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Post by soular » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:20 am

As I walk alone on a mountain trail
I feel like a spirit

I say hello to another passing by
In a world with no ego

Playing just a part of the whole
Within and without

Visible or invisible matters no more
I melt and all appear


There is only energy
ever flowing

Shaped and unshaped
ever changing

There's always harmony

There’s always a chance to see
beyond right and wrong

Fully Empty

Nature provides
asking nothing in return

Too blinded to see
we keep on chasing mirages

Infinite Energy

Everything is simply
infinite energy

No definition or word
only creating interpretation

What if we let it all be
where fear is secondary

First and last of all
there's only pure energy

With or without a form
it's ever flowing

human NATURE

There's no restriction in Nature
That's simply beyond good and evil
And for long in harmony without human
Without a thought of being right or wrong

We have created so many restrictions
To keep our society safe and sound
Excluding Nature that provides us
Without any of it we cannot be

Where we come from and go to
We've long been questioning
Nowhere else but at home
Home is where love is

And love is in us all
Nothing is here
Without love


You can't change the world
Just look inside

Is there something you dislike
The clue

Then see what it is you're always with
Rain or shine

Nobody but you, nothing but love to be
Have maximum faith

Whatever happens, wherever you are
Stay yourself


Hunger, thirst, or whatever it is that can't really be known
for what it is also unknown, can never be satisfied
until perhaps I really know the unknowable


Like the deep blue sea
like the big blue sky
the infinite heart

where everything happens
when mind's at rest
embraces all

Trust in yourself

Whom you're with, wherever, and whatever you do
Where you go to, whichever path you take
Each and every one lives like no other
And there is no exception


Thoughts, feelings, and visions waiting to come out
and those come out fade in time

Changes like mirages that are,
and are not really

Being aware of waves that come and go,
or being swallowed by,
the sea stays

Watching clouds go by ,
or being covered,
the sky stays

Nature always just
manifesting itself


We desire putting aside disappointment
Some reflect on each outcome
Some ignore and deny

Desires flow out endlessly
unless we really see
its endlessness

Nothing lasts forever
Things change
See or not

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