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Post by nrip4life » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:50 am

a boy strengthened through suffering having finally felt humilities lessons over and over a man when he relaizes he knows so little.. a man feels very deeply but controls that which moves him.. he conceals the wounds of which his younger self would express.. he learns to care in a deeper way than simply want or desire, but for the well being of those he loves, and loves enough to put aside his wants and sacrifices his desires puts aside that which he once thought so significant for the better of his loved ones if necessary. a man does not pick a fight yet he daily fights for his inner cause. for his moral reasoning and will fight to defend that cause.. in his youth quick to react instead of respond.. to decide impulsively in every manner..yet somehow comes to know a perspective outside himself. the essence of a man is the strength even in solitude to strive for the greater good to serve a purpose for not only himself. an absence of ego and presence of conviction, of kindess when deserved and hardness when needed.. wisdom earned and scars untold of. the depths of his wars never known and a rising after every time beaten to the ground. there are endless ways to define a man but a man is a man when he finally defines himself..... and each man walks his own path he endlessly struggles to pave....
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Re: Conquer......

Post by heinzs » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:38 am

Interesting flow of thoughts...
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