Miroslav Válek - A tree

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Miroslav Válek - A tree

Post by Yatib » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:52 am

Miroslav Válek - A tree

A black ghost rambles in the woods
Alone like a finger
he tramples the ground
He shakes his head
having no peace
He finds a bridge
crosses it gets to the town
tramples on the lawns
slams into the walls
destroys the houses
covers his eyes
cries for help
Hair up with scurry
you say :
Has he gone crazy ?
Such a good tree !
You say ! You say !
There are also other things,
you simple-minded good guys !
What does a man
uprooted from the soil in which he lived
deprived of roots
alone like a finger
desperate ?
Looks for his pleace on earth ?
Looks for piece
Looks for a nice branch that will not break down
looks for a tree ?
A black oak rambles in the woods
Avoid him !
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for more insane stuff
for more translations ...)

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