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Post by buttterflies » Sun Feb 08, 2004 10:06 pm

<center><a name="#top">Buttterfly's Wings</center></a><a href="#001">'The Beheaded'</a>
<a href="#002">'Let Go'</a>
<a href="#003">'Blue'</a>
<a href="#004">-Loosing To Insanity-</a>
<a href="#005">'Beneath The Wood Floor'</a>
<a href="#006">-Revealing Reflections-</a>
<a href="#007">Opiate For My Heart</a>
<a href="#008">Not Me</a>
<a href="#009">Barren Serinity</a>
<a href="#010">Grey Skies</a>
<a href="#011">Pixelated Perfection</a>
<a href="#012">If Only</a>
<a href="#013">'Body Number 63'</a>
<a href="#014">-Peace-</a>
<a href="#015">-Sunflowers & Dewdrops-</a>
<a href="#016">-Five Flames</a>


<a name="#001">'The Beheaded' </a>by buttterflies

As I stare at your innocent smile
captured in grime and hate
my tears begin to fall again
I never knew your toothy smile
never heard your hoarse laugh
or saw your tears as they came
As they came and shattered everything
your boyish torso, still so strong
lies alone thousand miles away
they came for you, as I weeped
they placed a name for brutality
a name unutterable by any
Their monstrous minds, twisted---
choked you off, severed your life
Your pleading eyes look back at me
tear marks creating dusky shadows
newprint smudges, my gaze suspended
I still hear the echoes of your cries
as they came for you, the world looked on
meaningless knives sawed off your head
I never knew your innocent smiles
they took you; all I could do was cry

Sept.20, '04
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Winner: Poem of the Week: January 16, 2005

<a name="#002">'Let Go'</a>

The beats in my head
fall in rhythm with the raindrops,
trying to outrun this screaming train
Grim, wet sky speaks aloud,
a silence of winter and rain
broken by the sobs of wooden tracks
as life slowly lets go--

Lost souls captured in each tiny drop,
racing the urgency of the wheels
The little boy next to me blinks,
his big brown eyes, opaque,
an endless depth of despair hidden,
collapsed lives ushered under waves
And the rain battles the day,
growing dark with sadness of little boys,
with the loneliness of fragile girls,
lost forever, trying to let go--

Dirty and drenched, the buildings droop,
church towers glisten with heretic tears,
The rain mourns the lost children,
the despondency we fight each day,
A solitary bird flits upon a black branch,
to cry upon, to nest upon, alone
and life lets go--

The train chugs along, so quietly,
battling with the static-y rain
Confused radio waves echoing laughter,
of joys shared in bygone days
A last stop, everyone alights,
I'm left staring into the eyes of the world,
only trying, trying to let go.

January 6th, '05[/color]

Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 1/11/2005[/quote]
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<center><a name="#003">'Blue'</a>

Fridays & Saturdays come around,
dancing away a week's work
see them go off to play,
dressed in pretty and bejeweled,
See your pink babies
gurgling at this world
but did you hear the cries,
the fainting screams
of the babies gone blue?
You wiped away tears,
tears of laughter and spite,
nightclub passion drenched
for the love of money and drinks
you poured out the bills,
like fountain of youth discovered
You were too busy flirting,
trying to get in for free
when your brothers called out helplessly
when your sisters were scathed in pain
but you were too busy to hear
the babies who had gone blue.

Sept.25, '04</center>
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<center><a name="#004">-Loosing To Insanity-</a>

They called me at midnight
sang to me at midday
spoke to me as I tried to sleep
whispering words I forgot to say
I turned around but they were gone
yet the lurid voices remained
phantom thoughts I heard,
echoing, repeating, echoing
I spun around in circles for them
shut myself into bluegreen oblivion
for them I spoke, for them I screamed
but I drifted away to find nothing,
A void where they had been
I heard a knocking, urgent beckoning,
the door was shut, I couldn't breathe
ghastly screeches bellowed,
repeating, echoing, repeating,
Pin-prick nails being driven across
windows scarred with last minute wails,
the howls grow louder, but no one around
knocking, knocking, knocking upon a broken door
They sang to me of sprained summers
spiraling moonbeams in dusky nights,
abandoned upon attics in the sea,
They called to me for help, to run out after me
so I watched them disappear,
disappear with me at their heels
misty shadows that lured me
but vanished with me; without me;
Hear it again, that uncanny call,
asking me for one last dance,
they're asking for more.

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<a name="#005">'Beneath The Wood Floor' </a>

as my eyes turned blurry, i saw the halo
saw the mourning people turn,
twist their grotesque faces up at me

...and the ant slides across the wood floor...

they gaze at me, dead eyes boring a hole,
the guitar strings echo my despair,
the voices dim into incomprehension

...a white light glides along the smooth floor...

silently they command me to spin;
the blue sky sparkles just beyond reach,
they catch my breath in black bottles

...a knife clatters atop the wooden finish...

innumerable hands guide me in my daze,
their faces without features, scream to me,
a cold, glacial liquid fills my insides

...and the blood seeps into the wooden floor...

white faces without eyes, stare at me,
without mouths they chant faster,
whispering insanity into an orgasmic climax

...and my limbs dissolve onto the wood floor...


the result of studying for the GREs...:lol:
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<a name="#006">'Revealing Reflections'</a>

smile, my darling, for you will see
this black cloud that hangs above you
will fade away as you wipe your eyes
love will find you no matter where,
as with time, loneliness dwindles

smile, my darling, for I am here
although far away, though concealed,
my thoughts are floating by you,
as little as they do help, they wait,
wishing you to smile, to laugh

smile, my darling, for you will feel
bittersweet sensations in your mind
kiss your demons goodbye for now,
drain the black from your pure soul
my heart bleeds for your laughter

smile once more, my darling,
as my words try to weave,
paint you a world of beauty,
rid you of your alonenness;
and I try to tell you that I care.


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<a name="#007">Opiate For My Heart</a>

a stomach-ache of the mind,
gnaws at me as i wait
sitting on this rusty yellow chair,
watching people pass by

searching faces for a trace of love,
a likeness to hope, to life,
patience bores a silent hole,
serenading to this tragedy

waiting for a chance love,
for a moment's inspiration,
perhaps meager words to speak
or to write of this bleakness

bottles of novocain glow,
as chances slip on by
numbing begins, pain hardens,
and so i wait.. watching.. waiting...


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<a name="#008">'not me'</a>

i fucked up again
cut up hearts
and broke some chains
i tried to please
but i screwed up again

expectations and lies
ways i was told to be
looked up at, relied upon
wish they would just
please let me be

i tried to smile
be who i ought to be
generations of tradition
of loyalty and faith
but i tried to show me

and i messed up again
broke my heart and his
while they look to me still
expect a me i cannot be
but i can't be strong

i tried again; i'm sorry;
didn't want to hurt you
wanted to be who you see
and still make them proud,
but that just wasn't me

so i fucked up again,
the failure that i am


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<a name="#009">Barren Serinity</a>

One-thirty in the afternoon and I wait
utterly uninspired, hoping for a break
They sit next to me, engrossed in each other
winds swoon about them, unseen
...and the bench grows colder

They shiver, they hold on tightly,
and I sit alone, petrifying,
look at these blank lines, hoping for hope
Next to me, a man in dark glasses exhales
...and I wait for inspiration

He reads his paper, brittle and ashy,
he hums a tune, incomprehensible,
cryptic notes tangled up in cold lips
The couple laughs, they kiss
...my pages remain dry, wanting

The lady with the sparkling shoes,
diamonds in her fingers and eyes
going to work late, her husband rings,
A dinner date awaits her beyond
...my toes begin to freeze

The trees grown dark and languid,
winter's touch painted a pretty ice,
birds and beasts in slate-gray shades
Leaves turned their backs upon us
...and the roads grow weary

Love withered and buried below,
beneath six feet of sleep and sleet,
Frostbitten sighs of winter mornings
enhanced to bitter deluge of afternoons
Washed out, worn out, like an old shoe
...and the passengers wait for a sign...

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<a name="#010">Grey Skies</a>
They say truth is beauty,
but where's the beauty in war, hatred, racism.
Rage and revenge hidden behind plastic smiles
helicopter wings churning the great black cauldron
that used to be the sky
human brains merged into a mush of confusion
we come together only to fight against one another
unity in hatred
happiness in bloodshed
Great blue eyes reflecting the tinge of bloodiness
tis only a matter of chance.
Can't get away, can't close our eyes and dream
it won't end till the world becomes
a pool of black and red
death and destruction becomes our sole purpose
in living
Who wanted to find truth?
Why must there be a raging storm to find
the bottomless pit of the gray seas.
The only truth we find today is that
we live in a world where peace and love
has a place only beside the cemetery,
Killed in battle as we fight for that we kill.
We look at each other with faded smiles of yesterday
mistrust, confusion and hatred amidst
hearts of steel.
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<center><a name="#011">Pixelated Perfection</a>

could you, I wonder,
look beyond my imperfections
could you, I wonder,
tear down these walls of pretense

photogenic looks brought to reality
as you realize the scars
those pictures failed to hide
blemished skin surfaces
lost beneath a coat of bits and bytes
my pixelated perfection
sought perhaps in vain
emotions displayed in little yellow smiles
thoughts spelled out in colorful shades
you'll see the mythical laughter,
but a little too wide,
you’ll feel the curves imagined,
but a little too narrow
as reality replaces the drawings
seared in your mind

could you, I wonder,
look beyond my imperfections
could you, I wonder,
love me for who I see


Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 9/22/2004[/[
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<center><a name="#012">'If Only...'</a>

I should've known, should've never let you in,
held myself masked, veiled my love,
Should have seen how it would be
if I were to fall again,
if love were to find me again.
Ought to have known the pain I would cause,
when you looked at me
but saw somebody else.
My decrepit mind cannot be loved,
I should've guarded your heart against mine
forewarned you of these evil eyes.
The fences I had built, I somehow let down,
built a bridge for you to walk upon
led you down a seemingly deceitful path,
unthinkingly I acted, unknowingly led.
Yet I should've known better,
should never have done that
which leaves us now with heavy hearts.
It's time to rebuild the walls I had broken,
unawares I had crossed oceans to get to you
I wish I had been different, wish I were strong,
my heart now yearns to make things right,
If only I hadn't, if only I could be
somebody I am not, perhaps then
I could've spared you pain.
I should've just known.
Now all that is left are my paltry wishes
and hopes that you hear me,
As I lie awake wishing,
for you to find a soul worthy of yours.

Nov.20, '04</center>
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<a name="#013">'Body Number 63'</a>

That one hazy afternoon
I was number two,
second best out on the field,
looking across the team,
our cricket team shone
bright in the afternoon sun

We heard distant rumbling,
the ocean breathing slowly,
felt the comfort of the day
roll to us in waves,
touched reassuring heat,
as our backs burned

My brother was number one,
the best we ever did see,
he ran faster than a gazelle
but that afternoon,
he couldn't run so fast

We heard the thunder
growling underneath us,
our cricket field rose,
awashed in blue,
I saw my brother's eyes
searching for me
and then we disappeared

I was number two back then,
my brother number one,
now I lie amid broken bodies,
in body bag "Number 63"
wish I could look around,
find my brother or my parents,
know which bag is his,
return to our afternoon again.


*so far, there has been a total of 80,000 recorded deaths due to the Tsunami in Southeast Asia... about half of them were children; many of whom in India were playing cricket at that time of the afternoon :cry:... this is not a very smooth poem, but it's intended to be that way*
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<a name="#014">-Peace-</a>

speak to me of peace,
of love and unity,
of mankind as one
tell me peace exists,
lend me some hope.

'tis a dream, you say,
'tis fighting with words
'tis worth the bloodshed
'tis only battles of old.

we're bleeding, we're crying,
screaming our hurts
but no one listens,
and we dry up, trying.

i see this world in spectrum,
multicolored and raw
people searing for love,
but hatred draws a fierce line.

barbed wire lines, etched,
separate our colors,
separate me from love,
what's the use of religion,
if you burn the books,
if you strip away love.

i see the bodies fallen,
lives caked and cracked,
i see their souls, desperate,
showing us our follies,
wizened with age.

dont tell me of politics,
of religion or faith,
tell me of humanity
of that which transcends;
of love; that which unites.

speak to me of peace,
a world we can build,
mend these holes we created,
we'll stitch together, side by side,
we'll create a tattered peace.


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<a name="#015">-Sunflowers & Dewdrops-</a>

if I disappeared today,
would you remember me
would you blink twice
and think of my voice
would you laugh
with the winds,
as they bring me to you
would you ask the winter sky
to shower you
with my tears,
would you spin the globe
for my soul,
would you recall hours
we had spent,
filtering in sandcastle heaps,
watching setting moons
upon the seabed
would you recall
the shells we gathered,
cracked and abraded,
like the dreams we stitched
onto our sleeves
would you remember
the nights blooming in jasmine,
raining upon us while we lay,
scenting our hearts as we echoed
off far and away
would you remember me
tomorrow, my love,
if I disappeared today

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<a name="#016">-Five Flames-</a>

why is it that when i sit down to write
i see your face dawning,
swimming before me again

why is it that when i open my heart
i hear your voice inside me,
calming my spirits as they smoke

why is it that when i lie alone crying
i feel your embrace around me,
quelling my pain like water to fire

why is it that as i try to erase us
i smell our love all over again,
wafting into my disjointed reveries

why is it that when i close my eyes
i taste your lips in my mind,
smouldering my desire from within

why is it that i think of you when
we have gone down that fateful road,
retraced regretful steps to each other,
crumbling away as our tears collided.

October 1st, 2004.

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"To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater." -Bono (U2)

"You have no choice of subject matter. You write what's in your heart and on your mind unless of course it's crap in which case it means you've thought about it too much." -Bono

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An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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