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Dear friends

Post by year2027 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:11 pm

God I hope
Dear friends

I do not know why I am written you maybe I hope you will care enough to help me write our government from President of the USA to the governor of each state there and everyone in-between. I known they would hear because of my poor written skills but a least I try over and over. Here what I what want you to write about putting cameras on our schools which would do more good than putting on our law officers.

By putting cameras in schools it help stop child Predators in our school and child bullying could be wipe out. Two things that every good parent wants but there more ways it can help us when a child shows signs of home abuse the child protective services could watch the film. The courts could review the child in action and law officer could fix before it got to late.

Now who could watch the children parent of child unless has a legal right to banned then from watching unless the parent is known child Predators. What would a child in the school otherwise your child in the school would give you right to watch your child only. Plus teacher of the children of that very class room, social workers from the child protective services, policer officer when there a reason of a crime and the courts when it is needed.

Where would they watch the film today wireless security cameras can view over the internet each person would have get their sign name and password where the child going to school. Which would have you watching your own child that way you could reproof your own child if needed. You could also report a bullying and a teacher that is a Predator to the child protective services and the cops.

This would give the child morals that the child might not learn on the child own otherwise if the child becomes a policer officer the child be better officer. It does not matter what the child wants to do in life the child will know right from but it is still up each child to do right. The crime would go down after year after year the world would get better by doing this one thing.

Which is better putting cameras on policer where there no one to review to watch I once ask for the film recored in the officer car to prove whether I did something or not. Cameras take out guess work which would prove who did wrong but they courts did give me right to view the film made by the car. Plus cops with no morals will learn how to hide when they want to hurt you but policer officers with moral would be fare to you.

A bad policer is a bad police officer and morals do not mean nothing to him but a good policer officer would be fare to all because they have morals. So please write this to your government in your words if you agree with me and if you do not write that too. I wrote this because there was a I was the child that was teacher Predators and I was the child that was destroy by bullying by my classmates because of my speech. I do not want to live anymore but I tried to help did you even try to help.

thank you
Roy Perry

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Re: Dear friends

Post by heinzs » Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:22 pm

Excellent recommendation, Roy. I think you may have found something that can truly make a difference. I will join you in writing to the authorities in charge and hopefully someone will have their eyes opened and take action.

Good to see you again... it's been a long time since your last visit.

Love and peace to you

An' it harm none, do what ye will. Blessed Be.
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