Miroslav Válek - A minute before falling asleep

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Miroslav Válek - A minute before falling asleep

Post by Yatib » Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:46 am

Miroslav Válek - A minute before falling asleep
(Minútu pred usnutím)

I saw a purple-fledged bird
My eyes are full of beautiful dissonancies
In the night ignited by its wings
I am always alone
I am worried
I am crying
I am making up
a while with you among roses
there I am learning you by heart
there I am breathing you
until you say 'stop'
I know that it is prohibited
But wherever you touch my body
it turns into a distinctly vibrating tone
So stop Stop at last
I am your music
the melody that will not leave your mind
you can whistle me
thinking of something else
You are whistling me
You are thinking of something else
it will not leave my mind
Allow me to fall asleep
allow me to fall asleep
fantasy the purple-fledged bird
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