Suns Return Part 2: Vital Punishment

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Suns Return Part 2: Vital Punishment

Post by Dema » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:52 am

He wasn’t any part of the establishments!
He was wanderer of his own contentment,
Aperson, or Cosmic Energy,
Like every one of us!

He never said, “Condemn all other divinity!” in the Passion,
His biography distorted by his apostles.
Apostated his philosophy
They were anti-founder and anti his foundation,
And they build a cult for all the nations…

He was betrayed, condemned and crucified,
His gospels rejected and nullified
Aperson, so vital to this sect,
Just like any of us!

They forgot to acknowledge his family’s divinity and everyone else’s!
And mother goddess spoke the un-deify-able-truths to the son…
“Love doesn’t have any deification
And don’t need to deify anything!”
This goes to all the cultures and nations!

Part 3: Literary View

The Suns always have returned!
Natural deity with names switching names,
We are all had to learn, their fame.
Framed our minds fragile and un-kind,
Reading sacred books of heretically divine!
Wars of classes filled blood into all wine glasses.

Wood or paper idols established us,
Tamed and laid law for us,
Thus should we conform to this madness?
A light of murder and God of Hate!
Yet they still call him “god of love” to this date!
Justified reflections of the masses…
Scorn Malcontent
Anachy Forces Of Darkness

"Vengeance is mine
Neither sweet nor kind
Vengeance is mine
Vengeance is mine"--- Silenoz

"I Serve To No One!"--- Kratos
"Rule is to defy all rules to do as you please and please as you do"
"In defiance you find pleasure"--- Dema

"Future is black/white, waiting for the One True Love
Who will clear my blackness and show me light in the darkness." --- Dema

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