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Carl Berry

Carl Berry

Post by Carl Berry » Sun Sep 05, 2004 5:49 pm

<center><a name="#top">Carl Berry</center></a>
<a href="#001">Passion</a>
<a href="#002">Dreams</a>
<a href="#003">Breathe Breathlessly</a>
<a href="#004">Arrival</a>
<a href="#005">Sycamore Seeds</a>
<a href="#006">She Left</a>

<a name="#001">Passion</a>

She would sit
like poetry
that aspen tree

Surreal beauty
hugging her knees
too her chest
graceful jawline

Autumn leaves
dancing softly
with wind
embracing its music
too soft to hear

Autumn leaves
finding their way
into her windswept

There is no time
no rhythm
like the pulse
of gentle waves
caressing shoreline

There is nothing
quite as soft
as the
enchanting quiver
of loon
on an indian summers night
save for her eyes
too deep to ever experience
without losing oneself
in the passion

I walked
She walked

Like planets
in some cosmic
we passed one another

Within that delicate
something between us
like a sun-gone nova

Within that instant
there were no
either of us could use
too convey
the wild wonder
of that moment
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<a name="#002">Dreams</a>

Dance with me
beneath the fullness
of the gentle

If there could be
but our footsteps
flirting with one another
that magnificent hole
in the night sky
this world
would be perfect

I miss the essence
of you
but I can not

I am with the moon now
those fields
of prarie grass
and wonder

I am with Jupiter now
those stars
we used to tease
pointing and staring
like children

I would fall
through the atmosphere
in wild passion
if things could never be
as they have been
if things could become
something different

I would fight
like a warrior-poet
for the chance
the single chance
to whisper softly
into your ear

But I could not
and I would not
such dreams

I can not
like I have broken
into those
in the night sky

Those stars
are my broken-self
catching the essence
of the shining moon

They are myself
in the black sky
our dancing feet
and flirting eyes

those fields
of prarie grass
and wonder
I am broken

I am remembering
with Jupiter and Saturn
that I can not dream
such dreams
that I should not
such dreams

we have danced
in the prarie grass
and I have
into your ear

We have pointed
and stared
at my broken-self
like children
unaware of the future
we held within
our gazing eyes
Copyright 2004-2005 Carl Berry
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<a name="#003">Breathe Breathlessly</a>

Silence your mind and experience
the blissful ecstasy of stillness.

Dance softly into that sun
inside the center of yourself.

Follow that brilliance
beyond the depths of reason.

Beyond this energetic mystery and into that
streaming from which all oceans and stars are born.

Breathe breathlessly into that void,
that absence, and realize the spark of inspiration

that began all of this flaming wonder.

Carl Berry 09/03/04
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<a name="#004">Arrival</a>

When I am gone from this place,
celebrate not within some lifeless structure,

but outdoors within the life-majesty of nature,
beneath the splendor of the soul-warming sun.

Yes, celebrate, and do not consider my state of non-living,
but instead, consider the state in which I lived and breathed.

There is nothing of the whole-ness of this bliss,
nothing of the sweet serenity of this ecstatic union,

that I could ever devour in completeness, while I lived.
There is the smile of as many smiles as there are grains of sand

in any vast deasert, blooming wildly upon my soul-self,
as I gaze upon so many tear strewn faces.

Don't shed tears for my departure,
but instead, shed tears for my arrival
Copyright 2004-2005 Carl Berry

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<a name="#005">Sycamore Seeds</a>

<pre>Seed-pods fall from an old sycamore tree
and plant themselves in the earth-soil below.

A crowd sits in rapture as a street-mystic speaks so many
soul-wonders and shares with them the wisdom-water of life.

Once a seed-pod has fallen from tree to soil,
there is a tree-seed release and a seed-soil embrace,

just as when the wisdom-seeds have fallen from
mystic to soul-soil, there is release and there is embrace.

The growth or non-growth of any fallen seed
has no more to do with the tree from which it has fallen

than it does with the soil in which it has planted itself.</pre>

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Carl Berry

Carl Berry

Post by Carl Berry » Tue Sep 21, 2004 11:08 pm

<a name="#006">She Left</a>

In the mists
she left
like the gentle essence
of morning
in the forests of
and mystery

She left with the rain
the thunder and the
she left with the breeze
on which she sailed
far away
too that place
I'll never see

She silenced time
when she left
she silenced the sound
the pulse
within my chest
she silenced it with a breath

There were a thousand
farewells in her footsteps
she left me there
like the departure
of clouds
from the sun

I walked away
one day
I walked away
no longer waiting for the
sky to say
today is the day

I walked away
one day
with the voices of a thousand
wooing me softly
into the depths of silence.

I wanted to say
one day
I wanted to say
but the speaking
of that word
was so much more
than I had
to give
and everything
I needed
to receive.

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Post by GoddessErika » Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:12 pm

<center>No edit needed 9/12/2005 ~GoddessErika</center>
© Anarcha Erika Basta
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Post by heinzs » Sat Apr 21, 2007 5:16 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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