Oldřich Mikulášek - Spring drumming (A translation)

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Oldřich Mikulášek - Spring drumming (A translation)

Post by Yatib » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:56 am

Oldřich Mikulášek - Spring drumming
(Jarní bubnování)

The weather was so lovely
The sun played
Even for old men
in their tie-knots on pin.
The women's apples around
hit their skirts
and the skirts - nothing but invitation -
so the men, even the most sad
let melt the snow
in the shadows of collapsed cheek
when this drumming
was passing by
and the spring was walking nearby.

Even the trams looked more red !
And from the holes
from the holes in the houses' walls
like from little hangars
after the war cruise
the sparrows started
for their love raids.

The weather was so lovely
in the Brno town
and everything came out
somehow evenly,
that an old wizard
scratched his beard
wanting to mend the old injustice -
said, my buddy,
do wish at least something,
to be like a tram
a little more red.

And I did wish !
The only wish :
let the sound of that drumming
never perish
and the spring never leaves me !
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