One of those days.

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One of those days.

Post by poeticpiers » Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:57 am

One of those Days

Although I try I cannot hide,
the fact that I’m dissatisfied
with everyone and everything
Despite the fact that I have tried.

Why it is that life is so unfair.
It sometimes drives me to despair
of everyone and everything
I could give up I but don’t dare.

For everyone depends on me
to provide their security
Yes everyone and everything.
Is this the way that things should be

I suppose I’m entitled to
take a very jaundiced view
of everyone and everything.
When I am feeling sad and blue.

Quite suddenly my blues are gone.
I know I can depend upon
every one and everything.
No longer feeling woebegone..

I know without a shred of doubt
I’ve little to complain about
That everyone and everything
are all prepared to help me out.

I snap back to reality.
The world does not depend on me
not everything and every one
is my responsibility.

I realise that my black mood
has coloured my whole attitude.
to everything and everyone
Because I was not feeling good
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Re: One of those days.

Post by gordy » Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:17 am

we all have those days every now and then..........great write :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :angel:

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