Celebrities Part 1 and 2

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Celebrities Part 1 and 2

Post by Dema » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:11 pm

Celebritarians Part 1
By: Dmitriy Krymkin

Our eyes are cameras,
And our minds are recorders,
Our computers record everything we "experience"
We are the stars and film-makers
Of ourselves and celebrities.

Our heads are recording cameras
And our mind'eyes invented "civilized"world
We are being watched and we can watch anything in this era,
We are the cameras
We record all today

Manson's Celebritarian prophecy fulfilled and build on machines
Some people lost their lives!
To them no life exist besides Facebook, Tweeter and other social networks!
We are captured in their nets
Of digital-mania!

Oppressed, impressed, and well expressed by media
"Celebritarians" word coined by Marilyn Monson

Celebritarianism of the Masses Part 2
By: Dmitriy Krymkin
Celebritarianism word coined by Marilyn Monson

She holds the globe on her back,
Reflection of herself in fact!
She is our mom and dad in one,
We are her sons and daughters.
Our pet Pikachu was our resource and supply for new world divide.
Celebritarianism of the Masses
We are the viral sensation.

She cooks, sings, and dances for us with laughter.
Bakes and gives us love on earth,
She does everything ever since the birth,
We are her children of disaster.
With speed of internet our lives are getting faster.
Celebritarianism of the Masses play us again!

We are bio-distortion, life’s abortion
Under surveillance thousands infinites eyes are watching us everywhere!
We are the celebrities in our movie on the screens.
Celebritarianism of the Masses in every scene!

He gave birth to the machine,
We, the great unknown of the known scheme!
She holds him on her shoulders,
Once we took the stage,
Everyone made their own webpage.
Scorn Malcontent
Anachy Forces Of Darkness

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Neither sweet nor kind
Vengeance is mine
Vengeance is mine"--- Silenoz

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"Rule is to defy all rules to do as you please and please as you do"
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