What is the reflection of God?

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What is the reflection of God?

Post by year2027 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:01 am

God belief and God unbelief
What is the reflection of God?
If you had to draw a picture of God would you be able to draw it for me the answer is no because my mind cannot picture God. God has no reflection to me God is not made of freshly like materials God has not one atom in him God is nothing which he made all things from. God in truth God is nothing and also God is everything known to us the world, the people in it, the stars, the planets, the Sun, the noon, the universes, the air, and many more the list is endless

These try to give us an ideal what God did not they do not even come close but how can they there no real word for my God to picture my God. To “bara” Strong's H1254 is created to shape something, form something, fashion something by cutting it, shape out of something, make something, build something, beget something, create something, transformation of something, give birth to something, completely something, making something new, and more. The Greek word “ktisma” G2936 is created originally create, Creator, and make but this still not paint a picture of God himself. How can it paint a picture of God when no one has saw God at any time God has told what he want us to understand “God breath the world here from himself.”

There was nothing here no matter nothing at all, no building blocks, no atoms, no elements, no Molecules, no neutrons, no protons, no antimatter, and there was nothing at all. God created, breath, gave birth, make it, cut it from himself, and list is long but we are here. God has no true reflection and God has a true reflection it is more than we could ever understand.

More and less is not an answer but does there has to be a real answer I say no but that only me which is no other than me. While that the way I see it others do not see it this way others can picture their God and some can picture the lie of a God. But how can truth be in a picture if God has no surface otherwise God is the nothing that formed everything.

I know what I am saying sounds out of this world and impossible but is impossible without God is possible with God. The material that God is made of is nothing so God is nothing and something that what I believe God is. A being of nothing that became everything which is my God thank you Roy.

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