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In darkness

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2003 12:54 pm
by kuperian4ever
In darkness

I find the night enticing not the day
The darker the better
The places in between

I wait for the game the darkness brings
The pretty ones
The unaware

I spring in feral svelt
To bring them down
To make them mine

It comes this night, my pretty one
It's eyes shine red
It's perfume sweet

I taste the sweat of my heat
heart beating fast
ready to spring

It only see's my movement
like lightening
then lights out

I feed again tonight
in my den
in darkness


Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2003 5:47 pm
by kuperian4ever

She opens her mouth
Her trembling lips agape to suck me in
No, no, dear God, no!
Her breath, hot, moist, coming in gasps
Anticipating pleasure
Tongue reaching out for that first taste
No, no, no, sweet Jesus, save me

I close my eyes tight against her
For she will not be refused
Hunger, passion, desire fill her
And of me she’ll be infused

I cry out in my anguish
My trembling body limp to her touch
No, no, dear God, no!
My breath, cold, dry, rasping in fear
Anticipating misery
Hand reaching out to fend off her lust
No, no, no, sweet Jesus, save me!

Her eyes open wide upon me
As her tongue meets flesh
Hunger, passion, desire fill her
The two of us shall mesh

Her mouth now upon me
Smacking with wet lips as in she sucks me in
No, no, dear God, no!
I feel her teeth penetrate cracking bone
Anticipation realized
I scream one last time before she rips my throat out
Yes, yes yes, sweet Jesus, kill me

by Stephen Kuper

Kuperian4ever; Don't bother to knock.. Just come on in

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 8:48 pm
by kuperian4ever
I’m sorry

How can I say it..
without sounding, you know, weak?
How can I express what I feel
without becoming pitiful, beat?

With the damage done
I take what comes
There is no way to take it back
The injured party
Stays injured I guess
Unless forgiveness takes the tact

I blew it
What else can I say?
How can I say it
any other way?
I didn't mean the harm
But that doesn't mean a lot
Please accept these words,
"I’m humbled"
May this all now be forgot?

2003 by Stephen Kuper

The stranger

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2003 5:58 pm
by kuperian4ever
The Stranger

The stranger came with silver spurs that sparkled in the sun.
A shoulder belt with silver slugs and a pearl handled gun.
His wide brimmed hat was black as night with a silver studded band.
His leather cloak was also black as the gloves worn on his hands.

He silenced men he looked upon when he stepped inside the door.
His eyes were cold as death itself and death he was for sure.
He crossed the floor and made a place for himself up at the bar.
Then turned to face the Sheriff who wore the silver star.

He ordered whiskey and drank a shot as the sheriff drank his own.
Then put his glass back on the bar and said, "why don't you go home?"
The barroom cleared as the sheriff turned and pulled his coat back off his gun.
The stranger smiled an evil grin and said, "you've got your chance to run."

I don't run, the sheriff said, I enjoy men like you.
You come a dime a dozen, pard, so do what you came to do.
The smile the stranger had was gone as the sheriff spoke his peace.
His face became distorted then, like a wild and angry beast.

Before you die, the stranger said, I'd like to know your name.
You'll be one more I brag about as my name goes down in fame.
The sheriff smiled and licked his lips and said, "you're not the one who'll gloat."
Then flicked his glass and with some class picked some lint off of his coat.

Outside the people waited. The betting had begun.
The stranger held the highest score. They gave him ten to one.
Then the church bell rang for 12:00 o:clock, the priests began to pray.
The mothers with their children now were safely tucked away.

At 12:03 a cloud rolled in and covered up the sun.
The streets were dark and silent when the stranger fired his gun.
The sheriffs horse reared up and cried, the birds all took to flight.
The sun came out and lit the streets. The townsfolk trembled in their fright.

The barroom doors swung open. The people held their breath.
The sunlight cast a shadow on the ugly face of death.
Now no one knows the actual truth of what happened there that day.
But the sheriff died from a natural cause. The stranger rode away.

2003 by Stephen Kuper

Asocial Disorder

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2003 2:15 am
by kuperian4ever
Asocial Disorder

Pathetic intellect wasted on fallacious cognition
Envelop your virtue in profane ill contempt
for the love of its final emission
Revel yourself in the shock and disgust
your demented demeanor deploys
Then wonder why you’re such an outcast
and your soul is devoid of life’s typical joys
You cling to rebellion like ivy to wood
You suckle the teat of dissention
You cover yourself in the fringe décor
To display your iconoclastic intention
Debase yourself in moral decay
by embracing the neo-satanic ideal
Then cry to the dark your emotional cast
For you are the reason how unwanted you feel

Leap of faith

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2003 8:30 pm
by kuperian4ever
Leap of faith

We all fall short they say
This game we play
With God

My heart beats so lonely
Is there nothing holy anymore?
Where is the dream
Just steam up the ass of life
Mine nicely filleted
by the knife
in Hell's kitchen

Life is so stark
Brittle bark
fallen from a tree..That's me

No longer want to be..Me

No longer want to be..See?

I'll take a leap of faith
The 30th floor
To see if God
Will catch me


Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 1:02 am
by kuperian4ever

Fly on a cloud
to the land of sleep
as you lay on your
comfortable bed.

Relax as you float
on a gentle breeze
See the visions in
your head.

Close your eyes
and touch the breeze
Feel the soft velvet
touch of the sun.

Then let yourself go
on a magical trip
where your spirit
has freedom to run.

2003 by Stephen Kuper

Kuperian4ever; Don't bother to knock.. Just come on in

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2003 5:48 pm
by kuperian4ever

I've walked with you
When I felt the need
I've prayed to you
When my fears succeed
I've stood in your house
And praised your holy name
I've love you so much
Your glory I proclaim

Yet I've left you
When you didn't fit in
I've denied your existence
When tempted to sin
I've ignored your teachings
And used your name in vain
I've broken faith with you
To praise my own name

How do I ask forgiveness
When I’ll do it all again
Why would you give it
When I’m so sinful deep within
Oh how I fear you Lord
So I always run away
But I pray you won’t desert me
Come my dying day.


Eyes Inside My Closet

It's cold and stormy out tonight
The wind is moaning in the trees
Water flowing in the rain spout
Shutters rattle in the breeze
Noise inside my darkened house
Like footsteps gone unseen
And there's eyes inside my closet
Looking back at me

My bed at times will tremble
As I'm drifting off to sleep
As if somebody bumped it
But there is no one there to see
Each moment is in waiting
For some noise to break it's peace
And there's eyes inside the closet
Looking back at me

Now I know the light would prove me wrong
There is nothing really there
Just some old clothes hangers,..or a..bear

There could be no harm in checking
Just to put my mind at ease
I jump out of bed and hit the light..
It's just the buttons on my jeans
So I close the door and kill light
I've got to get some sleep
But the eyes are in the corner now
looking back at me.

2002 by Stephen Kuper


Returning to Spring

The day breaks kindly on my valley
Sunbeams fall softly in warmth on my face
I can smell nature’s rising, hear it?
A chatter here, a screech there, shuffling in the weeds
While my dog wags his tail in the breeze
Begging, feed me, come play with me, please?
Scratch me I think I got fleas.
Breakfast, quick, no time to lose!
Out the door with glee
Across the road to the wooded vale
Where I strip to my nickers to swim in the stream
They’re already there, my chums, hear them scream?
When the cold water grabs them with a sparkle and gleam?
I so love returning to Spring.


The Cycle

Scream your rage
From your cage

Darkness transcends the light
The light returns to the dark
Darkness bleeds like a wound
From the light of a broken heart

Entity touches soul touches entity
Warmth brings light brings hope
Hope brings trust brings love
Love shines bright grows passion
Passion grows hour turns day
Day turns month turns year
Year brings commitment makes plans
Plans make life bring faith
Faith brings fear breaks Soul
Soul breaks faith breaks plans
Plans become lies become resentment
Resentment changes love changes soul
Soul shatters trust shatters entity
Entity loses light finds darkness
Darkness turns Love turns rage
Rage becomes life becomes cage
Cage become screams...Disengage

Darkness transcends the light
The light returns to the dark
Darkness bleeds like a wound
From the light of a broken heart

Scream your rage
From your cage

2003 by Stephen Kuper


Would that you love me

Feel free to worship me in the tender nights we share
Why care? I'm there with you and you're an angel in my eyes
Your touch thrills me madly, your caress a sonnet grand
My love is deep, my passion strong, my words a lullaby

Dare I give you my heart in so many broken pieces
Would that you love me I could sail the fury sea
And return to you unbroken through the tempest tempered
By the calming nature that you instill in me

My inner self strains for release against your silent solitude
To brave who I am and that you should see cries for your resolve
I seek your humble gift, should you give yourself to me
And between our sturdy houses find the way to both absolve

Oh! though my life be splintered and roughened in my journeys
And though I would bear a shattered countenance for all to see
You would be the healing touch that would make me new again
That you should bring me home to rest for all eternity

2003 by Stephen Kuper


Sitting on the Throne (Reading my Popular Mechanics)

I find it quite a comfort
While I’m sitting on the throne
To read my Popular Mechanics
As I grunt and push and groan
There's so many things to read and see
Like how to fix my home
And I sink em like a stone
As I sit there on the throne.

But the throne is not the King’s throne
It’s one that he must share
But if I’m reading my Popular Mechanics
The king just doesn’t care
They can beat the door to splinters
While the fan’s drone clears the air
I'll read it cover to cover
On the throne as I’m sitting there

2003 by Stephen Kuper


Demons fire

I lay down
Soft upon my dream
There you are
My succubus
Forbidden fruit
On twisted vine
So sweet So sweet
My love

Your face a dark temptation
Your body dangers dance
You come to me to steal my sleep
I take the chance
Your lips taboo enticement
Lures me to the deep
The time will come, sweet demon
We’ll be complete

I awake
Fall upon my day
There you are
My angel
Your phantom kiss
My souls abyme
So deep so deep
My love

I see you when I close my eyes
I feel your dark desire
You come to steal my soul away
To feed you raging fire
With just one kiss I’ll strike the match
To light my funeral pyre
And hold you as you pull me down
No one could take me higher


Things Fell

Things fell apart
But I pulled them together
How loudly they shatter when love goes to war
She broke my heart
When I cut the tether
See how she stays though she's walked out the door

How can I live when death loves me so
Oh and I love her to
Her cold damp fingers tickle my spine
Gets me doing the old soft-shoe, soft shoe
Gets me doing the old soft shoe

Things fell together
But I pulled them apart
The camcorder runs in reverse
I’m light as a feather
But heavy of heart
I know the whole story now chapter and verse

Who is my new love to be, pity me
Now that my true love is gone
How can I say that love now is dead
When it just taries on and on and on
When it just taries on and on

Together we fell
But our love split in two
I went this way and she went that
Life broke the spell
But we've run out of glue
It all hit the bottom in one giant splat

How can I live when death loves me so
Oh and I love her to
Her cold damp fingers tickle my spine
So now I must bid you adieu, adieu
Now I must bid you adieu.

2004 by Stephen P Kuper


When death knocked on my door

Death came knockin
How shockin
I was really rockin
And the music I was mockin
When death knocked on my door
Oh yea I was sinnin
and I was widely grinnin
And my faith was surely thinnin
When death knocked on my door

Oh what a poor man was I
always trying to get my piece of the pie
Grabbin and slammin it
Stagin and hammin it
Crashin and jammin it
When death knocked on my door

Well I just wasn’t ready, see?
I screamed, Death, you gotta be foolin me!
He smiled his boney smile so daintily
When he knocked upon my door

He said, cum on, yo.
It’s time fo you to go, shmoe.
But I wasn’t hav’in it
As I hid in a cabinet
But death opened that cupboard door

You goin wit me sweet pea, death said to me
No I aint ol paint, I whined, near a faint
But up he grabbed me like a football
Hiked me out the door to a deadfall
Hell answered up with the first call
When death knocked on my door

Now I live in a dark room
Just one of Satans little mushrooms
Crazy as a demon in a looney toon
Pissed off to the core

I’ll never see my home no more
And I just bought a flat screen at the appliance store
To watch the NFL, won’t see my team score
Yea, I became a hell bound whore
When death knocked on my door.

Shoulda said my prayer,
cause then I’d still be there
Which would’a nixed this whole affair
When death knocked on my door.

2004 by Stephen Kuper


Fade to Black

I come upon you in your darkest deeds
Your evil deeds, your killing deeds
And lo you swing your scythe at me
To lay me low, to silence me
What a dastardly plan you evil man
to kill not one, you must kill two
So you force my hand to take a stand
I dodge your thrust, I make my move
But I am trapped no where to run
You hold my sway, can't run away
So I must fight to stay alive
What do I do to make you pay
Your evil smile through dark intent
I'm at your will, no mercy here
You'll bleed me out, watch me die
You'll do it slow, you love my fear
But then alas I find a pipe
made of lead, to crush your head
We're even now you evil cow
I'll splay you out, I'll make you dead
So rage to rage and blood to blood
The battle starts, the ancient rite
You swing your blade, I swing my pipe
You cut me deep, your jaw I smite
Til my blood flows, your bones are broken
The mask of death, the ghostly pall
But still we fight to darkest death
You'll gut me clean, I'll make you crawl
But then at last I find the strike
I crush your skull in one clean sweep
You fall dead, your blade glows red
Your body falling at my feet
In victory I raise my pipe
It's crimson rain falls down on me
But soon I find my wounds severe
I'll breath my last in misery
As all around me falls to night
I feel the fall, the hard impact
I whisper last my lover’s name
One last tear, then fade to black.

2003 by Stephen P Kuper


I killed her

I killed her
It wasn’t easy
But she died just as sure as I’m sitting here
How pleasant she looks now
Not the monster I knew
Not the dark, evil fantasy I made her out to be
Cloaked in sin and rage and blame
Now just an after thought in the wee hours of my morning

I put her away
I closed the book on a bad chapter
Now in the closet she rots like time decays
I laugh at her, I mock her, tempt her out
But she stays, she stays.
I can smell her though, on lonely nights
when winds blow through my mind scattering my thoughts
But still she rots; I crave her not for she is dead

Tomorrow I must clean house
Take her out
Throw her away
Once and for all I’ll be free again
From her porno Jin, her amber grin, her snowy skin
The dumpster will be the conveyance to her new abode
I must not fold in my resolve
The winds blow strong and I sweat her touch, her kiss
But I won’t miss her once she’s gone

2003 by Stephen Kuper


I Want to Die (I Want You to Kill Me)

I turned around inside myself and looked down
It was dark, immense, and no echo answered back
Every time my soul gets lost I search to find it hiding
But this time all I found was cold pitch-black

I want to die.
How can one live without a soul?
When I look upon a flower all I see is just a plant
The sky is much too high to sing about its blues
And a kind word to me is just a sycophant

I want to die
In the stuffed void of my inner realm
Lives a heart that is just a clock, tick tock tick tock
And in my mind has died my Inner Light of being
So the darkness should come as quite a shock, it’s not.

I want to die
I want you to kill me
For I am lost to the ways
Of who I am and who he will be
Something shattered and the shards still fly
I want you to kill me because I don’t know how to die
I turned around inside myself and looked down
Every time my soul gets lost
I don’t know why
I want to die
Kill me

And when the darkness comes the mind shall fall to shadow
Thought shall cease and the heart fall silent in the deep
The windows to the soul shall close their shutters
And the spirit find incessant abysmal sleep



Bare feet on nimble grass
My need to be fast
Blind to the eye
For that quick goodby
on this night of wanton bloodshed

How I burn Inside
Hell's Flames
cannot be denied
I've tried
God knows
I've tried



Dear God make them stop!!!!

Finally she comes..
The one they want
on this dark night
of evil intent

(The voices) TAKE HER!!




I spring, snatch her, pull her into darkness
She struggles, squeaks behind my arm
crushing into her throat


They send their thrills of pleasure to me
Filling me with glee~bliss
I see her breasts in the moonlight
I raise the knife



A flash..her ring..the moonlights gleam
And I see them
All around me
Demons from hell

I smell her sweet sweat
Fear mixed with our body heat
I feel my lust
Then laugh mindlessly
Plunging the knife


She pulls away from me
Tears, terror on ashen face
Eyes of disbelief glaring back

I whisper to her


Then in their righteous rage~
The Demons savage their prey

My soul

as she runs away.

2003 by Stephen Kuper


Astral Flight by Don Kuper

***My little brother has been a poet for nearly as long as I have
though he has written much less than I have over the years
read several of his poems that stand out in my mind and where
he has no faith in his talent, I do. Therefore I would like to share
one of his poems with you. He has given his approval to do so.

Astral Flight

Darkness grows dim before my eyes
The sound of wind comes faint o'er the horizon of my mind.
Shadows swirl under deepening skies
And time is forgotten with dreams undefined

Whispers drift through this nether world
With voices unheard of calling for me
I heard my name called through darkness unfurled
From spectres unliving, formless and free

My burden forgotten I'm able to rise
My body behind left unbreathing and dieing.
I look above me at the swirling skies
As the unfelt wind brings the sound of crying

A voice as soft as the mist about me
Brings peace to my thoughts of the spectres still calling
As the swirling mists drift away o'er the sea
And the phosphorous light of the moon now falling

Visions of demons drift through the night
Anguish and pain are their spiritual cries
Hallucinations flash through my mind
As unseen hands cover my eyes

Then all is quiet with no demon cry
No whispering spectres, nor darkness of night
My spirit returned. My body can't die
No mist or delirium in the warm morning light.


I found another poem that my mom wrote to my dad must be
back in the early 60's right after we first moved to Idaho. I like
it and feel she would like it shared, so in tribute to my Mom..
The Rose

How lovely is the rose that buds
In chill and dew of lengthening fall
When gone the way of warmer summer
The violets and pansies and impatients to
That bordered the walk and gardens wall
Gone to are the gayer colors that bloomed
The morning glories and climatis vines
And peonies that showed around the town
And merigolds that grew in signs
That spelled the name of Idaho
On Capital grounds for all to see
For all of this in bud and bloom
Was such a lovely sight for me
Autumns crisp and cooler air now stirs
Among the peach, the cherry, and the apple leaves
The summers dew has turned so oft to frost
And a catching chill is on the breeze
But still the lovely rose is there
Budding still in brilliant hue
Ah yes! The air is crisp and night is cold
And time has grown into years
But in my heart there is buds'n blooms
My love a rose for you.

by Lois Ruth Kuper


Thy never failing rock

I would not question Lord
What lies ahead for me
I only ask that I
Thy face might ever see;

I know that storms will beat
Against my craft so slim
And that the light of hope
My wan, yes, very dim

Though seems my ship to sink
Amid the tempest waves
Steadfast I'll look to Thee
In trust while fierce it raves

My soul shall never quail
'Neath loudest thunder shock
While firmly anchored to
Thy never failing rock.

by Lois Ruth Kuper


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**This detour**

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2003 2:53 am
by kuperian4ever
**This Detour**

The spark of my heart burns hot
Wanting the things that I haven’t got
Convincing myself it’s not a lot
And it’s not…

Fighting and scraping and making
Taking what’s mine and not faking
Standing my ground and not shaking
But hating

I move through the rush of the flow
Through the masses of people on the end of my elbow
Pushing and shoving and yelling I go
Never slow

I fight every day of my life
When I lose it cuts like a knife
And life always takes it’s own little slice
How nice

But when I found you I found serene
Thank God you were there to intervene
I can finally look back to see where I've been
In the machine

Oh how I fought who you were
But in Christ I have found the most wonderful cure
And this peace in my mind and my heart will endure
This detour

2003 by Stephen Kuper


Admin note:
Nominated for Poem of the Week on 9/26/2004[/center]

The Shadow on the Wall

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2004 3:23 am
by kuperian4ever
The Shadow on the Wall

I was in my room.
It was late at night
Summer breezes whispered
in the soft moonlight
Far away thoughts
had the run of my mind
I had no fear at all
As I sat there staring
at the shadow on the wall

I was young then.
Just a boy of nine
My parents were out working hard
consuming all their time
I can say I hardly knew them.
Just their voices when they'd call
As I sat at home talking
to the shadow on the wall

The shadow has always been there
like a friend to see me through
It would talk to me on empty nights
when there was nothing much to do
It told me tales of darkness
in the night when I felt small
And I listened quite intensely
to the shadow on the wall

It formed my thoughts when I was young
and it taught it's lessons well
It helped me see how life was wrong,
we're all living deep in hell
But I could help the others
if I just killed them all
I attended every lesson
from the shadow on the wall

I helped to save nine people
before the demons captured me
I opened up their bodies
so their spirits could be free
And now the devil has me
shackled like a dog.
But in my cell here deep in hell
I see the shadow on the wall

It tells me tales of darkness
for the shadow fears the light
I listen as it tells me
of the never ending night
It says that I'll be leaving soon.
For my spirit it will call
And I will find the darkness
with the shadow on the wall

2003 by Stephen Kuper[/center]

Inside the round-a-bout

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2004 7:42 pm
by kuperian4ever
Inside the round-a-bout

Inside the round-a-bout seesaw slide
Out in the open go hide I cried!
Waxing the glow let it flow within
Polish the bottom so softly I grin
The farmer cracks corn can you lend me an ear
What goes around follows me up from the rear
Pretty in pink as a gin blossom blooms
Just a stroll in the park the troubadour croons
The soft fleshy middle lip smacking delight
Red sky in morning a sailors respite
Kiss my cold dumplings this pickle is sour
Tadpoles are swimming now more by the hour
Swing low sweet daisy the cock now has crowed
Submarine crewmen must now all unload
His dreams gather near pillow floats on the breeze
She wasn't impressed cooled by 90 degrees
Rocks and scissors, scissors and rocks
Snippity snip goes the cock she mocks
Inside the round-a-bout seesaw slide
Out in the open go hide I cried.

2004 by Stephen P Kuper

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:44 pm
by GoddessErika
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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:46 pm
by heinzs

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 6:32 pm
by thief of dreams

Re: Kuperian4ever; Don't bother to knock.. Just come on in

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:26 am
by kuperian4ever
Your warm embrace

On dampened sheets I see your face
How sweet, so sweet, your warm embrace
Our energy spent I find your smile
As you breathe, as we touch
That extra mile was lovely, so deep
My passion for you like a flowing river
Your skin against mine so hot makes me quiver
And soon with your kiss I’m alive again
We embrace, you submit, and I enter in
As we gasp with the rush comes the fire of our love
Deeply I push from my place up above
The sensations arise as we’re clinging together
The rise and the fall of this passion, like weather
Then the storm burst comes like the rain falling down
We scream our passions in our thunderous sounds
And once again as the storm clouds pass
We fall together into that deep crevasse
To rest awhile on loves tender grass
Then, on dampened sheets I see your face
How sweet, so sweet, your warm embrace

By Stephen P Kuper 10/12/2013