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Post by poeticpiers » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:37 pm


The internet can’t be controlled
by any form of government
Because it’s gained too strong a hold.
Which came about by accident.

Nobody can control the flow
Although some governments still try
Of information to and fro
There is one simple reason why.

The common man has access to
What governments try to conceal
A system that’s completely new
Now people can safely reveal

The secrets of the powers that be.
The things we aren’t supposed to know
they can post anonymously
There’s nothing governments can do.

At last the people have a voice
no government can suppress
The powers that be have little choice
and in the future even less.

The internet is here to stay.
It’s up to us we must adjust.
WE can’t go back to yesterday
A world of mutual mistrust.

One thing we must appreciate.
Though information’s flowing free
It isn’t always accurate
We have to choose selectively.

What we accept what we reject
and draw our own conclusion.
I have good reason to suspect
more not less confusion.

The internet may prove to be
Either a blessing or a curse.
Though I believe quite honestly.
The internet won’t make things worse

Than when governments could decide
What people were allowed to know
To preserve the nations pride
They lied alike to friend and foe.

The internet has set us free
to find a different better way.
Though we will have to wait and see
What kind of price we have to pay.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011
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Re: Interconnectedness.

Post by bags123 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:14 am

Great thought here Ivor. I'm still pondering whether I believe the internet will be one of mankinds biggest boons,...or simply another means to our own destruction. Time will tell. I see it's benefits,...and I also see it's potential to control what we think. :thumbsup: :hello:
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