Sea Dreams for M lady Berlie

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Sea Dreams for M lady Berlie

Post by poeticpiers » Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:14 am

Sea dreams.

The softly sighing sea it seems
surreptitiously alters dreams.
Subconsciously the ebb and flow
of surging tides which come and go.

Affects us adventitiously.
Almost as if by accident.
Awakening our sleeping souls
to strive for ever higher goals.

When wide awake we dare not try.
we wait until we are asleep.
To pursue dreams in which we fly
as though we are content to creep.

earthbound through every dreary day.
But sleeping listen to the sea
which tells us there’s a better way.
Because we are not meant to be.

Condemned to creeping sluggishly
along the surface of the ground.
In dreams we can triumphantly
spread our wings and fly around.

As freely as the restless sea
Acknowledging no boundary.
Imagination holds the key
unlocks the door and set us free.

The soft seductive murmuring
of breakers lapping at the shore.
Promote nocturnal wandering
to places we’ve not seen before.

We leave our bodies far behind
Enjoying the brief liberty
to seek and if we’re lucky find
A place which suits us perfectly.

Our bodies rest our minds do not.
Instinctively we know it’s true.
When morning comes we have forgot
and face the humdrum world anew.

According to our circumstance
Although some times we slip into
some kind of daydream semi trance.
Though you may not I know I do.

A brief and fleeting holiday,
a temporary state of bliss.
Relieve boredom of the day.
Could anyone begrudge us this?

The chances are no one will know
that quietly you’ve slipped away
No one will notice if you go
nor will they miss you anyway.

They too are lost in their day dreams
and only some emergency
will draw them quickly back it seems.
To the world of reality.

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Re: Sea Dreams for M lady Berlie

Post by heinzs » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:22 pm

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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