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Often Misconstrued

Post by cglabb » Wed Aug 20, 2003 3:25 am

<a name="#sixty"> Often Misconstrued </a>

Keep the peace
Walk the cat
Clothes in the hamper

Beat the moving guy (verbally)
Watch the kid's sink and swim
Put my "member" up on e-bay

Got itches, haven't scratched
Got poisons, haven't had
Got the bitch of the world
and she loves the word

I'm F+++++ with time
I'm F***** with family
I'm F##### with life
and a million words
but to get to me
is like saying...
"Hey, Labb"


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Knew Life

Post by cglabb » Fri Jan 30, 2004 9:54 pm

<a name="#sixty one"> Knew Life </a>

Lived until a new
life began-

dropped a few
made the change
and became


old FRIENDS find the house
hard to FIND-

teachers know
my middle name

The sex has .….well,

Candles burning,
the fireplace

I can’t remember
where I left my

I’ve lost my

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Found Wanting

Post by cglabb » Wed Feb 04, 2004 10:28 pm

<a name="#sixty two"> Found Wanting </a>

Things said, paisley
world of

She laughs
and smoke
from her

Hate is
but I can’t

A small batch of
courage is
and the
is played

The car ride
must’ve been
outta my fucking mind
to think she could…
to think I could’ve

I hear laughing,
it’s coming
from me

The driveway

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Post by cglabb » Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:05 pm

<a name="#sixty three"> Most Likely </a>

Winner: Poem of the Week: January 11, 2004

Most likely-

days still
run on

kids adapt in increments
unknown to
the human eye


people will be polite for
thirty seconds

Most likely-

the phone and electric company
will call me tonight

the neighbor will tell me
how big his lawn is
compared to mine


my other neighbor is screwing
my other neighbor (literally)

Most likely-

my woman will address me as
"Hey, you need to fix this"


"If you spend anymore time
on that f****** thing, well...

Most likely-

life is an ever evolving quandry of
riddles, questions
and resolutions

Most likely-

the snow will melt before
I get home


I'm losing the childlike attitude
to see life through my other

most likely.....

Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 1/4/2003

Originally posted at: Most Likely

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<a name="#sixty four"> I See, Salinger </a>

“Your ‘proficility’ is showing,”
he says
and the day

Children, minds yet
by modeled

No boundaries,

What have we
as we

“They’ll be fine,”
“You don’t need to hover,
they're kids,”
she says

It’s that one moment,
back turned-

the bad thing
and childhood
is a memory

Originally posted at: I See, Salinger

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<a name="#sixty five"> 5:30 AM </a>

….and in the maddening
silence, solace-

mind body and

The burning light of day
is just beginning
to speak English

Want of drink
and necessity

No bills
No child
Positions not yet

Breakfast had
and dealt

My brethren
still counting…
whatever is counted

I am King for
the next…uhmm,
45 minutes

Originally posted at: 5:30 a.m.

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<a name="#sixty six"> Retraining </a>

In the night,
I'm anger subsided-

lies and mistrust sleep,
I converse with whatever angel
stays the night,
as She slumbers
ten feet


In the morning Vampires
must have envy
when the day

My son, her daughter
stare at me 'round bowls
of cereal

The joke cracked,
ice broken-

we move again

Things to be done;
~clothes in place
~showers all 'round
(the physics of hair are astounding)

The bus stops,
they move on-

to learn
to feel
to free themselves...

of night
and envy
and vice

to learn again

Originally posted at: Retraining

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<a name="#sixty seven"> Unexpected Simplicity </a>

being unexpectedly unemployed
has landed a whirlwind of shit
in my lap

writing is a purpose
and the result
an undetermined end
and sacrifices of others
are inconsequential

working to hoard niceties
and live quietly
is giving me a rash

going back to a 9-5
lemming drive
will push the knife
between the ribs that count

a mattress on the floor
a cold beer
a felt tip pen
i ask too much
for too little

she wouldn't abide
and the boy's
too young to understand
he'll need hundred dollar words
to wear and custom teeth
to assure a possible future

poverty by choice
is no longer called integrity

the bric-a-brac
may hit the wall
and screaming will be heard
by the neighbors

once pen touches paper
the meaningless bullshit
ceases to exist

Originally posted at: Unexpected Simplicity

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<a name="#sixty eight"> Burn the Blues </a>

Quintessential moments
in a box,
an untimely Sunday
and introverted

Rainy day feelings
expressed without

No ballgames,
rain out

No car or bike

Stuffy house blues

The rain sounds like
a steak sizzling
as a child
breaks the

“Can we have a fire
in the fireplace?”

Burn the blues

Originally posted at: Burn the Blues

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<a name="#sixty nine"> Stupid Mortal </a>

Satin painted blonde
with misgivings
of cause and effect

when an act
effects the cause
of more than a

“Put your balls
on the table
or don’t play”

should be outlawed
when used by those
who speak fluent

Head held in hands,
stupid mortal-

life is funny,
while the sun comes up
and adds fresh paint
to someone, somewhere,
living for a purpose
outside themselves

Originally posted at: Stupid Mortal

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just like everyone else"-Anonymous

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Post by cglabb » Fri Jun 04, 2004 10:44 pm

<a name="#001">A Full Life</a>

He walked up to the
park fountain,
stared into the cool
black water
and raised his foot

It almost broke the
rippling plane,
then scenario's:

"I gave you those loafers
for christmas, honey,"
"Jones, you were up for a
promotion, what were you thinking?"

Coins reflecting the perfect
noon day sun;
he pulled his foot back

He checked his platinum watch
and shoved his hands deep into
his overcoat

He had lived a
full life

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<a name="#002">If We Could...</a>

Take back the words dropped
into ears like
liquid razor blades
and curses which would
kill the aged

Take back the spewing philosophy
and quoted lines from the dead
used as an Acme anvil to
chill the vociferous battle on:

vice, wandering, hating, passion
and opinions of
the big picture

Take back the proving ground
and where people
should be-

the Jones's are not
an inspiration

Take back the
tip-toeing on angels
when silence is not
a bad thing

Take back the first night we met,
I'm sure we could do it better
from the start

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<a name="#003">Fourteen Irons</a>

Arms stretched out,
head held back,
legs apart
like a perfect human X;
I have conquered the
garbage disposal

Creative writing is never
the end
or means

A trained locksmith,
and too many years in
retail and entertainment
which I deny has lay
waste to my truist
of natures

I pay bills
and complain but
never thought life
could be this beautiful
with fourteen irons in the fire

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<a name="#004">Someone Said</a>

Rolled in for gas
and ran into
an old aquaintance-

"I heard you were dead,"
he said


"Yeah, you left here ten years ago on a bike and died somehow, somewhere"

"Cool," I said

I've been telling my woman
that for years-

leave your hometown on a bike,
come back and lay low raising
a family and the
myth begins

"You are soooo self involved,"
she says

Maybe, but did anyone ever
tell you
you were dead

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<a name="#005">I Have a Great Disdain for Wearing Gray</a>

Sitting in a den, bedroom,
accountants home office,
whatever it last was-

she weathers my

A writer:
short stories,

We broke for a
couple weeks
and inadvertantly
as told,
she became
intimate with another-

we soon rescinded
our resignation
to be apart

I stopped writing
for years-

I've coalesced
the guttural istinct
to become selfish

A poet and friend
offered me this-

"Work on your life
work on your craft"

It seems the gray area
will not leave me

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<a name="#006">What?</a>

There is a cool
pocket of air

Kids running 'round
waiting for the
full sun
and bus-

he rides off to soak
a new day of

My head lowers and
at home
the vociferous silence
offers the chance
and prospect
for change

Accomadating errands,
filling self esteem,
and replacing car parts
has made me less
than full

I meet him at
the bus,
he says-

and I wonder where
the day went

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<a name="#007">It Mather's Not</a>

I have to apologize ahead of time on this one. Caught my son head-bobbin' to the "8 Mile" title song and it made me a little....irritable.

change the channel,
the radio channel-
can't feel nothin' but dark hate
and it's more
than I can handle

there are twenty in my desk drawer
there are twenty in my pants
there are twenty rhymes from memory
make a drunk girl dance

there are ryhmes that are written
and ryhmes that pay money
and the last white rhyme
they call him bunny...

Movie stars
Black gold
Lexus T-3000

had a mom couldn't cook
had a dad wouldn't stay
had a mom who picked the future
in the same way
gotta plan for my life
didn't waste my life away
hopin' bitchin' 'bout my mom
wouldn't be my PAYDAY

have a woman, kid and promise
to hold life smoother
anyone can rank on something
to show they're a loser

change the channel,
i tell my son-

change the

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<a name="#008">A Life Deserved</a>

The women here
are restless,
the men preen
and posture

No one is
satisfied in my

The financials, the condescending,
the 'have and have not's'-
nothing changes,
even in these times

My mission has not receded
as disdain grows,
though riding a Harley
is less than humble

A woman walking
the long walk home;
I could tell by her shoulders
and the four bags of groceries
she knew the routine well

She caught my eyes
through black shades at a light,
said nothing and smiled

The bike,
my menial bank account
and the life she deserved
were hers for the taking

It's hard to cry
in traffic
while changing gears-
but I

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"Always remember you're unique,
just like everyone else"-Anonymous

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Post by heinzs » Sat Jun 12, 2004 9:59 pm

<a name="#009">Escapism as a Lifestyle </a>

the deranged and magnificent
passed through electronic doors,
awaiting my services,
as librarians read Vanity Fair
to occupy their time

i was given cash and coin,
plastic and notes
to embrace more fabricated truths
taken from the highest bidder's
point of view

rest back in the E-Z chair
and aim the mute at the kids

force fed choreographed music
telling us what to feel,
while mentholated vaporizers
extract the needed tears
from our celluloid hero

i was a dealer,
a dealer in mental masturbation
and too often i dug into
my own stash

duality insists
i read my child
to sleep,
again and again

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<a name="#010">Feet First </a>

supple, well designed feet rest
in his hands
high athletic arches
and her toes run
an even tangent,
the nails even
and painted clear

ankles are thin
and bow to the perfect entrance
made by ions
of gene pool struggles
no! god himself!

as he pan's up;
anger, insecurity
past unrest and want
always want
he pan's back down

he is becoming a nimble machine
walking on egg shells
his friends roll
knowing this is what it takes
to keep harmony,
harmony is a full time job

his progeny sleeps well
and will not be a machine,
the child will embrace
better days

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<a name="#011">Vincent </a>

the entire day,
standing in sun blasted,
100 degree heat,
bits of madness
disguised as color
oozed onto canvas
and were made to dance
by his palette knife

no one noticed
no one cared
apathy is timeless

consumer friendly,
deranged and dead
will be the only way
an artist/poet
will ever cash a check,
while investors hold
insightful creations
with greasy hands
and hard-on's

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<a name="#012">The Kiss </a>

..and so,
rise and fall
day bleeds slowly
into night
i want
the immortal kiss

i need to remind myself
of the duality
as well as the simplicity
of most situations,
this may allow me
to be balanced

but always,
remember to kiss

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<a name="#013">7 a.m.</a>

it's morning,
early morning
to me anyway
it's 7am

i look in the mirror
and know i need glasses,
then i think,
do you really want to see
this picture clearly

i fumble for the toothpaste,
the cap falls down the drain
and a well needed pause ensues
i'm in no mood for plumbing
i'm in no mood
at 7am

was it the arguement last night
was it the chinese at midnight
was it my kid's bad day at school
i'm thinking too much at 7am

maybe it's human error
yeah, i can live with human error
this way, i can wake up
in the usual manner,
at 10am

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<a name="#014">Best Feeling, Today</a>

i enjoyed
my morning ritual
and hit the fan
on the way out
i knew it would be
the best feeling
i'd have today

i slopped into my car
with sour eyes,
another drive
in lemming traffic

i look at the women
in audi's
and the goatee stamped guys
in 4x4's
through a cracked windshield

i'm about to meet a friend
i haven't seen in years
unfortunately, he's a cop
and i'm busted

no registration
no insurance
blah, blah, blah

as my car is towed away
i think about my morning ritual
and blow off work
for a quiet day of gardening

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<a name="#015">This Dream</a>

moist emerald clover,
my face pushing
through it slowly

chin moving the tiny stems,
eyes just above
their predestined length

an early orange glow floats
behind the dark tree trunks
in the foreground

a writhing force
propels me
as i
peer into the soft solitude

let me keep this moment,
this dream

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<a name="#016">Push & Pull </a>

impervious to change
he finished another glass
of whatever

she would never be mocked
"that IS the end of you,
she smiled,
"and i'll be there
to catch your head"
"but you'll let it bounce
before you do," he smirked

loud, shallow quips
trailed to silence,
it was a quiet resistance,
well known to both of them

they regrouped
to gather reinforcements
for the next engagement

killing the other
would be a cowards victory
gaining battle scars
and learning the mindset
of the opposition
brought them
to new plateau's

time and an inexhaustible supply
of reasons to go for the jugular
brought them together

tempered by quietude
and the fact
no resolve would come tonight,
they fell asleep

one on the couch
one in the bed

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Post by GoddessErika » Tue Aug 16, 2005 11:58 pm

<center>Edit Complete 8/17/2005 ~GoddessErika</center>

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Post by heinzs » Sat Apr 21, 2007 5:16 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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