Jan Skácel - A Forbidden Man (A translation)

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Jan Skácel - A Forbidden Man (A translation)

Post by Yatib » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:07 am

Jan Skácel - A Forbidden Man
(Zakázaný člověk)

All I have is turned inside
And it is from the other side as the neckties
On the back wall of the wardrobe

Slowly I get used to silence and smells

I can lift a feather from the mud
without throwing it away

Sometimes I tell myself a story
And the other time I sing a little song
About my legs good only for pain
And my soul for sustain

And again I am unhearable like light

So meticuously I am engaged with silence
I cut by touch the fear's throat

Of others and of myself

And so when the blind look back
It's as if I belonged to them

We push themselves together in the needle's eye
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