Miroslav Válek - Quadripedes (A translation)

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Miroslav Válek - Quadripedes (A translation)

Post by Yatib » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:00 am

Miroslav Válek - Quadripedes

We were but two. We looked for a pair.
On Thursday night god suddenly died in despair.
In his 4-D eye trembled
four violet angels.
Something is on
Some terrible things lurk above the road.
Please excuse the overload.
Someone is calling someone
In some town a bell started ringing
A deaf man
A deaf phone keeps clinging.
Sorry !
It has not happened.
Everything's so quiet like death.
As if in the night air
someone walked holding his breath.
Some invisible naked leg
made the house swing.
Somewhere some intelligent myopic bug makes a whizz
Under the TV-god supervision
I'm solving the millionth quiz.
And in the god's eye the sun sets
In his eye of glass the univeral fatigue like a lead
your absolutely wise head
is getting mad !
Your empty sleeve over the crowds,
your flag, oh, your invisible and secret hand,
is terrible, it squeezes like some presses
In my inner premises
make havoc the incredible horses
of your psychoanalyses.
I'm breeding myself. Alas, it's heard !
I neigh you my love but you do not understand.
I am but herd.
And I am also a lonely voice in silent night,
lamenting for the killed.
I am the pain of grass under the hoof filled
Eternity in the god's eye
is already getting narrow
Some crowd in me is walking
Some crowd crosses the river under the sun.
Strange men.
Some improbable and strange men on the run.
It's me -
and something within me,
something with a fledged soul of police informer,
he shams,
he wails from great distance,
and opens his chequered notebook.
Aleaia, aleaia, aleaia,
alas, alas,
But the universe
keeps throwing the seeds,
the universe
makes love while its prostheses jar.
Walk on, beutiful bride
in burning air, in the asbestos gown.
Some phantoms raised above each town
and flowers of sulfur disperse !
Lift your arm,
make your leg overcome its pride,
run to the window
and press all your four faces to the glass,
press, so that they could burn
like four candles in the house of suicide.
O, lord, the heaven !
Trembles the circus tent
Above the head of merry buffoon
(Twist, twist ...)
The night, with teeth of an alligator
Is charmingly bleeding spoon by spoon
Four times I have begun myself
Four pianos barked at me.
I spit you, eternity !
You choke me like blood !
Harmony of spheres, my mouth if full of your stems
I lean back my head :
Four millions of solar systems
and four stars
falling at quarter to four.
Something I miss. Something I regret.
All is in order. Everything counted up :
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ...
On Thursday evening I fear :
Indigo of night behind the window
Behind it four skies.
And four sunsets !
I hear you howl in four voices.
The world has four legs !
rope walkers,
- lay hands down !
The time has come to lay upon your own legs.
Hands down !
Surrender !
(Night shoed by the moon.
Full moon. The devil's hoof, nasty and rough
rakes in the high trough.
Fall of a shot-down star
Fall of a star.
Our Father in heaven,
let's have a drink at seven !
Twist. Hallelujah. Twist.
Fallen angels and nuns who took it light.
Sweet chant from the height :
Give away rags and booooones !
The town full of statues and turpentine
Is cleaned of someone's guilty line.
So much blood from the sun's spots
And so much sun from kisses
that it goes to the trees' canopy slots,
In the air where the statues gamble
for the tiny beast of your hips,
my electronic eye blips.
Insert the right coin, smile and push,
and my orange wail springs from the bush.
Oh no, the tree no more tears its amber fury,
it is depressed
and for the yellow bees yellow tears makes pressed.
Oh no, you are already different
The time flies and from the summer nips.
On the pavements
The autumn already gnashes with its gold
Oh, Julia
the eternal passion to the automaton sold !
Universal lovers on the streets junction
propose to you every morning
the forty-forth position
of universal love with an occasional tulip of mourning.
Under the metal your skin blinked.
I can neither understand nor comprehend
Your men in absolute pubs,
drank the beer, were drowsy
All my life will I remember the fire
whose flames licked you - so lousy !
What is that machine doing to you !
Oh, fires,
oh, burning columns of Sodom
now only the pure pleasure
in his exact wisdom.
I am at home alone, waiting for you and it rains.
Horizontally. Like from the sleep
So furtively. So anxiously.
As if somewhere grew
elephant ears of fears
As if all the world at this moment
kneeled on the peas.
It keeps raining.
Horizontally - as if on the hair of the dead.
Where are you so long ?
And what are you like ?
We were but two. We looked for a pair
On Thursday night god suddenly died in despair.
In his 4-D eye trembled
four violet angels.
Something is on
Some terrible things lurk above the road
Please excuse the toad.
Somehow silently.
Somehow too silently. As if after the creation of
As if someone was choking.
As if someone all his life inhaled the gas.
(Even the sky that summer was too blue ...)
Where to go tonight ? Where to go tonight ?
I look into the newspaper :
End of the world, nothing is on !
Someone is ringing ? No one is seen.
No, no, no !
I fall, face in my hands.
Silence translucent like polythene.
Who is ringing without being seen ?
I am silent as if from some other lands.
Oh, deadly choking !
Oh, to four pieces chopping !
And beneath the mountains of ashes,
Oh, beneath the mountains of ashes,
Beneath the hooves of tiny kids,
Beneath the sweet smell of lamb skin,
Beneath the fire, beneath the fire,
beneath the burnt hairs
- my fingerprints in two pairs !
And quadripedes,
and quadruplets,
quadruples of lovers yell : "Kill !"
Whom ?
Four times conceived
love already rakes
with its chicken leg.
And tin weathercock
to four sides spreads its breath.
Oh, invisible wings
of footless death !
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