Which way does a cult think?

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Which way does a cult think?

Post by year2027 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:24 am

God in my heart first
Which way does a cult think?
As I think about how someone in a cult thinks I can only think about the time I was part of the Way Ministry of New Knoxville Ohio. How rude I must seem those days when I try to prove what wrong with their belief but if I only know later I would be put in the wrong for my beliefs. I came to the real belief that no one can prove anything is wrong because a belief is in the heart of the person.

One would have to be a fool to even try while you change some people belief on some points but you cannot force them to belief your way. One can give good logic but that does mean that person will hear it because proof can be find on the internet to prove anything. Otherwise if you want to prove people have green skin you could prove it on the internet because some kind of illness may turn the skin green I just do not know.

Now I not saying not to try give a try because they have thought it though to the point you have but you try the reason over and over stop. Because you do not want them to think you are the you are pushing your belief on them otherwise hold your once maybe twice but not three times say thank you and leave the talk about the one subject.

You do not want to be the rude person that seems to be mad because everyone has a right their beliefs or their opinion. Opinions and beliefs mean the same thing and it a well known fact that everyone has one just like assholes we all have one. I wrote this to help me and with hopes it might help someone other than me but it does not at least it help me.

thank you Roy

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