it is..this poem is given now out to children who've been abused. Save The Children Foundation here in Canada are the ones distributing the poem..

<a name="#t010">A Child's Silent Tears</a> :crying:

For many years a little boy wished upon a voice,
To say the words, STOP IT,
he was too small to know he had a choice.

Far too young to understand,
what was right or wrong,
A little boy couldn’t say NO,
the perpetrator was too big and strong.

Afraid to call for help,
he cried his many Silent Tears,
And endured the pain and torment in his heart
for seven long years.

Every waking moment he asks the question
WHY until this very day,
WHY, didn’t someone tell me,
shouting STOP was okay?

Yesterday’s child
never discovered someone with a voice,
To teach him real love,
and what it meant to have free choice.

Today’s child will have the chance,
because the child of yesterday,
Is breaking the hidden silence,
and revealing the perpetrators today.

If the hearts of yesterdays children
are embraced by todays society,
There won't be as many of
Tomorrow’s children crying silently.

In every child’s ear, the words
“To Say Stop Is Okay,”
Must be permeated in their minds,
to free children from being raped today.

Children are trusting;
they follow what they're taught,
So it’s time to help them break the silence..
and the perpetrators caught.

There’s nothing more beautiful than
a childs laughter echoing in your ears,
So please welcome our victimized children with open arms,
and end another CHILD’S SILENT TEARS.
© February 10, 2004 [/size=12]

I must say to you.. I held this young man in my arms.. he was about 30.. and when I heard him sobbing I cried with him.. his tears were no longer silent..
It’s time our Government and our Society begin to open up their eyes to A CHILD’S SILENT TEARS.
It’s time to make a Law that stipulates ALL CHLDREN are to be taught when it’s good to SAY STOP TO SAY NO. It should be taught in SCHOOLS, INSTITUTUIONS, HOMES, where ever possible.
We make big efforts to teach our children how to get out of a house when they smell smoke. Lets work towards and even GREATER need of life and death. TEACH our children what LOVE IS and to UNDERSTAND
Become A Voice For A Child Today Tell Them It’s Okay to Say STOP.
Godpoetess D.
Jesus Said: “Suffer the little children to come unto me,
and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”


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<a name="#t011">My Child Tweety </a>

My child Tweety,
as your Father I want you to know,
That your life is not a mistake,
I made you out of the love that I am.
I called you into being
at the right time and the right place.
I prepared a way for you Tweety,
and gave my life for you.
You are a privilege,
not a burden:
You are a joy and a delight,
not a disappointment:
You are not an intrusion Tweety,
you belong.
You’re my treasured gift, because of who you are Tweety,
…..not merely for what you can do.
You are one of my chosen children,
and I delight in you my dear child.

Love Your Heavenly Father

Hello Tweety I felt to do this for you I pray you like it..

Love Godspoetess D.
My poet friends this poem goes for anyone else
who ever feels they don't belong or they feel unloved..
Love Debbie...

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I wrote this poem for a customer..
a Mother whose daughter was in the hospital
and Doctors said she might not make it.

<a name="#t012">The Cry of A Mothers Heart </a>

Deep in the chambers of a mothers heart,
is a pain hidden there,
To difficult to handle
so she goes to the Lord in prayer.

Remember me dear Lord she cries,
when I was just a young wife,
You opened up my womb,
and I conceived a precious little life.

Breathing into her nostrils you knew,
soon and very soon,
I’d become
one of your beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Carrying her next to my heart nine months,
and feeling those tiny feet,
I knew she sensed every bit of my love,
and heard my heart beat.

The labor seemed so great,
bringing her into the world that day,
But when I held her in my arms,
the pain simply vanished away.

Holding her close to me,
I experienced a different kind of love,
It was captivating and rare,
something I never would have dreamt of.

Watching her grow in stages,
from her first smile to crawling on the floor,
Everyday with her in my life,
I found new avenues to explore.

I wished at times that time would stop,
so she wouldn’t find wings to fly,
But she bloomed into a rose one day,
and fell in love with a handsome guy.

Today she’s the rare beauty you made her,
with children of her own,
But now she’s in need of me,
though she doesn’t live at home.

After all the smiles she has given me
time and time again,
Today my heart is bleeding,
for my child is now in pain.

A miracle is needed Lord,
and I’ve come to understand,
Even though she’s in the Doctor’s care,
she’s in the palm of your hand.

So spare my child dear Lord,
today is this mother’s plea,
She has much to live for,
and I desire to have her here with me.

I know the portals of heaven are opened,
and you hear me from up there,
Your ears are opened to my prayer,
and you’ll lift this burden I can’t bear.

The surgeons may say there’s no guarantee,
and they will all do their part,
But I’m trusting in you because
I know this mothers cry
has touched the Fathers heart.

© A Rose Garden Collection January 11, 2002


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I wrote this poem for a lady whose best friend died of cancer before her sons wedding. She wanted me to write a if looking through his mothers eyes even though she had passed away..everytime her son would accomplish something she always shook her fist and yelled YES! It is a personal poem but one I liked.. hope you will too..

<a name="#t013">Through A Mothers Eyes </a>

Today Wayne, when you married Chantale,
I came to realize,
I was witnessing your ceremony
through someone else’s eyes.

My chin began to quiver
there was a trembling in my heart,
Going back in time I visualized
where you received your start.

You were a gift from heaven,
a beautiful precious baby,
Born into a world filled with yes’s and no’s,
I suppose and maybes.

It was easy to see the plans for you
that God had carefully laid,
If a cut appeared after a fall,
it was kissed and covered with a band-aid.

You were lovingly tucked into bed,
and covered with a blanket from the cold air,
When sickness came you were held,
and covered in a blanket of prayer.

If tears fell down cheeks of red,
they were kissed and wiped away,
Until all the hurt was gone,
and you were sent back out to play.

You grew with freedom to explore,
responsibility was taught,
Love was given in full measure,
you learned love couldn’t be bought.

Released one day from apron strings,
you discovered new rules,
By venturing out in life,
meeting different friends and starting school.

Your wagon soon became a car,
and singing a passion for you,
And it wasn’t long
before girls started looking pretty too.

Hearts filled with laughter,
when you played the Elvis impersonation game,
But to your loving devoted mother,
no one could sing like you Wayne.

I’m sure the warmth and happiness you feel
on this your wedding day,
Is the heartfelt love of your Mother,
who isn’t that far away.

She’s the one who loved you first,
and gave you your first start,
Her love will never fade away
it’s kept forever in your heart.

As you repeated wedding vows,
joining your heart with your bride,
I witnessed it today,
through your Mother’s eyes with pride.

And though you may not see her Wayne,
I know she’s standing amongst your guests,
Smiling for you and yelling as loud as can be ……. Yes!!!

© A Rose Garden Collection Author August 15, 2002
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<center><a name="s001">Spread Your Wings And Fly</a>

O’ mighty eagle with your wings spread,
soaring towards the sun,
Leaving far behind,
your circumstances, one by one.

The adversary grows smaller,
as you ascend towards the heavenly sky,
You gain more wisdom every time you fly.

Propelled towards the sun
you know your foe is put to flight,
He has become blinded by,
the brilliance of its light.

Your cries of victory can be heard,
from the mountains to the shore,
As you descend with your strength renewed
stronger than before.

Each of us can learn a lesson from
the eagle flying towards the sun,
And leave behind
all of our problems as he has done.

His focal point of course
isn’t on his enemy,
He focus’ on the sun
and the ever warmth of its safety.

Jesus is our light,
and if we’ll turn to him each day,
Our adversary will also flee,
and victory will come our way.

He’ll renew our strength
to become stronger than before,
And praises of victory
will be heard from us once more.

So don’t get discouraged
if troubles happen by,
Be like the mighty eagle spread your wings
look towards the Son and fly.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<center><a name="s002">[A Host of Angels
Watches Over You

I pray tonight Naushin,
a host of angels watches over you,
Spreading their feathered wings
keeping you in full view.

I pray they’ll pass on to you
a sweet and restful sleep,
And underneath their wings
there to safely keep.

I pray they’ll not allow you to awaken with alarm,
Constantly protect you, so you’ll not come to harm.

I pray they’ll entice you to have, pleasantly
remembered dreams,
Until the sun shines through and on your face it beams.

As you greet the moring sun,
and rub your sleepy eyes,
I pray they’ll not forget you, when they venture back ,
through the blue colored skies.

I will pray their watchful eyes,
are upon you any way,
In your daily chores and as you,
go about your day.

When night time comes for you Naushin,
to sleep once more,
I pray God sends them back
to do their nightly chores.

So whether day or night my friend Naushin
don’t you ever forget,
I’m praying a host of angels watches over you,
so you’ll never have to fret.
Godspoetess D.

It's always day time here in Canada and night time when you and I get to chat so this is for you because I'm always saying goodnight to you Nosh
Hope you like it

As always your friend GP

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s003"></a>
I tried to center this out so you could read the word VALENTINE in order but I failed sorry...I hope you enjoy this one just the was emailed to me..


For God so loV ed the world,
That He gA ve
His onL y
BegottE n
T hat whosever
Believeth I n Him
Should N ot perish,
But have E verlasting life."
John 3:16

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s004">Today I Had A Fight</a>

Dear Lord Jesus,
please hear me tonight,
I need to ask forgiveness,
because today I had a fight.
It happened at school,
and I am not so proud,
I didn’t like it when,
they cursed your name out loud.
They said you weren’t real,
and there is no heaven above,
You’re imaginary,
and there’s no such thing as Gods love.
Everyone of them,
scoffed and laughed at me,
When I told them,
how you died to set us free.
What really did it Lord,
was when your name in vain one guy took,

That’s when my patience ran out,
and I gave him my left hook.
My actions were wrong,
an example I’m supposed to be,
So I asked him for forgiveness,
and told him I was sorry.
My heart didn’t accept,
a single word any of them had to say,
And I know you’ll forgive me,
and hear me when I pray.
Please forgive me Lord,
as I pray tonight to you,
And help me tomorrow,
to be more patient too.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s005">Nail Scarred Hands </a>

When I think of nailed scarred hands,
and an old rugged cross.
I visualize a carpenter’s son
who had to pay the highest cost.
Born into this world a miracle from above,
Cradled in the arms of his mother Mary,
surrounded by her love.

As a little boy he’d watch daddy
make furniture out of wood,
Running and playing out of doors,
like any child would.
Learning how to read and write,
doing his very best,
Studying to show himself approved,
and pass his every test.

With a calling on his life,
a noticeable change finally took place,
He began talking to people
of various creeds and race.
Followers began to seek him,
the news spread through the land,
The carpenter’s son was healing the sick
by the simple touch of his hand.

He spoke in parables,
teaching his disciples things so new,
Performing miracle after miracle,
his popularity grew.
Jealousy began to prick the hearts
of many who heard of his fame,
And though he did only good,
they desired to kill him just the same.

Bribed with thirty pieces of silver,
He was betrayed by one of his own,
Mocked, beaten and crucified,
sinners souls to atone.
Watching the spectacle,
and seeing her precious son die,
His mother Mary cried,
mercy,mercy why,

Joseph his father the carpenter,
must have knelt down somewhere,
And pleaded with his heavenly Father
in a frantic prayer.
God’s hands were probably wrenched,
and he must’ve wanted to give in,
But He knew if He did,
mankind would die in there sin.

Hearts must have been tugging,
and tears pouring like rain,
When the carpenters son,
gave his life for our suffering and pain.
When I think of nailed scarred hands
and the one who died on the cross,
I picture a mother and two father’s broken hearts,
and their Son, the Savior Jesus.

He paid a debt He did not owe...we owed a debt we could not pay..
Christ Jesus paid the debt that we could never pay...

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s006">Get Ready For A Breakthrough </a>

When the trials of today
seem to be getting you down
And there isn’t a friend anywhere to be found.

When troubles and despair seem to leave you crying,
And you find yourself in trouble without even trying.

The direction you are going in
seems to be worse that the one before,
Every where you turn, ends up to be another shut door.

Yes is the answer you’re looking for,
and you keep hearing no,
You’re trying hard to hang on
when you feel like letting go.

You give out more than you are receiving everyday,
And don't get any answers when you kneel and pray.

It seems every day;
your heavenly father’s ears are closed,
It’s because you’ve fallen short,
or at least you suppose.

If all this and more
is going on in your life my friend,
Something good is about to happen
on this you can depend.

When you’re doing your best,
and every thing is going wrong,
You may be at your weakest,
but it’s when the Savior comes in strong.

So hang on tight to His hand,
get ready and see what he’s about to do,
Jesus is preparing you today,
for a tremendous break through.

Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn
then out comes the sun,
Because you’re a child of His,
you will never be forgotten.

© A Rose Garden Collection February 10,2000

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<a name="s007">Bloom Where You Are Planted </a>

Bloom where you are planted,
you beautiful rose today,
God wants to use you so let
Him have His way.
You’re a driving force
so spread your wings and fly,
You're under
the Heavenly Fathers watchful eye.

You’ve come this far;
there’s no time to turn back now,
Let not you heart be troubled,
remove the frown from your brow.
Put a smile upon your face,
and let the Savior take control,
As He leads you each day,
to restore another soul.

Bloom where you are planted,
and watch your Rose Garden grow,
Into rare beautiful roses,
and win first prize in Gods flower show.
Growing in His garden
for Him to take pleasure in each day,
Are the souls won by those,
who let Him have His way.

Walking amongst them,
He knows how each one came to be,
And you’re one of his gardeners,
who have given it so much beauty.
Bloom where you are planted
you beautiful rose today,
He wants to use you,
so let Him have His way.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s008">God gave me this poem for my former Pastor who came to Ontario from Georgia for a visit
A Rose In Bloom </a>

Where Jesus is there is only room,
For rivers of life, and roses in full bloom.
Darkness cannot follow, nor sin surround,
The fullness of His glory, where Jesus is found.
There’s no shadow of turning, only the purest light on display,
From the countenance of his beauty in total array.
Rust and dust cannot corrupt, nor in anyway deface,
Where Jesus is of course, in his secret hiding place.
He is only found by those who seek him diligently,
And are longing for a life much more abundantly.
Once He is found soon and very soon,
You’ll transform into a rose in its fullest bloom.
© A Rose Garden Collection January 19,2001
This small part was added below the picture of him in the giving hand picture

A Word From God to Pastor Curtis
I saw you like a withered flower, and I heard your hearts cry,
When you had given up hope, and thought surely I would die.
‘Tis when I reached down, and took a little walk with you,
To show you great and wondrous things that I would have you do.
Today you lift your petals in praise, at night in the morning and noon,
For you are my son, my chosen rose, who has come in bloom.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s009">Working For Jesus </a>

All flowers have a beginning,
and in order for them to grow,
The earth must be cultivated,
tilled and turned into furrows.

Till and turn and stir,
take hearts one by one,
Prepare the souls to come to know,
Gods only begotten Son.

Working For Jesus

Restore a precious life
with a prayer of Salvation,
Replenish them by watering
the seed planted within.

Cry with them in their pain,
laugh when they’re happy,
Hug with a loving embrace,
some comfort give so freely.

Working For Jesus

Like the sunshine lighting up the day,
become a beaming light,
Warming up the coldest heart, l
like a welcoming beacon in the night.

Encourage those who are forlorn
with a warm smile,
Pass on some encouragement
help them go the extra mile.

Working For Jesus

They that sow in tears
shall reap in joy, for all of eternity,
Toiling and tilling and planting seed,
in hearts setting the captive free.

Though the road has been rough at times,
you are blessed,
For you’re a child and a servant of God
the Most Highest.

Working For Jesus

Store up your treasures
where no one can take them away,
God keeps track of every soul
you’ve brought to Him each day.

Rewards await you,
and one day on your head will be placed a crown,
To lie at the Masters feet,
when before Him you bow down.

The Harvest is ready,
and Jesus will be coming soon,
To collect all the beautiful flowers
that has finally come in bloom.

It’s a wonderful time to live in,
so every day do your very best,
Continue in your walk each day, by ….. Working For Jesus.

© A Rose Garden Collection 22, 2004

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s010">An Expression of Gods Love </a>

As grandparents we’re excited to say,
we’ll soon have an addition in our world,
It’s a surprise gift from God,
and we’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl.

Just one prayer is all it took and
He gave us our deepest desire,
There’s plenty of room in our hearts
for our treasured gift and all the love required.

Mommy and daddy now look at life
from a different perspective view,
Their lives will never be the same;
this baby makes it all so different and new.

We can picture them kissing fingers and toes,
and chubby little legs and arms,
And see the protective fatherly instinct arising
to keep baby safe from harm.

Mommy will have baby dressed
in fashion and style,
And when baby’s fast asleep,
she’ll sit and glance for a little while.

Both parents will learn a new language
when baby begins making sounds,
They’ll be caressing their precious child
spreading their love around.

There’ll be bumps and bruises,
and kisses to make the pain go away,
From a loving mommy and daddy,
who’ll be there for their child each day.

When it’s time to ride a bike,
daddy will say it’s not to hard at all,
Mommy will disagree and say,
you’re too little and going to fall.

If it’s a girl
her daddy will be chasing the boys away,
Unless she finds someone just like him,
to marry his daughter one day.

Now if it’s a boy,
none will be good enough for mom,
She’ll want the very best for her handsome son.

Mom will be in tears,
when a wedding one day takes place,
And dad will act big and strong
wearing a smile on his face.

The cycle of life will go on
and God will send a special gift their way,
Like the one He sent to us,
a precious grandchild to love today.

May the same God who blest you
with this baby to love,
Keep you in His loving care
and continually protect you from above.

We pray blessings of happiness and health,
and may you prosper each day,
And be forever mindful of,
how God expressed His love to you this way.
© A Rose Garden CollectionAugust 26, 2003

With all of our love and prayers Grampa & Gramma

Godspoetess D.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s011">This little song is really a chant I hope I put it in the right place..I just stumbled across it...I wrote this for my Sunday School children to sing...

Victory Chant

<center>Jesus Jesus from on high,
Please hear our battle cry. </a>

Jesus Jesus we love you,
And we know you love us too.

Jesus Jesus you’re the King,
Salvation is what you bring.

Jesus Jesus, we worship you,
It’s your will we want to do.

Jesus Jesus, you’re still the same
Into the world for the lost you came.

Jesus Jesus, in your home on high,
Please hear our battle cry.

Jesus Jesus we will go,
Into the world to reach lost souls.

Jesus Jesus, when they are won,
Our work on earth will be done.

Jesus Jesus from on high,
Please hear our battle cry.

Jesus Jesus we love you,
And we know you love us too.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="s012">God Is Raising An Army</a>

God is raising an army,
to march through the land,
All prayed up, full of Song and Praise
on His word they stand.

Each one standing in position,
and ready to go,
Out into the world,
to reach another soul.

Bringing salvation,
to the lost everywhere,
The gospel of Jesus Christ,
with everyone they’ll share.

Praying for those with heavy burdens,
sick and weak,
Spreading love and kindness,
their hearts like Christ are meek.

As they march each day,
under Gods watchful eye,
They tell of the Saviors love,
comfort them when they cry.

Leading others in the way,
to find eternal life,
To be free of all their sins,
and take away their strife.

What just rewards await,
Gods army marching on,
When they go home with Jesus,
Praising and singing a brand new song.

Heaven won’t be silent;
there’ll be rejoicing day and night,
When Gods army has completed,
helping others make it right.

On that glorious day, Christ,
will gladly welcome each of them in,
To live with the Savior forever,
that they may fellowship with Him.

If your are not in His army, why not come along,
And join with the winning side, as we go marching on.
Written By Debbie May 5,1998

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="#s013>A Sad Song</a>

When I came to meet with Jesus
and bowed before my King,
My heart was filled with trembling,
because of the song I was about to sing.

I saw a world before me
and though the skies were blue,
Black clouds of despair covered the world
I thought I once knew.

I hear it on the radio and television
and I read it in the paper,
It hangs in post offices and stores
we can view it every where.

When ever I see it,
my heart cries out why,
Why, is this world turned evil
leaving so many to cry?

“Oh, but its not the world gone mad” says God, “
for I created a place of beauty,
Filled with butterflies and flower beds
and busy bumblebees.”

“I hung the stars and a moon to light your nights
and a sun to warm the day,
I created mountains and streams and scenery
a panoramic display.”

“Birds sing in the lofty trees
to welcome you every morn,
The seasons I gave for variety
and a rainbow after the storm.”

“I created mankind in my image,
my greatest gift if you recall,
And it wasn’t I that said, EAT..
that caused you humans to fall.”

“Mankind from the beginning of time
has rebelled and turned away,
From all that I have provided,
and it has worsened as you see today.”

“Lo and behold I hear the cries
from the shed blood through out the land,
My tears fall like rain for those who’ve fallen
into those murderous hands.”

“I repent to have created mankind
with heart’s that willingly cause pain,
Robbing children from mother’s arms,
that they may never caress them again.”

"You came to me my child on bended knees,
with a sad song today,
I hear that tune day and night,
when every child is taken away.

“You see my child it’s not the world I created,
which causes so much pain,
It’s mankind with their evil minds and hearts,
falling over and over again.
"Sin is in full swing, pain is every where,
children missing and abused,
Crime fills the earth, pedophiles are rampant,
and some of them excused."

"Children run the streets of heaven;
they outnumber the sands of the sea,
And one day their perpetrators
will stand in front of me.

Yes, this was the song I sang to the Lord
on my bended knees,
Because of all the pain and suffering
I’ve observed again on my TV.

Another child missing the news said,
But she runs away often, friends say,
then returns home to her bed.

Only 13, but this time
she won't be coming home,
she didn't leave on her own.

Found dead a few days later,
The perpetrator confessed today,
So I sang my sad song,
then I began to pray.

Godpoetess Debbie

Over and over again.. children are being stalked, abused, and murdered.
Many parents go to bed at night wishing for one more kiss one more hug..
one more touch one more word and they’ll not get it.
Some children are also victims of the same treatment from people
they are supposed to be loved by, their PARENTS.
Yes it isn’t the world that has gone mad
it is mankind run by satan to destroy and kill what’s left of Gods creation.
My heart cries out every time I hear of another murder, another child
missing or found raped and murdered by some sick ******.
I do believe those victims are running up and down the streets of heaven happy and free.
And the perpetrators will stand before God and their victims….
Then will come the judgment.

© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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<a name="#s014">For Tom Watson</a>

You stand tall in stature
amongst a spectrum of trees,
Spreading the gospel
taking the steps ordered of thee.

Gently you wander
in amongst the short and the tall,
Carefully you try not to nudge them to hard,
lest one of them fall.

When sorrow filled your heart,
and you could not withstand the pain,
I carried you in my arms
until you became strong once again.

With healing in your wings
you soared towards the winds of circumstance,
They lifted you above the mountains,
into my safety you advanced.

From the beginning of time
I collected your rose petal tears.
While on bended knees your cries rang out,
and carried into my ears,

Dawn is breaking its early morn,
you lift your eyes towards the sky,
A sun of amber
rises from behind a mountain and you cry.

Neither tears of sorrow nor of pain do you shed,
but tears of joy are being expressed,
For the many ways my child,
in which you are blessed.

Thankfulness caresses your lips,
as you lift your hands up in praise,
To the Father of Glory who rescued you,
Jehovah God, Jesus, the ancient of days.

Your praises are heard in heaven
your worhip is fresh as the morning dew,
So gently and softly this day,
these words I whisper to you,

My child,
the sun shall be no more your light by day,
Neither the moon for brightness,
for your God shall light the way.

I shall be unto you,
an everlasting light,
To guide you each day,
even in the darkest of nights.

The spirit of the Lord God, is upon thee,
To preach good tidings to the meek,
and set the captive free.

I have sent you,
to bind up the broken hearted, and forlorn,
Proclaim liberty to the captive,
and comfort to those that mourn.

To give beauty for ashes,
and oil for joy to comfort them,
A garment of praise,
for the spirit of heaviness within.

You are clothed
with the robe of righteousness,
As a bridegroom
with ornaments decketh himself.

Like the bride adorneth herself with jewels
to give her heart away,
Your delight is in the Lord,
each and every day.

And as the bride and bride groom,
rejoice when they marry,
My faithful humble servant
The Lord of your salvation,
rejoiceth over thee.

Love Jesus

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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To Thomas Watson
PS.I italisized part of it because I felt that the trees you are walking amongst are the many people in the Pages you encourage everyday with your nudges of love and care..

Godspoetess D

Toms Reply... :angel:

Above all pats on the back and "atta boy"'s
This effort of yours fills me with such joy.
To have been the receiver
Of such kindness from God's kindest giver
Is another of His many blessings
Another reason for praises to sing.
Thank you for these words that reach so deep
Thank you for this memory I'll always keep.
And when we meet in the Glory that is all around,
I will still be praising Him for the friend I have found.

You are truly an :angel: !

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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Pine trees laden with cones
Blue jays jumping
through branches,
while keep their eyes
on the peanuts lying on
a grey parched deck
in need of fresh stain
Barbeque with green cover
stands alone in the corner
of the deck

White swing sits quietly still
and looks lonely
The day seams warm
with the sun shining
But a cold wind
says it differently
Icicles are rigid
Hanging from the eves
Spring has arrived
says the calendar
the weather doesn’t agree

colored eggs
adorn the
neatly trimmed
cedar trees
next door,
Mingled with the
peter cottontail song
is the sound of laughter
as little ones
carrying baskets
search for eggs
movie camera
records the whole

It’s Easter 2005..??


It’s Easter

Mid after noon
Pine trees laden with cones
Waving to their Creator
in the brisk wind
Blue jays screech
A wood pecker
searches for lunch
in the barren
maple tree next door
The sun is warm
the air cool

Gravel in the driveway
is finally appearing
hedges are
Displaying branches
through melting snow
It feels like spring
with New life
beginning to appear

Weaping icicles
Quickly shed their tears
like a bursting damn
falling to the ground
making a hole
in the snow
a puddle is appearing
branches of the pine
bow down to God
the wind carries
cones to the ground
it’s time to plant

I feel a sense of urgency
all around me today
an urgency to say
Thank you lord
for dying on the cross
and for an
empty grave
thank you for this day
thank you for
A New Life

My mind records
the day to never forget

It’s Easter


© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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It Is Done

I wonder what our heavenly Father felt,
on that great and terrible day,
When His only begotten Son
gave His life to wash our sins away.

How sad to think He loved His children so much
there had to be a cost,
So He sacrificed His only Son Jesus
to die for us on the cross.

Jesus told His disciples,
I am in the Father and the Father is in me,
Could that mean both,
Father and son walked together on the road to Calvary?

What Jesus experienced that day;
I believe, not one person had a clue,
Nor what His Father was feeling,
and everything He was going through.

He must have been in anguish, as He gazed at the scene below,
His son was beaten beyond recognition, from each soldier’s blow.

I wonder, did He hear mother Mary’s cry for help,
to spare her beloved son?
Or was God covering His ears because
He knew destiny couldn’t be undone.

As the blood ran down Jesus’ face from a crown of thorns,
I wonder somehow,
If a thought went through His Father’s mind,
to go down and wipe His brow.

As they lay Jesus on the cross,
was His Father experiencing one by one,
Each blow as they drove the nails through,
the feet and hands of His son.

When they raised the cross was agony etched in His Fathers’ eyes,
Listening to the accusers laughing at His innocent Son so despised.

Was His heart filled with woe,
when a sword pierced His Son’s side?
And when the water and blood came gushing out,
were tears hard to hide.

In some small way was He wishing,
Jesus would cry out from there?
Permitting Him to send a legion of angels to bring Him into His care.

Was he proud because Jesus didn’t comply to his wish,
knowing it is written?
The scriptures must be full filled,
and so He was stricken.

Was there a moment of silence,
when His Son never voiced a word, nor seemed alarmed?
Did a surge go through God’s heart,
as Jesus asked forgiveness for those who’d done Him Harm?

As the time was approaching
was the Father anxiously looking down at His son,
Waiting for those final words from Jesus,
Father It Is Done.

Those dark clouds that were forming,
were they the dust from the Father’s feet?
Because He might have been quickly pacing
up and down heavens golden streets.

Were His nostrils flaring was His heart crying out in pain?
Did He point His finger to the veil in the temple,
causing it to rent in twain?

Was His temperature rising when His son was finally crucified?
Creating black gloomy skies, causing the sun to go and hide.

Could Gods voice have been the thunder,
let my Son not die in vain?
Was the lightening His fury and His tears the falling rain?

Were the earth quakes,
caused from His trembling and agonizing cries,
Did his broken heart cause the graves to open,
and the saints gone before to arise?

Was God finally holding His head up in pride,
knowing Victory came for His son?
And did He bellow out a triumphant cry,
as it was written so It Is Done?

Did the sun come out once more because God knew in His heart?
That Father and Son would now be together and never have to part.

Or was it the next promise
that death couldn’t keep Jesus in that cold dark tomb,
And the Father was to restore his Son to life again
and He’d be rising soon.

I wonder, did the Father experience the crucifixion
of His Son this way,
Granting a wicked and sinful world
to have the freedom we have today.

Jesus was wounded for our transgressions,
bruised for our iniquities,
By His stripes we are healed,
and we have been set free.

Despised and rejected of men,
Jesus was a man of sorrows,
Smitten of God and afflicted,
to give us a brighter tomorrow.

He opened not His mouth,
like a lamb brought to the slaughter to die,
Our precious Savior did all of this
for the sufferings of you and I.

He had no deceit in His mouth,
nor did any violence come from Him,
Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him,
making Jesus an offering for our sin.

Truly this is a story of rejection, sacrifice, love and pain,
for a Father and a Son,
To restore a dying world,
giving us a new beginning with three final words…
It Is Done!

Godspoetess D
© A Rose Garden Collection May 7, 2001

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My 8 year old little nephew asked me to write a poem for his mommy who had just died.. I asked him what he'd like to say and this is what I did with his thoughts

Hi Mommy

A little boy named Steven,
wanted to talk to his mommy in heaven one day,
And here is a few of the things from his heart he had to say.

“Hi mommy this is Steven, I hope my voice is loud and clear,
“When I tell you what’s on my heart,
I want you to hear.”

“How come you had to go mommy,
I miss your hugs and your kisses too,”
“You were always so warm,
and I miss cuddling up to you.”

“I often wonder Mommy,
what it’s like in heaven compared to at home,
“Are you able to go places,
do you have a special house of your own?”

“Do you have a kitchen,
where you can cook and bake?”
“Are you cooking a big pot of besketti,
or a special cake?”

“When I go to be with you one day,
will I have my own bedroom,
“Will there be chores in heaven,
do you have to vacuum and broom.”

“Do you have a garden
like the one you had down here,
“When I’m crying for you,
can you see me hiding my tears.”

“What are you doing everyday mommy,
and do you like it up there,”
“Are you having a party with the lord,
do you hear my prayers?”

“The pastors tells us what heaven is like,
and I hope they’re right in what they say,
Because that means you’re with Jesus,
and I will see you one day.”

“It isn’t the same without you here,
and I miss being your son,”
“And I hate it when kids make fun of me,
because I haven’t got a mom.”

“Daddy is doing his best,
along with my sister and brothers,”
“But they can’t quiet take the place of,
my beautiful loving mother.”

“I don’t like the thoughts of growing up
without you around,
“Cause you were the greatest mommy,
daddy could’ve ever found.”

"I love you mommy and miss you mommy,
I'll try hard to always be your pride and joy,
And I promise to do my best for daddy,
by being a good little boy.

“Roses are red, and violets are blue,”
“You are the best mommy,
and I will always love you.”
© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie August 29, 2000
Love Steven

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This is acutally a catchy little tune God gave to me.....

Ye Must Be Born Again

I hadn’t been so happy in I don’t know when,
But now I’m happy, cause I’m born again.
If you’d like to be happy, let me tell you my friend,
Ye must be born again.

Born again, born again, born again born again,
Holy Ghost filled, water baptized, sanctified,
Ye must be born again.Though my sins were as scarlet, now they’re whiter than snow,
And this my friend you ought to know
If you want to be free from all of your sins,
Ye must be born again.


Now if want to be with Jesus my friend one day,
He has to wash your sins away,
When he comes a knockin bid him come in,
And you’ll be born again.


So if you haven’t been happy since you don’t know when,
You’ll be happy cause you’re born again.
Then you’ll spread the news to others my friend,
And they’ll become born again.

© A Rose Garden Collection September 14, 2000

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Dear Mom:

From the time you conceived me
you cared for and loved me,
Every stage in my life
you were there encouraging me lovingly.

You were there when I first sat up,
crawled and learned to talk,
And cheered me on
when I stood up and tried to walk.

It wasn’t always easy for you, but Mom,
you constantly did your best,
Every struggle I had, you went through them with me,
no matter what the trial or test.

I know mom, a year has come and gone,
since we had to part our ways,
And yet, we really haven't parted for,
I’m in your heart everyday.

I don’t want you to be sad mom
I’m not up here alone,
Jesus met me when I arrived
and showed me my heavenly home.

He took me to see God
and I was able to sit on His knee,
We talked a little while,
and He said how much He loved me.

Guess what else mom,
I’m not sick because I’m all better now,
So don’t worry or cry anymore
and take the sad look off of your brow.

This is a journey that we all must take,
and we have to take it alone,
It’s all a part of God's plan,
the step on the pathway to home.

If you become lonely and sick at heart,
visit family and the many friends you know,
Bury your sorrows by helping others,
miss me mom but please let me go.

Even though you find it hard with out me,
and each day seems to be a test,
Don’t keep questioning Why Mom,
remember God knows what’s best.

Don’t think I’ll ever forget you,
because I’m not around to say I love you,
I will always love you mom
and we'll be together again too.

So until we meet again mom
don’t be sad and cry for me,
I'm in heaven with Jesus,
today I am happy and free.

Love Your Daughter

© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie April 3, 2004

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Last night I posted my 2000th poem..This morning I said this prayer..
I want to to let all of you know.. those who I've come to know quite well..
I love all Of you.. and for those I don't know yet.. I love you too..
And most of All God Loves everyone of you...Debbie
Thank you everyone for being my friend..and making me feel so loved and welcomed in the Poetry Pages...Bless all of you.. I can only pray that you will be as happy as I am today and then some...GP
My Dear Loving Heavenly Father:

I come to you in the name of Jesus,
I thank you for this touch of spring today
I am so blessed.

The sun with its warmth is melting the snow today,
And bringing me a smile as winter fades away.

I’m so thankful Lord for all you have given me,
Everyday I’m provided for
and I have friends and family.

I come to you in humility and in reverence too...
And I’m offering you my heartfelt praises
so deserving of you.

Many people cross my mind
as I sit here today in prayer,
My family, children and grandchildren,
whom I leave each day in your care.

I continue to pray
you’ll give them ears to hear and eyes to see,
The Father who loves them now
and will throughout eternity.

Draw them close to you dear Lord,
let not one of them stray,
Create in them a clean heart
to worship you each day.

As my husband goes to work
keep him safe from injury,
Make him a beacon in the mines,
telling others Lord of thee.

While my son is in school,
keep a watchful eye on him all day,
So others will not harm him,
or cause him to sway.

My friends in the Poetry Pages Lord
are also dear to me,
I’ve taken so many in my heart
and each one differently.

Bless them lord
where they require blessings most of all,
Pick them up each day
if any of them happen to fall.

When pain and injustice overtakes them
help them through,
Open up their eyes and ears to
to hear and see you,

Give them a song in their hearts
like the birds that sing,
Strength when they are weak
like the lion who is King.

When their storms are too great,
let them see you at a glance,
Make them like the eagle to soar
above their circumstance.

When hearts are filled with longing
and overtaken by sorrow,
Give them peace in their hearts,
and the reassurance of a brighter tomorrow.

For those taken by darkness
or those who cannot sleep during the night,
Place angels around them;
fill their room with your light.

When nightmares come to them,
that enemy with all of his schemes,
Replace their fear with your love and peace,
and send them happy dreams.

Wrap your arms of love around those who lack love
in any way shape or form,
Keep them ever safe,
protect them from all harm.

The talents each one bestows,
place your anointing in their pens today,
To bless many others reading their poetry
and give honor to you I pray.

For those who do not know you,
I pray you’ll draw them by your saving grace,
So they’ll be with you one day,
and see you face to face.

And one more thing lord,
I ask you with a loving caring heart,
Use me dear lord to help others each day,
your love to them impart.

I love you Jesus
and I want to hug you through out eternity,
For all you’ve done and continue to do,
for everyone including me.

Amen..I love you Lord..

Love Your Child Debbie GP
© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

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I Began To Pray

Today while I was on my knees in prayer,
I felt impressed to pray for officers everywhere.

Various pictures began passing through my mind,
Of dedicated and honorable people,
very rare and hard to find.

I saw a
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Turn Me Around

Dear Lord:
why do things go the way they do?
I have a tough time understanding
what I’m going through.
When trials come along,
I can’t see any way out,
My mind is filled with questions,
and my heart is filled with doubt.

Is it because I’ve neglected
to read your word?
Could this be the reason for,
your voice not being heard?
Am I drifting away from you,
and darkness is overshadowing me,
Have I lost my direction,
because I’m to blind to see?

If this be the case Dear Lord,
please turn me around,
Into your safety where,
peace and happiness can be found.
Let me be used of you
so I may do your perfect will,
And in the hearts of others,
your love to them instill.

Godspoetess D.

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In This World Today

What on earth is going on
in this world today?
People killing people,
so many have lost their way.
Robbers on the loose,
drugs are on the rise,
Where did our rainbows go,
in the blue colored skies?

In the hearts of people,
I am noticing more each time,
There seems to be more rain i
nstead of happiness and sunshine.
Children are missing,
family’s are torn apart,
Prisons are filling up;
people suffer from broken hearts.

Incurable diseases
are taking over the human race,
Todayit's hard to find
a true smiling face.
Families in divorce,
adultery is in full swing,
Mankind is going through,
so many different sufferings.

When will they give it up,
to someone who waits for the call?
Whose arms are opened wide,
with room enough for all.
He was crucified on the cross
for the sufferings of mankind,
Paid the highest penalty his life,
leaving peace for you to find.

In a world with trials and temptations,
and hearts filled with sorrow,
Jesus gives the promises,
for you to have a brighter tomorrow.
So turn to the loving Savior,
who watches from above,
And waits for your call,
to receive His lasting love.

One thing about God He doesn't love the sin.. but He loves the Sinner and will forgive not matter what wrong we may have done. He's a loving and forgiving Father so climb up on His knee and be His child.
Godspoetess D.

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Running through darkness, death nipping at my heals,
I must not lose this fight,
Dashing and scuttling
I flee into the darkest of night

As death reaches out to me I become wrapped in a resilient vine,
and hurdled into a mystifying light,
I’m overcome by its warmth,
and no longer trembling from fright.

Letting go of the vine I’m now floating in peace
with angels surrounding me,
Death lost the race, I wouldn’t given in,
I managed to get free.

My soul it could not claim,
for it was the wrong season and time,
I had enough fight left in me and awakened to,
the loving faces of those dear loved ones of mine.

No doubt there’ll come a day,
when the reaper comes nipping at my heals once again,
But I’ll hang unto my vine Jesus,
and bask in the warmth of His light until then.

Godspoetess D.

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To Naush You are a Diamond to me and God..You'll never lose your sparkle..thank you for bringing sunlight to my life.Love Debs

Once A Diamond Always A Diamond

If you found a diamond
all covered in mud or clay,
It would still be a diamond
The dirts only hiding it away.

At first sight,
it isn't quite what it seems,
Because the grime and dirt
has hidden it's luster and gleam.

When washed and polished
it's a beauty well defined,
Not a flaw to be found
there's perfection in every line.

When it's taken and placed
in the warmth of heavens sunlight,
This diamond will sparkle and glisten,
to the eye a pure delight.

Like Gods children,
when their splendor was hidden by sins miry clay,
Jesus reached down in love,
and gathered each one he found along the way.

With His blood He washed them,
through and through,
For He desired to bring their beauty out
for Him to view.

Like a continuous waterfalls,
keeping the rocks clean with its spray,
Jesus cleanses his children from
their sins in the same sort of way.

One day they'll be perfected
and glisten in the glory of the Masters beauty,
To become a glimmering diamond unto Jesus,
for all the world to see.

So don't be fooled by someone's outer appearance,
they might be a diamond covered in mud and clay,
And they to will shine for Jesus,
when all their sins are washed away.

God creates only the best and when he created mankind,
They were all to be His diamonds,
but today they seem so rare and hard to find.

If we take time for others
and bring the best out of each and everyone,
We'll see that Gods creation is still a diamond,
when with LOVE their souls are won.
© A Rose Garden Collection September 28, 2004

Godspoetess D
© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

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We Have To Be Like Jesus

We have to be like Jesus to the lost,
Tell them about the cross.

Explain, the reason He died that day,
Was, for those who’ve lost their way.

Tell how His blood was shed for sin,
But on the third day He rose again.

Tell them He’s is alive for ever more,
And is knocking at their hearts door.

Tell them to welcome Him in,
He’ll wash away their sin.

We have to be like Jesus to the lost
No matter what the cost.

Tell them of His undying love,
And a new heavenly home above.

Tell them He’s coming back again,
To take them home with him.

The salvation He offers is free,
And they'll live with Him for eternity.

Yes we have to be Jesus to the lost,
No matter what the cost.

Tell them about the cross,
And it was Jesus who paid the cost.

© A Rose Garden Collection March 8, 2005

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Mothers Prayers

With teary eyes and pride,
I watched my daughter walk down the aisle today,
I witnessed her hearts desires come true,
from her dreams of yesterday.

Norma-Lynns heart was captured by Allan,
many years ago its true,
And their hearts were joined together today,
with the words I do.

While they exchanged their wedding vows,
I became caught up in memories,
Of the baby I once embraced
and who sat upon my knees.

The little girl who brought me laughter and beauty to my life,
Now stands before me a beautiful woman, and today Allan’s wife.

I couldn’t help but say a few prayers,
as I listened to their vows,
Praying for a life time filled with love,
like they’re experiencing now.

I prayed for a promising future,
with the hope it’ll be happy and bright,
And they’d be there for each other
even in the darkest night.

I prayed for understanding hearts,
along with forgiveness too,
When trials or disagreements come like they
sometimes do.

I prayed they’ll comfort one another,
if ever confronted by sorrow,
And walk together hand in hand,
greeting each new tomorrow.

I prayed for abundant blessings,
and when children come their way,
They’ll be wise and loving parents, every waking day.

When they’re old,
I prayed for matching rocking chairs,
and grandchildren on their knees,
To fill their lives with a lifetime of cherished memories.

I prayed this day will be remembered
and when anniversary’s come,
They’ll cherish each year together
and celebrate every one.

All this and more I prayed today,
with a heart full of love and pride,
For you my son in law Allen
and you my daugher Norma-Lynn his lovely bride.

God heard this mothers heart today,
and I know my prayers are gone before you,
Along with these few prayers and Faith,
I know you’ll be blessed all of your life through.

I’m so happy Norma-Lynn to be able to say
I have the privilege of being your mother,
But most of all, I’m prouder yet because,
God made you to be my daughter.
© A Rose Garden Collection July 16, 2003

A Prayer of Blessings is sent your way today
With love from Mommy & Dad

Godspoetess D

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This poem is acutal put to music on a Cd

My New Heavenly Home

It’s so wonderful to know when we serve a God of love,
We have the promises of a home with him above.

To live in peace and happiness
where the moon and stars don’t shine,

His countenance will be our light
and the days aren’t ruled by time.

You will never experience again,
those skies of misty gray,
Nor will there be pain and sorrow,
our suffering is taken away.

We’ll join together with
all the saints who’ve gone before,
Enjoy breath taking beauty,
we never imagined could be and more.

Streets of purest gold,
will lead us to the Fathers throne,
Where He awaits the very elect,
and welcomes each of us home.

There’ll be rejoicing and plenty of singing
and no one will sing off tune,
We have a mansion awaiting us,
where we’ll never lack any room.

The lion will sleep with the lamb;
we shall all get along,
We’ll never experience death,
for sickness is completely gone.

To be absent of the body,
is to be in the presence of the Lord its true,
And the more I think of heaven,
the more I am anxious to go there to,

I’m going to do all I can for others,
and trust in Jesus each day,
To one day behold His beauty,
when He takes His children away.

I want to be with Him, where only peace and love abound,
I’ll do my very best, and spread the good news around.

For those who do not know him,
I’ll tell them of His saving grace,
How they may come to know Him,
and meet Him face to face.

After all is said,
and the souls on earth have been won,
I’ll walk through pearly gates,
and meet with Gods begotten Son.

To reign with my Lord Jesus
and march around my Fathers throne,
Be encompassed by His glory,
in my New Heavenly Home.
© A Rose Garden Collection February 8, 2000

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A friend of mine gave me a news paper article..when I read it I cried a poem came flooding through me..I sent two copies of this poem framed to the grandparents and parents or our special little angel.. she was born with multiple problems to battle and doctors offered virtually no hope. Kenadie was born with primordial dwarfism, only 30 cases in the world and she's the only one in Canada. she'll never grow taller than 2ft. and weigh more than 20 lbs.This poem went on display in Sears and they collected 2000 dollars by giving a copy of my poem to those who donated money for her. Her shoes alone cost 600 dollars her feet are only1 inch long..they don't know how long they will have Kenadie with them but in the mean time they are enjoying her ever single day. I have been in correspondance with the family and they've sent me day I will scan it an share it with you.. she is everbit the angel and more we say she is..I will be meeting her hopefully this summer..sorry for the length of this note but I had to share a part of her story.

Gods Littlest Angel

Once upon a time there was a Little Angel who wanted to be,
Gods messenger and bring joy to a family.

She often wished to be like other Angels and grow,
And be sent to earth, where Gods unique Angels go.

God had these plans for her too, and her dreams came true,
He sent her to a family, who needed someone special too.

God named her Kenadie, Jourdin Bromley,
He gave her a daddy named Court, and Brianne for her mommy.

Gods Littlest Angel becomes a miracle in the Doctors eyes,
They believe there’s no hope, but she’s a blessing in disguise.

What is thought impossible becomes a phenomenon to all,
And the meaning of love is revealed through a child so small.

She didn’t grow because this generation was to learn today,
It’s not how big we are that matters, it’s what we give away.

Looking at Kenadie, don’t be fooled by her size,
You’ll find a loving spirit and big heart,
through her smile and bright eyes.

Kenadie has already brought more smiles and Joy,
to those she meets,
Gods Littlest Angel has turned unpleasantness
into something so sweet.

She’s mommy and daddy’s Little girl,
the one who’s proven the meaning of,
What this huge world is in much need of,
a special thing called Love.

Grandpa and Grandma will never have to worry
about growing old,
Because Kenadie has made them feel young again,
with her heart of gold.

To some she may be Little,
but to those who know and love her she’s not tiny at all,
God gave her a will to live, and the courage to keep going,
today she stands so tall.

We know not how long or how much,
God will accomplish through baby Kenadie,
But it’s quite evident; she’s a treasured gift
and a welcome to her family.

Her parents love her, and she’ll always be their tiny Angel,
having her they are blessed,
But in her heavenly Fathers heart,
she’s God’s Littlest Angel, and His bravest.
A Rose Garden Collection . March/24/04

I glued her tiny picture inside
Gods giving hand below the poem
( its a special backgroung I have the giving Hand)

This little piece was under the hand

You came into this world Kenadie tiny and fragile;
the news wasn’t good we’re told,
But here you are today a precious Little Angel,
a gift for Mommy and Daddy to love and hold.
How long you’ll be with them, only God knows,
but one thing we know so true,
You’re a gift right from Heaven,
and loved by all of those who know you.
You’ve touched the hearts of family and friends
and strangers alike,
And forever we’ll remember Gods Little Angel,
who has given us much light.
God bless you sweetheart, along with your family too,
And a special blessing to your four legged friend Matthew.

With love and Prayers Debbie
Godspoetess D

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Doing The Best I Can

With folded hands
and on bended knees I pray,
For you to sustain me Lord
and direct my path each day.

Guide my every foot step
in my daily walk,
Allow my lips to speak
a holy and righteous talk.

Take my hands in yours
to construct a better way,
That I may reach out to others Lord
as I go about my day.

Permit my eyes to see
the good in my fellow man,
Instruct me in proper behavior
to be the best I can.

Only you and you alone
know me through and through,
You’re the one who knows what’s best for me,
and a

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:book: <a href="#g005">Stop Banging Heads Together</a>
:book: <a href="#g006">Bad Days Good Days</a>
:book: <a href="#g007">Mr. Robin</a>
:book: <a href="#g008"> A Daughters Love</a>
:book: <a href="#g009">A Flower So Rare</a>

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<a name="#g001"><center>In Case You’re In Need Of A Lift </a>

Like a weary traveler
sitting at the side of the road on a suitcase,
Waiting for a ride, I sit patiently
longing to see your smiling face.

You're my dearest friend
God placed in my life for His safe keeping,
To encourage and hold dear
underneath my outstretched wings.

I calmed you down when anger raged in you
and you desired to tear everything apart,
Comfort was given to you,
when you revealed your broken heart.

I laughed in your joy, and smiled
when you composed a beautiful poem,
Chatted with you when you felt boxed in at home.

Expressions of your sorrow
I plainly read through your broken lines,
I experienced your suffering
mingled with sips of wine.

I encouraged you when a loved one
was tearing you down,
When you were hard on yourself,
I softened your heart and removed your frown.

Sometimes it was in the silence we shared
when you slipped into thoughts of your own,
A response between us wasn't required,
I understood your need to be alone.

Often the best thing I could do was simply listen
as you poured your guts out to me,
And witnessed with relief the pressure come off,
and your broken soul set free.

On bended knees and in tears sometimes,
God had me offer up prayers for you,
To guide and direct you, keep you safe,
and save you from harms way too.

I’ll not forget the times you made me smile,
and laugh and yes even cry,
Or the silly things you would say
that hung the sun back up in my gray sky.

When Iwas down all I had to do,
was take a look at your picture with that smile,
And my sighs would turn into a chuckle
in just a little while.

I never kept you a secret
our friendship was that of healthy one,
My family members often inquired,
as to how’s your buddy and chum.

You’re my friend and I continue to be yours,
for we were meant to be,
And though you’ve found another,
I’ll never abandon the one God gave to me.

I have many friends
but there's room in my heart for others like you,
And your desire for new friends is great,
but I pray there’s room for me too.

The new friends I’ve encountered
are unique in his or her own way,
And I love bringing them hope and smiles
to brighten up their days.

God places many people in my life,
its for this purpose I have come,
To bring light to those in darkness
and spread love to everyone.

I'll continue doing what God would have me do,
writing and bringing cheer,
To all of his children,
He holds in His heart so dear.

As for you my dear friend,
my friend with the smile to uplift,
Gods desire for me today is..
to patiently wait at the side of the road,
for when you’re in need of a lift.

January 28, 2005

<a name="#g002">My Silent Cries </a>

Freshly fallen snow lay on the ground,
Crisp like the night air.
Muffled voices and laughter
Coming from
the living room out there.

On tender little tippy toes
I tip toe down the hall,
Curiosity crowds my mind,
Has Santa come to call?
In soft flannel night gown
I venture out to see
Until I sense a presence,
Over shadowing me.

With fright I dare not move
I’m frozen in my tracks
I feel a tug on my long blonde hair
I’m now ushered back.

Shoved into a room
Behind me shuts the door
In bewilderment I stare,
I’ve been here before.

Bad odor and appalling breath,
so sickening to me,
Makes my me feel sick,
in my tummy.

I cannot cry,
My tears are frozen in exile
Long gone is
my inquisitive smile.

My tender heart is beating
Like a bird of prey caught in flight,
On this Christmas Eve,
in the cold dark night.

Screams can be heard,
but only in my mind,
Glaring at his figure
I want to run and hide.

I focus only on my silent cries,
Where are you
please Mommy.. HELP Me.

It’s my brother
Your son..
But no one comes.
And a small child’s nightmares
have only just begun.

This poem is true...I won't say who...but will say.. if you've been down this road there is help.. hope comes in the form of caring people today who can and will help you..."Victim" it isn't your fault you did no wrong..
Perptrator you were probably a victim once.. and you need help also..

RAVENS NEST is a safe place to go.. check it out.. and find out you're not alone.

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<a name="#g003">The Weeping Willow Sighs </a>

The weeping willow weeps
down by the old creek,
It longs for one more day one more night
Under sun or moon and stars
Howling winds weave forcefully through willowy branches
Torrents of cold thrashing rain shreds tender leaves
Early roots uplifted..
Determined not to fall…matured roots bear down
Aged branches fractured
A split second and a weather beaten willow is illuminated by
Forks of lightning lacerating the coal black sky
A reverberation of thunder..
Sludge and clay releasing itself with pleasure
The swollen creek rises over injured banks
Surging water pilfering all that stands in its way
Nature has unleashed its wrath.
Its long leafy branches frail
The weeping willow weeps
Longing for one more day one more night
Under sun or moon and stars
Desiring to hear if but one sparrow sing
Before it is uprooted from its beginning
Roots grapple to hang on
Not to succumb to the mud and mirey clay
Dawn is breaking…its early morn
Rushing water and babbling mud
And a pallid sky welcomes the morn
And yet there’s a kind of hush… seclusion…reprieve…
Listen…can you hear it…amongst the leafy willow branches
Is it a song…a sparrow…no…tis’ the weeping willow sighing..

The storm has ended…

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<a name="#g004">This is a poem God gave to me when I found out a dear old fella from a church I once attended died. He used to stand up in front of the congregation and sing for us.. He was about 82 years old and loved the lord he will be deeply missed. One of the family members ran into me the other day and said this poem ministered to them so much...

My Season Has Come </a>

Like a frail sparrow with a broken wing,
I can no longer fly, and I’m unable to sing.
My heart beat is fading I linger for but a while,
Waiting in the stillness I’ve gone my final mile.
The time has arrived for me to venture out on my own,
You cannot come with me; it’s a journey I’m to take alone.

Through crimson colored skies, and clouds of lily white,
This day on angel’s wings I’ve taken my final flight.
Softly and tenderly, I heard Jesus whispering come unto me,
And thus I closed my eyes today to set my spirit free.

With family and friends,
I lived, I loved, I laughed, I cried, I was blessed,
But it was my appointed time to go
and unite with my Lord Jesus.
Like the many small sparrows
arriving to greet the spring,
My season has come, and I welcome it
with singing and rejoicing.
Cry if you must but make it brief,
for I’m not sick, nor sad, nor am I alone,
I await with my loving Savior,
to one day welcome each of you home.
© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie January 24, 2005

Inbetween these two verses his name Lloyd..sits it a picture of the giving hand..

Lloyd was a pillar in his home, church and community,
And now he rests in the Saviors love for all eternity.
Bid him farewell but not goodbye today,
For he lives forever in your hearts and the memories of yesterday.
When your name is called and its time to take that journey of your own,
A husband, father and grandfather and friend, with open arms will welcome each of you home.

Matthew 10: 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

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<a name="#g005">Another one for my miners.

Stop Banging
Heads Together

A tree in the forest standing tall,
is easily brought down with an axe,
But Noranda will soon find out,
the hard working miners are not so lax.

When a tree is deeply rooted,
and a woodcutter chops it down,
Those strong roots begin pushing,
their way up through the ground.

Just like the miner’s,
standing tall and putting up a fight,
Noranda tries to cut them asunder,
but they push back with all of their might,

A new growth has continued
where their forefathers left off back when,
They are paving the way for the future,
so the companies can’t manipulate the men.

They won’t be swayed by broken promises,
and every wind of lies conveyed,
Nor allow them to tear apart
the roads of freedom their ancestors paved.

Like a forest of trees,
with their branches blowing in the wind,
Men on the picket lines are waving
their signs over and over again.

Freedom we want, freedom we’re worthy of,
and a right to live in dignity,
We claim fair pay and justice,
and deserve to live in harmony.

Everyday with muscle sweat and tears,
those miners time after time,
Create wealthier companies,
by working in the mines.

Day after day around the clock,
they work hours that not too many would,
Like moles in the cold damp bowels of the earth
they’re doing some good.

Many jobs are created because of them,
around the world these minerals are sent,
So why not give them what they deserve Noranda,
and stop being so head bent.

Try, as you will by holding back,
but their spirits you will not destroy,
For you are dealing with men
and not mere little boys.

Give it up, there’s always room for change,
much of it for the better,
Two heads are better than one, so let’s talk,
instead of banging heads together.

Put your foolish pride aside,
you’re losing money in various different ways,
And people everywhere are tired of
your monotonous melodramatic displays.
© A Rose Garden Collection October 31, 2000

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<a name="#g006">Bad Days Good Days </a>

Did you ever have one of those days when,
every thing seems to go wrong,
And it doesn’t matter how hard you try,
it lasts the whole day long.

Life tells each of us,
good times and bad go hand in hand,
It really does make sense,
and it isn't hard to understand.

If we never had the hard times,
every day would be a breeze,
We’d take each other for granted,
and never try to please.

It wouldn’t make sense,
if we had it good everyday,
Without bad times once in a while,
no flowers would be sent our way.

Candies and cards wouldn’t be given,
to bring some one a smile,
Gifts would be a part of the past,
and life wouldn’t be worthwhile.

It’s through our difficult times,
we bring out in others their very best,
By allowing them to give of themselves,
cheering you up to past the test.

The test of caring,
and having a giving heart,
Reaching out to you
when you’re feeling torn apart.

The flowers and cards along with friendship,
makes life seem not so bad.
And we appreciate the good times,
after the terrible day that we’ve had,

So no matter what the situation,
take time to look forward too,
The bad days because,
someone will have the chance,
to prove their love for you.

© A Rose Garden Collection 16, 1999

I pray sunshine and blue skies to all.

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<a name="#g007">I thought this might bring someone a smile.

Mr. Robin </a>

Today while I was outside,
I couldn’t believe what I had found,
The winter birds arrived,
and Mr. Robin was still hanging around.

It was a warm autumn day;
the suns rays filled the sky,
Blue Jays were eating seeds from
a feeder hanging close by.

Red and gold leaves were dancing in the wind,
a colorful spectacle to see,
While Mr. Robin was bobbing around,
as bold as he could be.

What on earth is going on
why hasn’t he gone south today?
Fall will be leaving soon,
and winter will be on its way.

You mustn’t get caught in the winters furry
for surly you will die,
So please Mr. Robin,
won’t you spread your wings and fly?

I’m wondering if he knows something,
that none of us know,
Maybe he’s trying to say;
winter this year will have no snow.

Or it could be quiet possible,
he some how mixed up the dates,
And believes summers not ended;
thus his flight’s a little late.

What ever the case may be,
I am going to keep a special look out,
And if I to see some snow flakes
I’ll give Mr. Robin a shout.

I’ll be sure to warn him,
cold weather is on the way,
To put his toque and scarf on
and fly as fast has he can that day.

© A Rose Garden Collection October 13, 2000

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<a name="#g008">A Daughters Love </a>

Life somehow seems,
to fly by so fast,
When your daughter has become
a young lady at last.

It seems like only yesterday,
she was a baby in my arms,
Giggling and smiling,
with all her baby charms.

Climbing up and playing,
getting into different things.
Doing little dances,
while the music plays she sings.

Long hair blowing in the wind
as she romps outside,
Climbing on her tricycle,
she goes for a little ride.

Stopping to chase a cat,
then picks a flower or two,
She takes time to look at me,
and shouts mommy I love you.

Though she's older now,
grown into a beautiful young lady,
She manages to take the time,
to say how much she loves me.

If there is anything in this life,
I am truly sure of,
I know without a doubt,
I have my daughters love.
© A Rose Garden Collection 1999


<a name="#g009">This is a poem about a young girl I met while I worked at my kiosk..she was down on herself.. when I gave her this poem she cried.. and her mom came to visit me and thanked me.. it helped her daughter a great deal.
She is a beautiful flower to God and me and those who know her

You’re A Flower So Rare </a>

I met a special someone who was so very shy,
As I looked at her, my heart felt it could cry.

She was in a wheel chair,
so twisted, and yet a precious beauty,
And I realized there was something God wanted me to see.

I could hear in my spirit,
she never asked to be this way,
And she’s a beautiful flower, in my garden today.

In Gods garden He has flowers growing every where,
Some are very tall, others so very small and rare.

The tallest are noticed first,
and there’s the ones in between,
And all along the borders,
are the prettiest ones to be seen.

They spread like a blanket,
creating a carpet of color beyond compare,
Their beauty far exceeds, flowers grown anywhere.

After winter is over and done,
they’re the first to awaken in the spring,
Those colorful border flowers,
are to the eye so pleasing.

So never worry precious Mona,
sitting in that confined chair,
Though some may think you’re handicap,
God says you’re a flower so rare.

You are a gift from heaven,
and a beautiful blessing too,
And we wouldn’t know what love is,
if we didn’t have you.

Without you Mona, we would all be denied,
A chance to look more beautiful,
with you along by our side.

Just keep smiling little flower,
no matter what the world may say,
And keep your eyes on Jesus,
because He loves you just this way.

Remember the ones who love you,
they’re all that should matter to you,
To them you’ve added beauty,
to their lives too.

You're a rare flower of beauty,
with a gift of smiles to share with us,
And we are the ones today, who by knowing you ,
are truly blessed.

© A Rose Garden Collection November 5,1999

:hearts: <a name="#r">ROMANCE</a>

:hearts: She Would Be The Most Beautiful Rose
:hearts: Love Is
:hearts: If I Could Bottle Up Moments
:hearts: My Love
:hearts: Dreams Do Come True
:hearts: And You Belong To Me
:hearts: A Recipe For Marriage
:hearts: What


This is a poem I wrote on a dare...they gave me the title...I wrote the poem

<center>She Would Be
The Most Beautiful Rose
In Any Mans Garden

One day I was given,
a beautiful rose so rare,
A rose I cherish and handle,
with extra loving care.

I am the only one around,
who is privileged to see,
My rose’s uniqueness
and she belongs to me.

You can place a million roses,
in one single room,
Mine is so easily noticed,
because of her distinctive bloom.

Her fragrance fills the air,
each time she passes by,
My senses are delighted,
and I can’t help but sigh.

She’s soft to touch,
and to me she’s the fairest of all,
Standing next to my rose,
I feel so strong and tall.

She is a rose,
that any man would be proud of,
But she’s my rose,
the woman whom I love.

She’d be the most beautiful rose
in any mans garden a rose so divine,
And I’m so thankful to God because.
This beautiful rose is mine,

Godspoetss D.


Love Is

Love Is .......when the one you love, has a broken leg,
You become their crutch, they never have to beg
Love Is ......when the one you love, awakens with messy hair,
Your eyes behold, the beauty lying there.
Love Is ......when the one you love has gone blind,
You become their eyes,
so they may picture beauty in their mind.
Love Is ......when the one you love is shedding tears,
You’ll wipe them all away, and cast out their fears.
Love Is ......when the one you love, has their back against the wall,
You will be their strength, and answer when they call.
Love Is ......when the one you love turns grey and growing old,
You’ll grow old with them, forever to have and hold,

Love is unconditional, vows never to be broken,
A wedding band placed on a finger,
a couples mindful token.
If it wears thin one day,
it will pass the test of time,
Because when two hearts have joined together,
they became on body soul and mind.

You never have to worry,
when true love has come your way,
True Love will stand true until your dying day.

The only time true lovers will one day have to part,
Is when death comes calling,
and leaves only memories in the heart.

Death will not be final though
when you love a God so true,
Because the one left behind,
has the hope of joining one day with you.

LOVE IS .... bringing God into your marriage and heart,
And Love shall reign forever, and never have to part...
© A Rose Garden Collection 1999


If I Could Bottle up Moments

Sometimes my mind wanders off,
to the days of yesteryear,
When hearts were knitting together,
and love was in full gear.

I love going back to the night,
you and I were lying underneath a tree,
Wrapped up in each other’s arms,
where know one else could see.

Looking up to the heaven’s,
we could see in the distance far,
The sky was black yet full of life,
with every lit up star.

Once in a while we heard talking,
as people strolled through the park,
They never knew the two of us
were hiding there in the dark.

We spoke to each other in whispers,
and laughed when we had to repeat,
While we hid from the world
in our secret retreat.

There was a chill in the fall air,
but we were warm lying there,
Caressing each moment together,
without a worry or care.

Lips clung together,
exploring a love so fresh and new,
Emotions were high
and our hearts were in rhythm too.

When midnight came around
there was only you and I,
Left here in the park,
underneath that heavenly sky.

Excitement rushed through or veins,
we knew it was time to depart,
We had to go our separate ways,
tis' when loneliness gripped our hearts.

Somehow we knew within ourselves
the love we had was here to stay,
And this night we shared,
was a glimpse of our future one-day.

Remembering those moments with you,
brings a smile to my face,
And many times I wish, I could go back,
to that wonderful time and place.

So, if I could bottle up moments,
to once more enjoy the savor,
I’d bottle up the times of discovery,
when love was on its best behavior.
© A Rose Garden Collection August 18, 2000


My Love
When I woke up this morning,
I suddenly came to realize,
Today was Valentines Day,
and tears filled my eyes.

I sunk my head back into my pillow,
and allowed my thoughts to go free,
To ponder on my sweetheart
who means the world to me.

Closing my eyes I reflected back
to the time we first met,
And I pictured your sweet smile,
and a kiss I’d never forget.

Along with the moon and stars
and a warm summer breeze,
That twinkle in our eye,
was your little way to tease.

I knew right at that moment,
my heart was falling in love,
And I convinced myself,
you’re the man I’ve been dreaming of.

It wasn’t’ to long after
everything fell into place,
We fell in love and everyday
I wake up to your sweet smiling face.

The twinkle in your eye remains
but it’s brighter than before,
It expresses to me,
you’ve grown to love me even more.

I look forward to everyday with you,
I’m the happiest person in the world,
And I will love you forever,
and be proud that I'm your girl.

My love is what I offer you,
my love is all I have to give...
On this Valentines Day and,
for as long as we both shall live.

February 14, 2000

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This poem was written for a customer when I was in the Shopping Mall with my Kiosk 1999

Dreams Do Come True

It was your bright eyes and smile,
that took my breath away,
Now my heart's opened up to you,
and I like it just that way.

Your soft loving voice,
and warm caressing touch,
Sincerely make me happy,
and I love you oh so much.

I've prayed for so long to find,
someone to love me just for me,
To share a life together,
and raise a family.

Many times I've tried to catch,
a brightly lit up star,
Now it seems I've caught one,
because honey here you are.

You put back the sparkle,
in my lonesome brown eyes,
Have made me very happy,
and I've come to realise.

Dreams do come true,
if we take the time to pray,
When we least expect it,
true love shows up one day,
© A Rose Garden Collection 1999


Another one of my many mushy poems.

And You Belong To Me

Tall and handsome,
with eyes so blue,
Skin like silk,
and a winning smile too.

The personality of a prince
with charming ways,
A laugh that would brighten anyone’s days.

The wisdom of a king,
the meekness of a lamb,
And the perfection of a saint,
respecting your fellow man.

Unselfish and helpful
always sees a job through,
A wonderful person,
and perfectionist too.

An inventor, a carpenter,
a mechanic on cars,
Adventurous and fun loving,
and aims for the stars,

A curious mind,
always pondering on things,
One who encourages
with the good tidings you bring.

A planter of hope
likes to watch a garden grow,
Likes doing things differently,
and hates saying no.

A lover a husband,
a very best friend,
Keeps promises
made to the very end.

Never tells lies,
trusts in a God up above,
Is never unfaithful
to the one whom he loves.

He is opened minded,
doesn’t mind a new idea or two,
During our trials,
his love carries us through.

A protector of his own,
hates to see you cry,
All in all this man,
is one heck of a guy.

He’s a man of distinction,
with the greatest personality,
And I thank God
he belongs to me.

Of course he’s my husband,
and he is a man about town,
I know in my heart
another like him can never be found.

God sent him to me,
and we are staying together for life,

We were meant for each other,
and have now become husband and wife.

I pray each day
I can live up to his expectations and his ways,
And reside with my one and only love
for all the rest of my days.
© A Rose Garden Collection February 9, 2000

A Recipe For Marriage

Patience and understanding,
are the ingredients each day,
To keep a family standing strong,
and the cobwebs cleared away.

None of us are perfect,
but if we take the time to share,
Thoughts that overwhelm us,
life will be easier to bare.

When things are bottled up,
it leads to a certain explosion,
An argument ensues,
and the home is in confusion.

Communicating with one another,
and taking time to pray together,
Will prevent a family from parting,
and make life so much the better.

If you take a little recipe,
that’s been around for years,
You’re sure to find the contents,
will spare you of some tears.

The sweetest component I know to be,
is a pound a day of love,
To sweeten up a marriage,
the main ingredient it’s made of.

If you take a dash of hugs,
and add a handful of kisses too,
When mixed with a little teasing will be,
a fail proof recipe for you.

Fold in two days of getting away,
to do something as husband and wife,
Blended with a romantic dinner,
will be the added spice to your life.

Take some wisdom and understanding,
so your marriage won’t fall,
Add prayers to this each day,
it’ll be the prize winning recipe of all.

Blend these ingredients and bake them,
with heated trials to pass the test,
It will rise to never fall,
because this recipe is the very best.

Covered with the love of Christ,
will become an attraction for all who view,
And an award of the highest praise,
will one day be offered to you.



What would I do if I didn’t have you,
I’d be sitting here alone and so blue.
What do I do when you’re not at home with me,
I take care of the home, and wait for you anxiously.
What do I do when you’re with me here at home,
I serve and take care of you, look forward to times alone.
What do we do when the two of us are together,
We have conversations over coffee, and share a little laughter.
What do we do when life causes us much pain,
We go through it together, and Pray for Gods help again.
What do we do when things are going smooth as can be,
We enjoy every moment of it and keep it as a cherished memory.
All in all what I do and what we do is special whether together or apart,
Because of the love we share together, is true and from the heart.

Happy Anniversary Honey
Love Demoiselle Debbie Your Wife.

<a name="s2">Spiritual

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A Firemans Prayer

As a fireman Lord,
I face times of much despair,
My greatest fear is leaving,
my loved ones out of my care.

One never knows Dear Lord,
what I may face each day,
When a dreaded fiery blaze,
has gotten underway.

I pray you’ll keep my family
safe from all harm,
And bring me home each day
to hold them in my arms.

When the fire bell rings
keep me alert at all times,
Make my feet swift
and give me a clear thinking mind.

Give me the strength and determination
to do the best I can,
And rescue from the infernos grip
any of my fellow man.

When the smoke is bellowing,
and my eyes are dim to see,
Send my guardian angels,
to take my hand and guide me.

Give my partner and I perception,
if we’re unable to say a word,
To know our next move
without even being heard.

I have devoted my life
to serving my fellow man each day,
With your help and leadership
nothing will get in my way.

If one day you decide though
to call this fireman home,
Please take care of my loved
ones so they won’t be alone.

Into your hands I place myself
along with my family too,
And under your wings for safety
all of our lives through.

Direct me in the right path
as I strive to save lives each day,
All this and more Dear Lord
from a fireman’s heart I pray.

Godspoetess D
:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

This Poem Is Dedicated To A Friend

Everythings Gonna Be Alright

When nightmares awaken you middle of the night,
You’re trembling and sweating because of sudden fright.
Shout out loud for Jesus and He will hear your call,
And come to your rescue in no time at all.

It’s in the darkness of the night when the devil likes to prey,
On those who are fast asleep, and with their minds he'll play.
He’ll cause you to toss and turn, leave you alone and crying,
Have you believing he’s got you, when all the time he’s lying.

He waits to attack you when you’re at your weakest,
Your vulnerability is what he enjoys putting to the test.
But if you’re strong in Jesus, and remember to say your prayers,
God will watch over you, and keep you safely in His care.

If satan comes along and tries to pull a fast one on you,
Jesus gives you calm assurance and the courage required too.
If nightmares replace pleasant dreams, you will come to find,
Through it all you have had a special peace of mind.

The mind is where the battle is, tis’ where satan plays around,
But if you believe in Jesus, the evil one is bound.
He cannot harm you, nor has he permission to come near,
So stand tall child of God, you have no need to fear.

Peace I leave with you,
and peace I give unto those who follow me,
And I grant courage to the weak,
that they may live in victory,
God has left these promises and more
for each and everyone of us,
If we turn to the loving Savior
and in Him put our trust.

So if you desire peaceful sleep, make sure before you go to bed,
Don't fall asleep with a heart full of fear, talk to Jesus instead.
He'll give His angels charge over you, all through the night,
And you'll awake in the morning knowing,
......Everythings Gonna Be Alright.

In the name of Jesus, demons have to flee,
In the name of Jesus, we have the victory.[
© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

My childhood memory of My Daddy..

My Daddy

Dear God,
even though I’m a little girl I’m so curious about you,
One day I was told
you made this whole world including me too.

You made the flowers and butterflies,
the birds and the bees,
The tall grass growing in the fields,
and every single tree.

All the different colored fish
and the seas and oceans blue,
Along with my cat and dog,
they were made by only you.

I was taught that you made the sky
and the big yellow sun,
And the moon and stars to shine
when the day was done.

You made everything in heaven and earth
including the rainbow,
This is why I was curious,
and its you I wanted to know.

I never remembered having a daddy,
yet I was told you were my father,
I was so excited
I went home and told my mother.

Mommy never had an answer,
but knew exactly what to do,
She sent me to Sunday school,
where I could learn about you.

I ran across the field
every single Sunday morning,
The more I sat and listened
the more I began learning.

Sometimes it seemed confusing,
but before too long,
I found out who my daddy was,
and how He was so big and strong.

You’re so big the world is your footstool,
and I never have to worry,
Because you love me so much,
you keep a watchful eye on me.

One day I started crying,
when they told me you were nailed to a cross,
And you died because people were bad,
and they were very lost.

My teacher made me smile once more,
when she said you came alive again,
And forgave everyone,
and how you’re everybody’s friend.

When we are good you’re happy,
but sometimes you are sad,
When the people you created are
acting very mean and bad.

You hate it when they lie and steal,
and make fun of your name,
But you always forgive them,
because you love them just the same.

I find it hard to understand God,
how some one as big as you,
Can make yourself small enough,
to fit inside of my heart too.

I’m not going to worry though,
I’m just so happy you’re my daddy,
Besides you made the whole wide world,
and I know you live inside of me.
February 28, 2003
Happy Fathers Day Daddy Jesus

© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
The Cross Stands Taller Than Ever

With a sorrowful heart Jesus,
you cried to your Father on your bended knees.
And shed your blood for mankind
starting in the garden of Gethsemane,

All alone in prayer,
you desired only to see God’s will be done,
For you were His faithful,
obedient and loving only begotten son.

Blood ran down your anguished brow
while your heart was wrenching in pain,
Knowing what lie ahead of you,
you’d go through it just the same.

Your disciples were too sleepy
they couldn’t stay awake and pray,
Little did they know the price
their Savior was about to pay.

Like thieves in the night,
many soldiers with weapons came for you,
You were betrayed by one of your own,
yet you loved him too.

Again you shed your blood dear lord,
this time inwardly with each bruise,
So the iniquities of mankind
would one day be excused.

Shoving a crown of thorns upon your head
and mocking you time and again,
Your precious blood ran down your face Jesus,
and no one saw your pain.

Across your back the cat of nine tails
tore apart your flesh, that day,
Forty nine times you were whipped,
to take our sickness away.

From front and back you bled
yet your accusers weren’t through,
Desiring to make you suffer more,
a wooden cross was selected for you.

When they nailed your feet and hands,
to the old wooden cross,
Your blood was shed once more,
all for a world so lost.

They offered you some relief for pain,
but you refused that vinegar on a sponge,
Crying out you shrieked, Father;
forgive them they know not what they’ve done.

Now beaten beyond recognition,
you were made a mockery and chastised,
When you gave up the ghost,
they thrust a sword through your side.

Water and blood was flowing one last time,
but it all started at Gethsemane,
The price was paid for mankind’s sin,
and you fulfilled your destiny.

Oh what freedom was given
each of us because of,
The sacrifice of your life King Jesus,
and all for the sake of Love.

Until everything is accomplished on earth,
each of your children know,
Your love is the same today for everyone,
and your blood continues to flow.

The old rugged crossed you died on Jesus,
might not be around for people to view,
But it stands taller than ever,
in the hearts of those who love you.
© A Rose Garden Collection Author Debbie June 20, 2002

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

After All

When you make it to the top of the mountain,
after trials you’ve been through,
He will meet you there,
to celebrate with you.

After all He carried you there.

When you’re in the valley,
and you’re hurting so,
He will meet you there;
He won’t let you go,

After all He went ahead of you.

When you’re in a storm
and the wind takes your breath away,
He will meet you there
He still calms the winds today.

After all He has power over the storm.

When you’re overwhelmed by
the circumstances of life,
He will meet you there,
He knows all about strife.

After all He was once a man.

When tears fill your eyes,
your heart is filled with sorrow,
He will meet you there,
giving you hope for a brighter tomorrow,

After all He knows what your future holds.

When death comes to call
and you feel you are alone,
He will meet you there,
and say my child welcome home.

After all He keeps His promises.

It doesn’t matter where you are
or where you end up one day,
As long as you serve the master,
He’ll guide you all the way.

He promised never to leave nor forsake you,
and to be a forever friend,
Hold walk you through the storms,
be your light at the days end.

Put your trust in Jesus and don’t worry
when life’s trials get tough,
He knows how much you can take,
and when enough is enough,

He never said the road
would be an easy one for you to walk on,
But for those who persevere,
rewards await you for being faithful and strong.

Talk to Him by taking a little time in prayer,
He will meet you there.

After all He’s the one who called you.

© A Rose Garden Collection November 17, 2003


:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

Don’t Forget To Pray

When we go to bed at night,
before we fall asleep,
We must as forgiveness of the days mistakes,
and our soul to keep.

Don’t leave the cares of the day
Nor forget others,
and those we may have offended.

Remember the lest fortunate,
Ask our Heavenly Father to keep them in His care,
And request the Holy Spirit
to guide us through our prayer.

Far too often many of us forget,
to take the time to pray,
We carry in our hearts
all the sins and pain of the day.

What if Jesus calls us home
in the middle of the night?
And we never awaken again
to face the morning light.

Will our garments be spotless
and whiter than snow?
Or will we be caught with sin,
and not ready to go.

A thief never announces
when he’s going to roam,
It’s an unexpected visit,
usually when you’re not at home.

When death comes to call,
it sometimes works the same way,
So when you go to bed at night,
please don’t forget to pray.

If your heart is cleansed,
we’ll sleep snug and tight,
And there’s no need to worry,
if we leave this world tonight.
© Author Debbie R. Forest
October 15, 2001

© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

God In His Splendor

Cold white water cascading
down jagged rocks creates a raging falls
And is surrounded by
a kaleidoscope of color as autumn comes to call.
Leaves blowing in the wind,
with their colors of red and gold,
A breath taking spectacle today,
for any eye to behold.

Dried leaves rustling under my feet,
the wind blowing through my hair,
Holding my head back
I take a breath without a worry or care.
The smell of fallen leaves
decaying into the ground from whence they came,
Is a fragrance that makes my nostrils flare
with delight just the same.
The cool autumn breeze is so fresh;
I take a deep breath now and then,
Basking in all this euphoria,
I’m wishing this moment would never end.

I hear a lonesome whistling sound
in the distance not too far away,
And wonder where the train is headed,
on this gorgeous autumn day.
There’s a fluttering sound in the wind,
as a flock of birds leave in full flight,
Soaring towards blue colored skies,
disappearing into the warm sunlight.

Cat tails all puffed up
and waiting for a strong gust of wind,
To carry there seeds near and far,
to start new growth once again.
Courageous little violets,
the bravest flowers I’d ever laid eyes on,
Try hard to stay in bloom,
to make me believe summer isn’t gone.
But even in their daring display,
soon they’ll be covered in snow,
And when spring comes back again,
those violets will be the first to show.

Thus the cycle of life goes on,
and the seasons continue to come and go each year,
It was all created in Gods own time,
because of those He loves so dear.
There’s a time and a purpose under heaven,
and today was an appointed day,
For me to recognize God in his splendor
and receive joy from his autumn display.

Godspoetess D.

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

Satan No Longer Smiles

On the day they cried crucify Jesus,
Satan had a chilling smile,
When they placed a crown of thorns on His head,
he gloated for a while.

When the soldiers took a cat of nine tails,
and whipped them across Jesus' back,
The enemy rejoiced and laughed
at the sound of every crack.

After our Lord was beaten
He carried a wooden cross up Golgotha’s hill,
The evil one and his followers,
mocked our Precious Savior at will.

While witnessing the nails driven
in Jesus’ hands and feet,
He beamed like a torch,
tauntenting the disciples he'd meet.

As they slowly raised Jesus’ cross
upright for all to see,
Lucifer boasted over his triumph
smirking so gingerly.

When Jesus requested, Father forgive them
then uttered “It Is Done”
A heavenly host cried Holy is the Lamb,
and a Victory had been won.

The veil in the temple was rent in twain,
the law was put asunder,
Lightening etched the sky,
the air echoed with the sound of thunder.

The day became black as night,
and the dead rose up out of their graves,
Jesus freed mankind of their sins,
they’d no longer be Satan’s slaves.

What a shock it must’ve been,
when the heavenly Father opened the evil ones eyes,
The truth of the cross was exposed
he could no longer fool us with his lies.

Had he known sooner,
he’d have tried to keep Jesus off that cross,
And each of us today would be
counting the highest cost.

I look forward to that glorious day,
when I’ll see my jesus face to face,
And run to Him as he greets me,
to thank Him for His saving Grace.

The penalty was paid for us
Jesus shed His blood for you and me,
And Satan no longer smiles because he knows,
where he’ll be spending eternity.
May 28, 2005© Rose Garden Coll. by Debbie Godspoetess

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you in the name of Jesus,
I thank you for this touch of spring today I am so blessed.

The sun with its warmth is melting the snow today,
And bringing me a smile as winter fades away.

I’m so thankful Lord for all you have given me,
Everyday I’m provided for, I have friends and family.

I come to you in humility and in reverence to...
And offer you my heartfelt praises so deserving of you.

Many people cross my mind as I sit here today in prayer,
My family, children and grandchildren, whom I keep in your care.

I continue to pray you’ll give them ears to hear and eyes to see,
The Father who loves them now and throughout eternity.

Draw them close to you dear lord, let not one of them stray,
Create in them a clean heart to worship you each day.

As my husband goes to work keep him safe from injury,
Make him a beacon in the mines, telling others of thee.

While my son is in school, watch him throughout the day,
Keep him safe from harm, and please don’t let him sway.

My friends in the Poetry Pages lord are all so dear to me,
I’ve placed them in my heart and each one differently.

Blessed them lord where they require blessings most of all,
Pick them up today if any of them happen to fall.

When pain and injustice comes their way, bring them through,
Open up their eyes and ears to hear and see you,

Place a song in their hearts that they may find new strength,
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Richard taylor

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looks great love
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heinzs wrote::?:

Was that a question or a comment?


Do you need help creating links? It's ok to ask... Jim and Erika are working the archives from either end of the alphabet. Let them know you'd like a boost.

Hi Pops dear Heinz...well its a long story...but I'm gonna use that page for later as you already know anyhow... :lol: Thank you I'll need them for sure I'm not good at that stuff..I'm surprised I managed this much :shock:

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Richard taylor wrote:looks great love
:cool: :cool: :cool:

Thanks Richie your an angel for taking time to see how I'm managing in here..lots of work I must say..I have four pages of posts and only one done now..but I'll get through.. :lol:

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Reconstructing. 8/something or the other.
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ok :thumbsup:

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