Angel and “God of Love”

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Angel and “God of Love”

Post by Dema » Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:23 am

His right and left wings were burned and chopped.
Angel fell on the ground bleeding.

If god was love where won’t be holy wars of faiths in every breath?
If god was love Christ won’t be executed and sentenced to death!?
If god was love women and children won’t dead and condemned for witchery and heresy!

His kingdom was ruled with kindness and joy,
Not a puppet of the puppeteer and a slave-toy.

If god was love we would have no turmoil in world of sects and cults!
If god was love he would love all other gods and goddesses…without killing faults.
If god was love as Tolstoy says, the worlds would be in peace instead of endless wars!

If god of love was love at all, hate and prejudice of Kamadeva and others,
Would not spread across the sphere and kill millions… and send to hell their souls.

He lived among many creatures, fish-men, serpent-races, and vampires.
Thousand and one empires fell from chaos, greed, and revolutions.
Like funeral pyres of their mass delusions and betrayal called living in civilizations.
The structure of life is and was an illusion, hypocrisy and force-fed conformity.
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"Vengeance is mine
Neither sweet nor kind
Vengeance is mine
Vengeance is mine"--- Silenoz

"I Serve To No One!"--- Kratos
"Rule is to defy all rules to do as you please and please as you do"
"In defiance you find pleasure"--- Dema

"Future is black/white, waiting for the One True Love
Who will clear my blackness and show me light in the darkness." --- Dema

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