Miroslav Válek - A sad streetcar in the morning (translat.)

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Miroslav Válek - A sad streetcar in the morning (translat.)

Post by Yatib » Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:36 am

(Smutná ranná električka)

A sad streetcar in the morning
I'm within I'm within
Fully imprisoned
In its glass coffin

The mournful bells ring before us
The mournful bells ring also behind
The mournful bells in sad session
A mournful funeral procession

Whenev'r I come to you
Whenev'r I come before your jury
I weep as if I were on funeral
I regret my life one day elapses
Something in me always collapses
I have always something to bury

All town today is sad
Sad parks, the mournful mall
And I am mourning as if mad

I come to you in case you call
I do the same if you don't call
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