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To Life

Post by audiofool » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:57 am

In the end
heaven and earth
created reasons
for their continued existence
when no reasons
were necessary
the compulsion to self-justify

chaos and order
melded in
the great consummation
expanding the realm
of ignorance
and cognizance
beyond the black abyss

melancholy master
demands more meat
for our beloved queen
arachnid overlord
spinning in sin
feasting on flesh
exultant in excess
a plot is hatched

on the 5th of June
under a blood moon
a savior of sorts
was born
in a forgotten backwater
a tempestuous tract
under armed occupation
foreign devils
with unclean hands

extracting maximum benefit
imposing iron rule
rendering to deities
the requisite pieties
this poet-priest emerged
from the edge
of obscure
to become a household name

And in the beginning
God had it made
a day of rest
before hitting the bricks
a man and a woman
decided for themselves
shame was conceived
fig leaves sewn
judgement was swift
deliverance assured

love rained fire
on the proceedings
warming the hearts
of the inanimate objects
of the artist's affections
oceans roared their approval
as continents once
adrift locked together
in passionate embrace

the poet-priest
stepped out of
the airship to decree:
and everyone agreed
that it was very good
very good indeed.

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